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  1. Tried 4, 3,5 and 3 stars for prices up to $220 with no luck. Re-bidded 4* $230 and $250. The latter won.
  2. First bid $85. Rejected. Offered to add S18 to $107. rebid for $90 and won. Tried to extend for one night till Sunday for the same price but offered to pay S25 more for additional night. I am going to try again later.
  3. Does anyone have an experience using Airport-hotel transfer in London? Priceline advertizes shared transfer service from Hithrow to hotels in London for $31. Sounds attractive.
  4. Found a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for $92. started bidding with $70, got an offer to get it for $90. re-bidded $75 and then won for $80
  5. Thanks for your advice. It's always good to know a place to eat recommended by locals.
  6. started bidding for one night 03/02. Got it for $130 and the extended to check-in on 03/01. Started search from the betterbidding.com PRICELINE links as usual :)
  7. Bidded $49, got offer to buy for 63. re-bidded for $55 and got it. Taxes $15 Started bidding from betterbidding.com PRICELINE link
  8. First bid - $45, counteroffer to increase for $7, Increased to $48 and won Started search from betterbidding.com PRICELINE link.
  9. $50 + $15taxes. Bidded 40-45-50- win. Started search from betterbidding.com :)
  10. $110 + $25taxes. Bidded 90-100-110- win. Started search from the PRICELINE link at betterbidding.com :)
  11. $100 + $28Taxes. Started search from Betterbidding.com. Bidded 80-90-95-100-win.
  12. got this price after several re-bids for 3.5* and then for 3* hotels. Started booking from the PRICELINE link at betterbidding site :)
  13. $161 with taxes&fees. First bid - $120, offer to increase bid by $26 second bid $130 successful.
  14. Just curious if you were able to get 5* or 4* via Priceline? A friend tried for 4* up to $149 and was rejected (not sure how realistic the offer was, due to $/Euro exchange now...) and ended up booking elsewhere (should've asked me )
  15. Another option is to look at Fort Lee, NJ. I tried to find something in Manhattan for a week bidding on Priceline up to $160 and finally gave up and switched to surrounding areas. I won 4* Double Tree for $65. It is 10 miles from Times Square and Hotel has Shuttle service to Hilton on 53d street
  16. Started search from betterbidding.com PRICELINE link. Won Sheraton for one night (Saturday 1/14/2012) after several re-bidding. Extended the stay by adding Friday night for the same price.
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