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  1. Successfully bid my way to a 4* in the Montmatre-Republique area for $126/night from June 20-26 at the Mercure Paris Montmartre Sacre Coeur. I started at $65 (might as well try, right?) then, 20 bids later, achieved success at $126. Summary of Charges Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $126.00 (USD) Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Guests Per Room: 2 Number of Nights: 6 Room Subtotal: $756.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $83.22 (USD) Total Charged to Card: $839.22 (USD) Out of all of the 19 areas, I specifically wanted something in area 12 (Montmarte - Sacre Coeur - Pigalle) so I bid using a matrix of the following areas: 5 Champs Elysees - Arc De Triomphe 6 Champs Elysees Etoile - Avenue Monceau 8 Gare Du Nord 10 Latin Quarter 12 Montmarte - Sacre Coeur - Pigalle 13 Montparnasse 14 Opera Quarter East - Louvre Museum 15 Opera Quarter West - Jardin des Tuilerie 19 St. Germain I specifically excluded these areas: 1 Alesia - Orleans Area 2 Bastille - Bercy 3 Batignolles - Clichy 4 Buttes Chaumont - La Villette Area 7 Eiffel Tower 9 La Defense - Neuilly 11 Le Marais - Republique 16 Place D'Italie - Gare de Austerlitz 17 Porte De Versailles 18 Porte de Montreuil - Pere Lachaise
  2. I am bidding on a 5* in Paris for July 20-26, 2013 and want to make sure my bidding strategy is sound. Here's what I've found for the 5* hotels in the areas I want to stay in Paris: Area #5: Champs Elysees - Arc De Triomphe (10 hotels) Area #7: Eiffel Tower (9 hotels) Area #15: Opera Quarter West - Jardin des Tuileries (6 hotels) Here's what I've bid so far: Bid #1: Area #5 for $125 (rejected) Bid #2: Areas #5 + #7 for $130 (rejected) Bid #3: Areas #5 + #7 + #15 for $135 (rejected) Areas #2, 10, 11, 12 and 13 do not have any 5*, but I am feeling a little apprehensive about continuing to increment my bid amount up and extending to these additional areas. Is this a safe bidding strategy?
  3. Thanks for the reminder! I tried low-balling 4* up to $55 then dropped to 3.5* and expanded areas until I found success at $85 at the crowne plaza. The great thing about bidding the MSP area is there are 18 markets and only two of them with 4* and five with 3.5* leaving 11 to use to expand and gradually increment the bid. With taxes and fees this equates to $99/night versus $136 if booked directly on their web site - a 27% savings!
  4. Looking for a downtown 3* or better from 4/12-15. Started bidding: 4* at $45 not accepted 3.5* at $45 not accepted 3* at $45 not accepted Following some rather old instructions listed here. Orbitz indicates these properties range from $100-200 for these dates. I'd rather pay more for a 4* than save a few bucks for a 3*. Will try again tomorrow at $60.
  5. The good news about Portland, OR is that there is only one zone with 4* hotels. The bad news is that there aren't any great deals to be had the weekend of 7/23-25. I ran up a variety of bids and stopped at $137/night because after PRICELINE taxes/fees the rate was closer to $150/night. I saw someone got the Heathman for $128/night but no longer available. I'll just use my Marriott points for the City Center Waterfront and save my cash for now.
  6. 4* $195 Napa rejected (counter offer at $291/night) 4* $205 Napa + Upper Napa rejected 4* $225 Napa + Upper Napa + Santa Rosa rejected 4* $240 Napa + Upper Napa + Santa Rosa + Fairfield rejected 3.5* $180 Napa accepted (Marriott Napa Valley) Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $180.00 Subtotal: $360.00 Taxes & Fees: $54.96 Total Charges*: $414.96 The Marriott site shows the "look no further" lowest price at $274/night.
  7. I did receive a counteroffer in my attempt today. I know Napa is a high demand area but I'm beginning to wonder if there are really any deals to be had here. I'll try again tomorrow and try $200 for a 4*. Day 2 attempts: 4* $160 Napa rejected (counter offer at $291/night) 4* $170 Napa + Upper Napa rejected 4* $175 Napa + Upper Napa + Santa Rosa rejected 3.5* $140 Napa rejected 3.5* $150 Napa + Upper Napa rejected 3.5* $160 Napa + Upper Napa + Fairfield rejected
  8. I believe I've finally figured this out. Here are my bid and re-bid attempts today: Day 1 attempts: 4* $125 Napa = rejected 4* $145 Napa + Upper Napa = rejected 3.5* $120 Napa + Upper Napa = rejected 3.5* $130 Napa + Upper Napa + Fairfield = rejected I'll keep incrementing my bids up by $10 until I get something.
  9. Yes, thank you for helping me out on this one! I was able to successfully follow your instructions and found the following: Napa: 1-4* Upper Napa: 2-2.5* Sonoma: 3-4* Fairfield: 1-3* Santa Rosa: 1-3.5* Can you please confirm that I use the following bid technique in this order? Area=Napa Star Level: 3.5* Bid = $100 assuming that this is rejected, then I press the Back button and re-bid as follows: Area=Napa and add Upper Napa Star Rating=3* Bid=$90 Is this correct?
  10. Thanks for your pointers. I read -- and re-read the rebid instructions and tried to make sense of them as it appears that Priceline has changed their user interface from the 2003 rebid posting. Before I bid again, I believe to have found the following inventory from the Maps view: Napa Area City=Napa 4*: 2 hotels 3*: 4 hotels 2*: 6 hotels Upper Napa Area City=Yountville (no hotels found at any stars) City=St. Helena (no hotels found at any stars) Sonoma Area City=Sonoma 4*: 2 hotels 3*: 1 hotel Are there any more current rebid instructions or additional advice?
  11. No, I'm not familiar with the re-biding technique you mention below. Are there any instructions you can point me to? Much appreciated.
  12. Yes, I am willing to pay more for a 3.5* for these two nights. I tried the following bid approach today and will try again tomorrow at $120 for 3.5* and $110 for 3*: 3.5* (Napa only) $110, rejected 3.5* (Napa only + Upper Napa) $110, rejected 3* (Napa only + Upper Napa) $100, rejected
  13. Looking for advice on securing a 3* or better in Napa or Upper Napa for October 23-25, 2009. Followed this suggested approach and was rejected at $86. 3* $81 (Napa only), rejected 3* $86 (Napa + added Upper Napa), rejected Any other suggestions?
  14. PRICELINE confirmed at $21 for a full size at Hertz. First bid was accepted.
  15. Won on the first bid of $35 Used the PRICELINE link in this forum. Hyatt Lisle Lisle - Naperville - Warrenville 1400 Corporetum Drive Lisle, Illinois 60532 630-852-1234 Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $35.00 (USD) Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Room Subtotal: $105.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $21.08 (USD) Total Room Cost: $126.08 (USD)
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