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  1. My 2 30 + year old children and their spouses are arriving by plane in Austin Tx at 11:30 PM. Can I rent a car through Priceline for them to use to drive 80 miles to vacation with me? I don't want to drive to Austin to get them. My concerns are 1) since I would use my credit card to make the Priceline reservation do I have to give my daughter my credit card to show to the rental staff (when I need it for my own travels of 2 weeks)? Or can she give them her credit card as security for damages to the car? 2) If my credit card is used and the rental company policy is to allow a spouse to be an additional driver at no charge is my daughter's spouse eligible to drive or would it be my spouse (since the credit card is mine)? This are hard questions because I don't even know yet which company I would be renting from. Is the best answer for the above that my daughter should make the rental reservation with her credit card even though I wanted to keep things simple by using my card (so she wouldn't have to handle any charges).
  2. Bid $55 yesterday and won at $60 today. Hyatt Regency Chicago 151 East Wacker Drive Chicago, Illinois 60601 And yes I used Better Biddings link to PRICELINE
  3. I failed at the following bids and re-bids; $20 for Mid-size, 25 for Standard, 25 for Midsize, and 30 for Full Size; all within a half hour. The rules say you can't re-bid by just changing the price ( you have to change the car size or time/dates) so I was surprised that it let me bid a second time for a mid-size. On my final bid (30 for full size) I wasn't allowed to bid on mid-size or standard. I didn't want a compact. Tomorrow I'll bid $25 for Mid size and rebid 30 for standard and 35 for full size. I may have been unsuccessful because some rental companies are closed at midnight so there is very little competition. But I have rented there normal prices at this late an hour on a previous occasion
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