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  1. Lowest price was $119. I got a counter-offer for $62 but PL let me kept bidding this one zone until the winning bid of $58. I hope the beds are as comfortable as reported and that the halls/common areas are not as dirty.
  2. This was a Wyndham converted in January 2008 to a Sheraton. Lowest rate $144 (the hotel offer of "Dallas Break" at $89 thru 6/30 was not available). This is the 3* hotel in Galleria area that everyone seems to be getting at $40-$45. The web site says parking is free but wireless is not free. I am looking forward to trying something new in this zone because I don't like the 4* Hilton Lincoln Center that is a frequent "win". I will post a review when I get back. My 1st choice zone of Frisco-Plano was not available up to $55 in 2.5* and 3*.
  3. Second PL stay at this hotel this year. Lowest rate $139. First bid. It's a nice hotel with comfortable beds, but location is not good on a highway (290) with no restaurants, etc. nearby. This is my second choice zone to downtown when DT is too high or sold out - due to location close to town and good 3* choices.
  4. This is the Holiday Inn South Convention Center in South Lansing at I-96 and Cedar. Do not bid the 3* zone in Lansing because your chance of getting this hotel is high given the low rates compared to the Sheraton and Radisson. My husband says it
  5. This is a new hotel for the list - Holiday Inn South-Convention Center. But is is not literally new. In fact, it's an outdated, overrated dump where I got a terrible night's sleep. I will not be bidding in either Lansing 2.5* or 3* zones to avoid getting the Holiday Inns. In Lansing I will be bidding only the East Lansing-Okemos zone where all the properties look nice - or find another discount source like Howeire. Because I did not know this hotel was on PL, I way overbid at $75 for a hotel rate of $84 on the priorityclub.com site. I only knew about the 3* Sheraton and Radisson hotels that had rates around $150 so my $75 bid was credible and tolerable. Then I got stuck with this property much the same way Ann Arbor bidders are now getting the Holiday Inn there in the 3* zone. Thereuare - I will post a review for you to link to the list.
  6. I recommend this hotel in the Grand Rapids Southeast zone. This zone is a good option for GR because there are no 4* hotels at all and no decent 3* hotels downtown (the Radisson is a reported dump). There are two 3* hotels in this zone - this Hilton and a Crowne Plaza - that are both well-reviewed on Trip Advisor. I can only hope that with the new JW Marriott downtown to add the existing Amway Grand that PL some day will offer 4* bidding in downtown. Until then in Grand Rapids I would only bid on PL in this Southeast zone. The hotel is on 28th street a half mile west of I-96. It's the shopping and restaurant venue in Grand Rapids. Within a mile there are two large malls and loads of chain and local restaurants. I will only review the room because we used no other services. The room was large, quiet, comfortable, attractive, and obviously recently renovated. The decor was dark wood with earth tones, granite counters and tub walls, with a nice touch of Tuscan tile in the entry and bath. (Bring slippers for the cold floor.) The bath was on the small side, but the counter was long, there was shelfing underneath, and the shower head was unusually high. There's a coffee counter outside the bathroom. There were no bath robes, but the room had all the other expected 3* amenities. I don't know about internet service.
  7. Lowest rate was $110. I predicted I would win the Crowne Plaza ($85).
  8. Lowest rate on Hilton site was $239 with a warning that highway construction blocks the normal entrance (Yuk!). Rate research did not show this as the most likely PL win in this zone: $179 Prava Suites $189 Intercontinental
  9. I am so with you on wanting to be downtown. But this is a bad weekend due to the Food Expo at McCormick (35,000) I guess. In the past you could get reasonable PL availability even with 40,000 in town. I recommend you try HOTWIRE or O'Hare to get a higher rated hotel.
  10. There's probably no PL availability downtown for Friday-Saturday nights Oct. 5 & 6 due to the Marathon. I haven't seen anyone post a winning bid for those dates. Until about ten days ago all hotels were sold out downtown and at Midway. Now there are a few showing rooms but at very high rates. So I got a PL hotel at O'Hare as have others from $65-75 for those dates. From most hotels at O'Hare a Blue Line subway stop is a short walk and the ride is 45 minutes town. So book a cancellable backup outside downtown and keep bidding there up to your dates. Or else bid for a hotel at O'Hare.
  11. I got the Hilton O'Hare, the closest to the Blue Line in the airport, for $65 for October 5-6... my priceline win. I would give up downtown due to the Marathon and a large medical convention unless you have an acceptable cancelable back-up that enable you to keep bidding up to the date. Only last week a couple of hotels lifted their "sold out" status (Westin River North, Palmer House Hilton) but most are still sold out or $400+.
  12. I agree with Aaron JB. You are very fortunate. This hotel lifted its "sold out" only a few days ago. In addition to the Marathon (40,000) on Sunday there's a medical convention that week (20,000). If you had stayed the night of the 6th you probably could not have gotten any PL hotel.
  13. I had no choice but to send my kids on their opera getaway trip to O'Hare to find an affordable room. This hotel was $79 on Hotwire and was $219 on Hilton site. Due to Chicago Marathon on Oct. 7 and a medical convention, downtown was sold out or exoribitant ($400+). I've been bidding for six weeks and could not even get an O'Hare hotel for this same price a week ago. So it pays to keep bidding when rates are high and availability is low as long as you have a cancelable back-up (mine was Candelwood O'Hare for $85). They're in college and won't mind the 45 minute El ride to Union Station nearly as much as I would. At least the Hilton is the closest hotel to the airport with only a few minute walk to the Blue Line station inside.
  14. It is the Embassy Suites Lakefront on Columbus & Illinois - the newer one of the two in downtown Chicago. The new Hotwire description that I noted was "Customer Favorite".
  15. Customer Favorite: Suite, Breakfast, Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center, High Speed Internet
  16. I was thrilled to get this hotel given all the Embassy Suites extras and the location in June. Thanks for the Hotwire list that gave me confidence to take it and avoid the Priceline bidding for the unknown 4* hotels in that zone.
  17. This is $20 or more less than the nearby Overland area and just as close to the freeways. My husband stayed here last year and said it was nice with newer comfortable bedding.
  18. I did not want this hotel because it's so far from Michigan Avenue stores. Frankly, I forgot it was part of this zone when I was bidding. And I got it on an upgrade from a 2.5* bid. What's odd is that minutes before a 3* bid of $62 was rejected. So if you don't want to be this far away from Mag Mile, don't bid a 3* or a 2.5* in this zone. At least in the winter, you can get stuck being really cold for the 9 block bus or walk to Michigan Ave.
  19. Good job! For the same dates I was stuck with the 3* Holiday Inn Mart for $55. Much further from the Mag Mile than you are.
  20. Oops - this was a Priceline winning bid. Can you move this post?
  21. The lowest rate was $97 so this was a great deal for a hotel that would qualify for a 4*. It's the closest to the airport, except for maybe the Embassy Suites.
  22. New hotel for list Amenities: Suite, Fitness, Business, Restaurant, HSI, Golf, Tennis I am very pleased to get this new hotel on the riverwalk that has good reviews. I bid up to $90 on PL with no luck and HW fees were lower.
  23. The Boutique may be either the House of Blues (if you can confirm it has HSI) or Ambassador East (check the area map to see if it's in that zone). This board hasn't reported Ambasador as being given a "Boutique" designation, but it should be a boutique. Omni sold it to Preferred Hotels and you should check is out on preferredhotels.com to see if the amenities match.
  24. I concur that it could be the W Lakeshore for this reason: this is a Saturday night check-in. This is almost unheard of in Chicago even for a direct booking. And I saw a person on TOBB report a PL win for this same night at $160 at the W City Center. So that chain may allow Saturday night check-ins. The only odd amenities is the kitchenette - check that out on whotels.com. This is a tough night to find a hotel because of Venetian Nights lighted boat parade. I had good luck with Easy Click and got the Hilton Chicago yesterday for Fri-Sat nights for $124, but it's now sold out for my dates. Maybe it isn't for Saturday only.
  25. After over a week of bidding I could get no room for this Fri-Sat weekend in NMA/MP for up to $140 for 2.5*-4*. Venetian Nights is Saturday night and -hey- it's summer in Chicago. I booked the Hilton Chicago for $189 as back up. Thanks to this board I learned of Easy Click. It got me this hotel for $124 by a request. Because I had not heard back from EC in 48 hours I called this am and was told it was confirmed late last night and a confirmation would be sent today by e-mail. And it was a real person who answered the phone! The hotel has since sold out as have an increasing number of other others. Thanks to ThereuAre and this board teaching me how to use Easy Click, I have a great hotel for a $65 a night savings right across the street from the Venetian Nights lighted boat parade on Lake Michigan and fireworks at Grant Park. I have also read the cautions on this board about EC on the Run of the House thread. I intend to keep my backup until I get the written EC confirmation, get a hotel confirmation # in addition to the EC reservation #, and call the Hilton to confirm.
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