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  1. Ed, you need to reply: the highest star rating available at the time of my bid was 3*, how could I receive a 3.5* room? I would call customer service with this assertion, and take it up to a higher level manager. While I have stayed in LIC several times, and the location of the Z hotel is very good relative to public transportation into Manhattan, I think you can do much better for $200 per night. Call PL customer service, don't give up the good fight just yet and good luck.
  2. That is why I suggested a screen shot showing 3* as the highest rating for this zone.
  3. Greetings! Can you please list your dates of travel, minimum star rating, and maximum budget oer night? Also, PRICELINE might not be your best option since you have a party of four and PL guarantees accommodations for two. HOTWIRE might be a better option since you can see oceanfront amenities before purchase.
  4. There is a 3.5* option for Express Deals in Long Island City. When I tried to make a "Name Your Own Price" bid, the highest rated hotel category is 3* in LIC. I would take a screen shot showing this 3* highest rating and forward it to PRICELINE's customer service as an email or a fax. Ask them explain how you could get a 3.5* hotel when the highest rating is 3* when you bid? I agree this is an error and you should have your purchase refunded. Good luck and let us know your outcome.
  5. That is unfortunate, but good to see that HOTWIRE issued a refund. Thank you for following up, this will benefit others seeking similar accommodations.
  6. I have rented several cars from both PRICELINE and HOTWIRE. On each occasion, I have never had any surprises, no added charges or mystery fees. I would like to second AaronJB and say that your bid was not yet accepted, so there is no assurance that $16 will get you a mid size SUV. This "tally" simply shows what your charges would be if $16 per day is accepted. I am not sure how many folks you will need to tote around the City of Brotherly Love, but a mid size SUV with luggage may not work for a party of 4. A Minivan may evoke yawns and derision, but it gets the job done with aplomb.
  7. Yes, I have seen this, after many years of slamming MGM and others for fees, and even placing billboard ads on the way to the Airport, Caesars Entertainment will now have resort fees. I guess losing almost $12 per share in 2012 can spur management to seek new revenue streams. I guess in the case of a PRICELINE bid, folks will now have to assume a fee of up to $25 per night on some properties and calculate this into the final price.
  8. Did you complain to HOTWIRE about this switch? If you receive a hotel that does not offer the amenities listed with your purchase, you should contact HOTWIRE immediately. At the very least, you should get the option of cancelling the booking with no charge. Or, you can accept the new "Sister NH" property and you should receive some hot Dollars towards a future purchase. You are entitled to stay in a hotel with the minimum star rating and amenities shown at the time of purchase. I suspect the staff at the hotel did not amend its listing with HOTWIRE, but you should not have to pay for the mistake with lesser accommodations. I am curious, with regards to your last purchase, did you receive any compensation from HOTWIRE or the hotel for being put into the lesser "NH" hotel? Please let us know the outcome.
  9. this is an excellent rate considering you are checking in on Easter. Congratulations! This hotel is located across the street from Smathers Beach. Check out Hogfish Grill on Stock Island, just across the Rt. 1 bridge from Key West, they may have a live band during dinner, outdoor tables.
  10. I had bid up to $65 and received a counteroffer to increase my bid by $21. I added rebid zones and increased my bid to $75, success. Offer Price: $75.00 Taxes & Fees: $18.67 Total: $93.67 This property is very convenient to the subway into Boston, and offers a free shuttle to the airport or into the city. There is a $10 per day parking fee. Overall, the room was nice and I would stay here again. I used BiddingHelper.com to compare both HOTWIRE and PRICELINE rates and submit my bids.
  11. Can you please post the details of your bid? Dates, name of hotel, price per night? Thank you in advance, this information could help other bidders.
  12. Greetings! Can you please post your dates of travel? Thanks for including the new amenities for this property.
  13. I was traveling to NY, but needed two beds and didn't want to risk a Priceline bid and get one bed in NYC. I used BiddingHelper to check both PRICELINE and HOTWIRE and saw this for $87, my request was two adults and one child. Total with taxes and fees came to $113. This is an old Sheraton, a bit worn and probably a 3*, but the location is great at 51st. and 7th, very close to several subway lines. Free wifi in the lobby. No bar or restaurant on site, but there are many just a brief stroll from the lobby. Central Park is also a short walk away. The two doubles beds were comfy, bathroom was small, but the room was clean. I would absolutely stay here again, it was a great value. Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower
  14. A good one, I will add it to my repertoire.
  15. SUNY Binghamton was recently ranked in the top 10 for public schools by USA Today (#4). There is a good Japanese steakhouse nearby, Kampai.
  16. You can check the Priceline hotel lists for Florida and see the 3.5* hotels which have been reported to the board, but there could always be other properties not yet reported. It's very difficult to say which hotel will accept your bid. What is the going rate for a 3-4* property for your dates of travel?
  17. Thurston, Did you bid up to $200? What was the star level that you bid?
  18. Made last minute same day bid in the Edison area, ended up winning the Extended Stay America Offer Price: $44.00 Taxes & Fees: $14.07 Total: $58.07 Rack rate was $89, so this worked for me. This property had a minor refurb and the room didn't look like white walled dormitory. Amenities include a flat panel TV, free wifi, two bars of soap and a whole packet of coffee. In the morning, there was complimentary coffee in the lobby and packaged muffins for breakfast. I could actually spend a few nights here.
  19. This is about as good as it gets, Rack rates are around $249, I would say well done!
  20. I just checked and I can only see my past 29 trips.
  21. I started bidding with BiddingHelper.com, made several bids in the range of $52-$55, increased to $57 with success. Offer Price: $57.00 Taxes & Fees: $16.14 Total: $73.14 It's funny, but this hotel is fairly new and its already being refurbished. I think Marriott is going for a hip look, but the old one seemed just fine.
  22. Why don't you post your win? That's how the maps get updated and your information will benefit others seeking similar accommodations.
  23. Started off my bids using BiddingHelper.com as I wanted to see what was available on HOTWIRE as well as with PRICELINE. I was kind of surprised that HOTWIRE had a 2* available for $54, so I started my same day bid at $44 for a 3*, hope springs eternal (in the human breast). I was quickly rejected. Made a $46 bid for a 2.5*, then $46 for a 2*, success! Offer Price: $46.00 Taxes & Fees: $17.70 Total: $63.70 I have stayed here before and was pleased with the accommodations. This is a solid 2* in a neighborhood that is a bit gritty. Very close to the subway and best described as I don't feel unsafe here. There are a few free parking spaces at the hotel and some free parking on the street. Free wifi and free breakfast, the rack rate tonight was $75, so I am pleased with my bid. The room is small, but clean. I was given a king and there was a small refrigerator. BiddingHelper.com has been a valuable resource for me because it lets me toggle back and forth between PL and HW quickly, it saves me time in my bidding sessions.
  24. Another great feature that makes this board one of the best travel resources available. Well done!
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