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  1. Used the BB PRICELINE link and Priceline Coupon code! Express deal.. $73, exactly what I was expecting it to be. Nearly half off. Great deal. Can't wait. Free Parking Pets Allowed Fitness Center Restaurant No Smoking Free internet
  2. $42, for one night. Works for me. Total came to $54.16, if I booked directly it would have been $108.32, so 50% off. Nice! Free parking Free Internet Airport shuttle Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Accessibility Accessible for visually impaired Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Accessible parking Roll-in shower Had a 95% guest rating.
  3. Not too bad. I did so much research for a small trip to Levi's Stadium and decided this was the best option! Looks like an excellent place, looked like I'd save a little bit if I booked on HOTWIRE (seemed to be one of the only 4 stars so I risked it) Used the HOTWIRE link. Free parking Indoor pool(s) Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Accessibility Accessible for visually impaired Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Accessible parking Roll-in shower
  4. I don't think there are additional ones? I included the accessibility ones.. I'll see if I can get the info. Someone booked this for me.. so it's not in my account.
  5. Wow! If I booked direct it was $336 a night. My cousin alerted me of this deal, we are all going for a wedding. Amazing. Pet Friendly Fitness Center Restaurants Business Center Internet Access Accessibility visual, hearing, path of travel, in room accessibility Said boutique in the title
  6. It'll work just fine! Actually, this looks nearly identical in quality and room size to the Hyatt, just a slightly different location. So I'm fine with it. Free parking Free breakfast Free Internet Pet friendly Indoor pool(s) Airport shuttle Fitness center Pool(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Golf nearby
  7. Excellent deal for Wynn! I helped my parents book this. We were having trouble finding a decent deal as it's a fairly expensive Vegas weekend. This ended up being less than what they originally booked, and they added a 4th night. I they booked this direct it would have been almost double the cost. Free Parking Casino Fitness Center Pool Restaurant Business Center Internet Access Golf Tennis
  8. Thought it was going to be the Hyatt Place, but this appears to be almost identical.. Should be just fine! $129 if I booked direct.. so saved a nice $72
  9. Short answer, no. There must be something going on. Best PRICELINE EXPRESS deal I'm seeing is Palms for $95 (then plus $22 resort fee each night). Everything on the strip is closer to $200 on those dates. Unless you go way down to something like The Quad. or if you are ok with being Downtown or way off strip (like South Point, Silverton or LVH)
  10. What I wanted, and what I was expecting. Started out at $58, then added a zone $65, then $67 added a zone.. Seems to me there isn't really many deals to be had with bidding anymore, the Express Deal was $72. Haven't had any luck actually bidding in a while. Also, this hotel is WONDERFUL. I know a lot of people try not to get this place, but it's really great, this will be my 4th stay in the past 2 years. Great service, huge rooms, and look at this price!?. It all makes up for the slightly inconvenient location. Used the PRICELINE link!
  11. I would bid 5 star only, North Strip and South Strip. The 4 stars get a little dicey... as in they are widely varied, some really nice places, and some mediocre places all lumped together. I see PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals, 5 star North Strip (Which would be Venetian/Palazzo (more likely) or Wynn/Encore for $185 a night. You could try bidding it a little lower.. Or Strip *Vicinity* North is 100% Trump Las Vegas that is $189 a night ($191 you can get the 1 bedroom). It's an expensive weekend in Vegas it seems. The prices are slightly lower on HOTWIRE, for likely the same hotels. Also heads up, all the 5 stars will have 1 king bed.. so you'll have to bunk together.
  12. Doesn't really make a difference I've found, I haven't had luck really bidding on anything in the past year, I just end up getting a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal, those seem to be almost if not as low as they are going to go... Also this is one of the most expensive weeks in Vegas. There is a lot going on that weekend. Iheartradio festival among other things (which means nearly all the MGM properties are booked up). Deals are just not going to be easy to come by that weekend.
  13. What? It's $28 a night... I just stayed there last week. And I booked through PRICELINE. It's a great hotel!
  14. Hmm not 100% but sometimes if you booked before they announced it you are fine... But I'd call them and ask, and tell them your situation. I'd deal with South Point directly. I don't think you'd win a credit card company fight, because they will clearly tell you that you have to pay it when you arrive.
  15. I would say bid 4 star. Almost none of the 5 star hotels have 2 double beds... if you are going to bid just make sure people would be ok with sharing king beds. Otherwise I wouldn't risk it. You can always check a site like Smartervegas.com and look at promo codes. Maybe look at something like Luxor? Also don't forget to factor in the "resort fees" Also if it's on a Friday or Saturday night it's really hard to get something for under $100
  16. Ah yea of course. It's a little inconvenient. Maybe try 4 star? I know TI and Mirage aren't quite as exciting.. but that should definitely fall in your budget.
  17. That seems pretty low to win Wynn, Palazzo or Venetian... since the actual rate for that weekend is $329 for Venetian and $449 for Wynn. The "Express Deals" show a North Strip for $237 (that isn't Trump)... South looks more doable. You'd likely win Vdara, possible Aria, but I still don't know if you can get it in your price range. Personally, don't rule out the Trump! It's only $155 rack rate. I've stayed there twice it's really a fantastic property, with wonderful rooms. I won it on accident last year, but it ended up being a happy one! We really, really enjoyed it. If you are going to bid I'd start out around $125.. ad maybe $10 each time. I'd guess if you win, it'll be at the top of your budget. Don't forget the ~$75 taxes and fees, and the $28 resort fees.
  18. December is a great time to visit, it's always REALLY reasonable. Actually I would check the promo deals before you bid, it should be reasonable enough that way :)
  19. LVH is the only off strip place with a monorail stop, but you can't guarantee you will win that. All the strip zones also access the monorail. But word of advice/tip. Nobody uses the monorail, it's expensive and inconvenient, and the stops are in undesirable hotels. Most people either walk or take a cab. There are also monorails between a few of the neighboring properties. There are no free shuttles (well some from hotel to hotel). Everyone takes cabs in Vegas, that and walking are really the best way to get around. I'd factor in $28 a night for resort fee. That's the max, all 5 stars and several 4 stars charge that.
  20. I wouldn't plan on getting a Bella, they will likely give you the regular king suite. Also yea you have to factor that you could also win the Wynn, which is not a suite.
  21. EVERY major hotel in Vegas now charges a daily resort fee. I think it's $10 on the low end and tops about at about $25 ($28 with tax.) I'd personally recommend factoring in $28 a day to your rate. Several of the 4 stars and all of the 5 stars charge that much. But you don't pay that till you check out, and you pay directly to the hotel.
  22. It's complicated, but really you can't guarantee it and I wouldn't count on it. The Venetian, Palazzo and Aria charge extra for double beds. Vdara and Trump don't have double beds in any rooms. I'd plan on paying for a rollaway or an upgrade. If you are really concerned I'd bid 4 star. All of those have no charge 2 beds.
  23. That's a 4 diamond property... personally it looks amazing, I think it's meant to be an upgrade even. I know it's not what you wanted though. But that's the gamble you take with rebidding. There is only 1 or 2 areas that have no nice hotels at all that you can use to rebid with. Especially since you were rebidding a 4 star. No way you can get a refund. You can call and try, but you will get an outsourced agent who has no idea about Las Vegas.
  24. True! I did get a price I like, I just wanted a 3 start for that price, but no big deal, can't win em all!
  25. So, actually I bid at least 6 times with no luck, I guess everyone is flying in for the same event I am! So I did one of the new express deals.. This was $53 a night. Didn't save too much looks like the retail rate is $76, oh well! It'll work. My own naiveté of the east coast was making this difficult! Free Internet Indoor or Outdoor Pool Free Parking Fitness Center These were the amenities listed, wasn't sure if this is where to post this :) Used the PRICELINE link.
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