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  1. Here is a new one for the Milwaukee Airport area list. Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites, 545 W. Layton Amenities: Shuttle Restaurant Fitness Pool Business Center Laundry $46 + $13.77 taxes and fees = $59.77 I was positive this was the Sheraton 4 Points but was surprised when this came up. Not great reviews but it is a pretty new hotel. So we will see. Still a good rate since all other sites have it over $100 a night. Sorry did not use the link as I was just doing my daily check to see if anything had changed and since this was lower than it has been I was afraid to start over through the link. Afraid it would go back up. I hesitated to post this because of that (embarassed ) but figured it is important to add this hotel for any future users. I still need another hotel for the night of the 5th so I will use your link on that one, promise!
  2. Got this on my first bid thinking I was bidding too low after reading other wining bids. I was shocked that it was accepted! Actually was hoping for the Hilton as we are staying there for the 3 prior nights with a package to attend the Bears Fan Convention. We were hoping to not have to change hotels but for the price it is well worth the extra trouble. Regular rate at the Hilton we would have had to pay was $116 prepaid. Cheapest rate for the Swissotel is $199 for our date! This is an even better deal when you factor in the 15% hotel tax in Chicago. Another great deal!!
  3. Stayed one night before an early morning flight. Shuttle from the airport was nice and quick. Staff was very friendly at check in and our request for a smoking room was granted no problem, although she told us they only have 6 smoking rooms. No mention of Hotwire but did ask for a credit card for incidentals. When we walked up we let them know there was an elderly lady on our shuttle and one of the staff immediately went out to see if she needed a wheelchair. Very helpful! We had a room on the 4th floor. It was large and very clean. So clean in fact the carpet was still very wet where they had cleaned it that day. There was no smokey smell in the hall or in the room. Room was large with a king "Grand" bed full of pillows. Very nice and comfy! Nice easy chair, and 2 nice desk chairs at the desk were in the room. Coffee pot with single serving coffee packets. Took me a minute to figure the coffee maker out. It used go cups like the coffee shops use and you just put your cup in instead of a pot. Good idea for taking the coffee with you. Bath was large and clean and had various Portico products. Overall a nice place to stay for a night but not near any restaurants or shopping in walking distance. We ordered delivery pizza. They do have a cafe and lounge and a separate area to get things to go such as cokes, desserts, sandwiches etc. The only thing I was disappointed in was they did not seem to care when I stopped at the desk and mentioned the wet carpet. No offer to move to another room. I think that all the rooms may have had the same problem though because even the hallways looked wet. Still was very nice overall and would stay there again. FYI the shuttle driver said the other Hyatt, The Hyatt Regency I believe, that shares the shuttle would be closed until February so we did not have a problem with the shuttle being full as others mentioned.
  4. The main page (the page for the area you want, not just the home page) gets updated regularly, sometimes a few times a day. Thereuare is probably right about not fiinding anything if the rates are high, but it is another place to at least check. Sounds like HOTWIRE has some good deals though that you might want to consider. Good Luck!
  5. Can't help you much but since you are needing such specific accomodations, you might also watch a site called Travelzoo.com. They don't have anything for your date right now but for example they have the Omni through February 4, for $129. It is not a booking site but they link to the hotels booking with a special code for the discount. Good Luck! Hopefully others will answer your questions. TravelZoo
  6. Chicago Ohare now seems to have 2 areas. Ohare North and Ohare South.
  7. I was thinking the refrigerator will be good for leftover pizza. Yum! Thanks for the info on Jewel.
  8. I know this is pretty old but wanted to close it out. I have just finalized our hotel. Many specials have come out for this time period at great rates so I booked conventionally. Tried bidding every so often but was rejected everytime. Only bid up to $65. Ended up with the Hilton Garden Inn on a TravelZoo special of $89 for Saturday night and a buy 2nights ($119 each, $238 for all 3 nights)get 1 free from the holtels website for the other 3 nights. Hard to beat these rates for a good hotel and good location. Also have seen the Hyatt and Swissotel for $99, so gave up on PL and Hotwire. Thanks for your help! PS, Thereuare Do you also post on the TripAdvisor Chiago Forum site? A person over there has good knowledge of Hotwire hotels in Chicago and I thought it might be you!
  9. Wonderful that this worked for you, however for any future bidding, Skokie is not a free bid zone for 4*.anymore as I see it. Maybe someone else can verify.??? Noticed this last week that 4* is now available in this zone...I was glad I checked and did not just assume it was the same as last time I bid. Glad that it worked out for you and you got the area you wanted but remember to recheck rebid zones everytime you start a bid or you could end up somewhere you were not intending to.
  10. I just read the reviews and they seem very mixed. Seems you either really hate it or love it. My main concern is the location, it is so far north but the price is very tempting. I wonder if this time of year may be slow and other hotels may be dropping their prices soon.
  11. Sorry I said the Intercontinental in my other post, I should have said Ambassador East. I looked at your list wrong. I think this may be the hotel because other than the night of the 16th their rate on their site is $79 for 3 nights and the 16th is $149. Almost the same as Hotwire.
  12. Thank you. I was afraid of that. It is a great price but think I will wait a while and think about it. If the Westin was not a no smoking hotel I would take any of the 3 in a heartbeat or if it was just for 1 night. I will keep you posted on anything I do.
  13. Trying for December 16-20 and have been watching Hotwire for months. This morning I found they have a 4* North Michigan Ave/Gold Coast hotel for $79 with fitness, restaurant, business, and internet. Listed as customer favorite. This matches the Drake, the Westin, and the Intercontinental, however in the hotel list only the Intercontinental lists Customer Favorite. Can I be pretty sure it is the Intercontinental or could one of the others have added customer favorite? I am a smoker and since the Westin is non smoking would rather not stay there. Has anyone had the Westin come up as a customer favorite? 2 out of 3 is not bad odds at such a good price. The Westin is showing the cheapest rates at their web site beating the Intercontinental by $20 on their site and the Drake is still way more. ($169, $189, $269 respectively) Thanks for any help!
  14. We stayed here for 1 night before our cruise out of Galveston. The hotel is about 2-3 miles from the interstate, near Nasa and the University in a nice area and about 30-45 minutes from Galveston and the cruise port. We arrived at about 10 pm and check in went smoothly. hot wire was only mentioned when we were asked for a credit card for incidentals, only to confirm our stay was prepaid. She also gave us a coupon for a free coke from the "pantry". The pantry has a variety of food and personal items they have available for sale for their guests. It was accessable only with your room key and had the quite the assortment of items at pretty reasonable prices considering the conveinence. The room was spotless with a queen size bed, desk/table, kitchen complete with a stove top, coffee pot, pots, pans, dishes, salt/pepper, towels, microwave, full refridgerator with ice maker. etc. Also free coffee, and popcorn for the microwave. There was a walk in closet with laundry basket, iron and ironing board in it. The room was good size with nice furniture that was in very good condition. Even the carpet appeared new. The TV had a good assortment of channels and the hotel provided free high speed internet and free local calls. Overall, I could find no flaws with this hotel. It is not the Ritz Carlton but it is a nice clean place I would stay at again, no problem. There is a lot of shopping and food near this hotel. Just about anything you would need. They also offer free breakfast on weekdays but since we were there on a weekend, we opted for McDonalds which is just across the parking lot. There is also a Denny's right next door. Great place to stay for a night or for an extended stay! We have also stayed at the Extended Stay Deluxe up the street, but this is much nicer, quieter and cleaner. An economical alternative for a pre or post cruise stay compared to Galveston which is 2-3 times more expensive.
  15. Needed 1 night precruise. 2.5 stars Clear Lake/Nasa (area comes up when searching Galveston) 9/22 one night $45 plus fees and taxes Total $59.39 Fitness, Laundry, Internet and kitchenette Candlewood Suites Houston Clear Lake 2737 Bay Area Blvd Not many reviews to be found but will be okay for 1 night. This is a new hotel for the list.
  16. No true. We had a hotel on New Years Eve that was taken over by drunken young people and their security could not handle it. Talked to front desk the next day and they gave me a number for a person to call at the hotel after the holiday. After talking to her, she directed PL to refund my money, not only for that nite but for my entire stay! It was immediately credited to my account by PL who also sent me an email that the hotel had directed them to refund my money. Hotel handled it unbelievably well!!
  17. Needed 1 night before morning flight. Night of 12/20 Amenities shown: Shuttle, Restaurant, Fitness, Business, Internet. Best rate found at Hyatt's site was $129 with advance purchase. Got rate of $58. Total with fees $72.68 Great deal!
  18. Living in the area, I am not sure there are any hotels on the river walk that do not charge for parking. We have stayed down there and always had to pay for parking. Maybe ones a few blocks away from the River Walk may have free or cheaper parking but not anywhere on it. There are many parking decks in that area and the prices do vary. It pays to drive around a little and check various fees
  19. Thanks for the reply! I agree this may be the Comfort upgraded to a 2.5* as their web site says it is newly renovated. Not a bad deal as their rate is $99 for my dates. $45 is not too bad for somewhere to just sleep before a morning flight especially with breakfast included. It's just a gamble now if I can do better with it so far off. Hmmm
  20. Was this a hot WIre or PL win? Posted under hot Wire topics?
  21. Do you have any idea which hotels the following are in the O'hare area? 2.5* Shuttle, comp breakfast, fitness, business $45 3* Suite Shutttle, Restaurant, comp breakfast, business $68 (Sheraton Gateway or Comfort Suites possibly?) Thanks for any help. This is for December 20-21.
  22. Forgot to say, used your link to bid. Great site! Better than the other, much friendlier and no scolding!!
  23. Followed your strategy and bid up to $55 with no luck. I have the 4 Points Sheraton as a backup for $110 through their hotel site. I have not seen this hotel on PL?? I guess I am just too early because there are plenty of rooms out there at very good prices. The reason I am not bidding North Michigan Ave is because I am one of those nasty people who smoke and both Westins in that zone are totally non-smoking hotels and I would probably end up with one of those. I at least want the option to be able to request a smoking room. I respect non smokers and found myself in a non smoking room on a business trip during a hurricane and went outside when the urge got too strong, rain, wind and all. So I always try to get a smoking room. (By the way at that hotel and others where I have had a non smoking room because of no availability, the management told me to go ahead and smoke, I see where non smokers get smokey smelling non-smoking rooms!) Hopefully I will quit before this trip but for now.... Anyway, I will keep an eye on the rates and try again later unless you have another idea.
  24. I have gotten what I think is the Knickerbocker coming up on Hotwire for $82 so I think for right now that would be as high as I would go at this point. I have been tempted to take the offer but have read so many mixed reviews for that hotel I am holding off. I am planning on using the Hilton as a backup. Thanks for any help and ideas!
  25. I am looking for a 4* in the Mill Pk. area of Chicago for December. I thought I would start early and see if I have any luck. So far the prices I have from hotel web sites are as follows: Hilton $139 Palmer house $159 W City Ctr $199 Hyatt $129 As you see rates are pretty cheap. We are going to a Bears game and sightseeing. My dates are 12/16 - 12/20. Flying out the 21st and plan on a hotel near the airport for the 20th. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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