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  1. Started with unsuccessful attempts in the 3* category at the $60 and $75 dollar amounts in Dupont Circle. Since I was one day away from my trip and approaching $100, I decided to restart in the 4* category and was unsuccessful at $105 in Dupont Circle. Added White House/Downtown area and rebid at $115 successfully. I saved over $100 from the advertised rate of $239.

  2. My initial question in this thread was whether I could make an early pickup with the rental car I was planning to get. The drop down menu on Hotwire seemed to begin at 6am, and I needed to get in a little bit earlier as I had a 7am flight. I later learned that the drop down menu could be scrolled up to even earlier times.

    Btw, I called Hertz at Charleston Int'l and they are there as early as 5:30 am.

  3. **EDIT** I figured this issue out. Sorry for the thread.

    I am planning to reserve a car rental via Hotwire, however we will need to drop the car off around 6am. The Hotwire inputs list the earliest drop-off time as 7am. Does anyone know if all of Hotwire's participating car rentals companies at this airport allow for early-am returns?

    I don't know a complication because we have no place to drop the vehicle off before we to an early-am flight. Thanks.

  4. Bid $90 for a 3 night stay from April 14 thru April 17, and was rejected. Will try again this weekend using the rebid zones.

    Ultimately my budget is up to $150 as I believe the Venetian would cost me around $199/nt direct.

    **edit** looks like I should bid after looking at more than 1 previous bid ($88). Most of the successful bids were higher than where I started. I'm usually better with my research!

  5. I returned to PRICELINE using the forum's link, and tried to the progression using the five rebid zones (thx for the help there), but unfortunately couldn't get anything for $150. I'm guessing it's probably the 6 nights or a heavy conference week?

    I've read posts where people inquired about splitting their nights and going for 2 successful bids but I'd hate to risk having to switch hotels. Is that my only option at this point?

  6. I'll definitely put that offer in the bank as a safety. My search of recent successful bids showed that $80-90 seemed to be the sweetspot for 4* SOMA hotels with the resulting hotels being the Palomar or Palace, both rated fairly well. So I think I'll get something 4* when I go up with my bids but I wanted a consult here 1st. I tried to search for the rebid zones for this area but could only come up with strategies for USW USE or Fisherman's Wharf.

  7. Just tried bidding $75 for 1 room in a 4* hotel in SOMA during the May 14 - May 20 timeframe using the PRICELINE link. Presently, I have a cancellable reservation through the convention organization that I may cancel thru April 6 without any headache (St. Regis at $299/nt).

    My wife is in town for a convention at the Moscone center, and will need to be within 6-7 blocks max walking distance. My budget is anywhere up to $150/nt ... anything more than that and I'd just stick with our current reservation since I've never stayed there). Thanks for any help you can provide.

  8. We have usually vacationed on the island of St. Martin (French side) the few occasions we've gone to the Caribbean and loved it. I've used this site and Priceline with so much success the past couple yrs that I'm wondering if anyone has used it on this island? I searched and didn't see a previous post.

    My target dates are either:

    November 29 - December 5, 2009 or

    December 6 - 12, 2009

    Preferences would be a resort or 4/5 star hotel on either side of the island. Thx for any help anyone has.

  9. **update** I ended up not staying at a hotel for this night. After looking into the situation I discovered that this weekend was the Penn Relays weekend in Philly which would explain why almost every Center City hotel would have zero vacancy Thursday through the weekend. It's a very big tourism weekend in Downtown and West Philadelphia.

    No problem... what did you end up doing for this stay tonite?

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