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  1. Began booking at $75 at the Laguadia Airport Area, was asked to redib and increase the price by $15. Started a new bid at $82 and was accepted at the Laguadia Airport Hotel. Not really excited about the winning though. Reviews for this hotel are not good, there was a case of bug bites in one of the tripadvisor reviews, no continental breakfast, and no subway nearby close to the hotel. If given a chance, I would reconsider this area and rebid in Secaucus,NJ instead. Still reconsidering to book another hotel and bear the loss.. Any thoughts. Has anyone stayed at this hotel before and can share their positive experiences.
  2. Tried many days to bid and rebid and at different star levels of hotels. Finally selected 1 star hotel and bid for $75. Was asked to up the offer by $15. Did as requested and managed to get the deal at Traverse City for the above dates. Had many failed bids for upto $115 for a 2* hotel in the same area. I believe there are two areas that come up in Priceline. One closer to lake and the other more south. I am unable to locate the hotel because it is no longer offered in the list of hotels for these dates. Seected the area close to the lake just for information. Hope this helps someone.
  3. The dates of travel are from 9/17 to 9/19. Please add it to the topic. Thank you for maintaining this service. The site is really beneficial.
  4. Please let me know a way to edit the heading of the post. I am not sure how to split the information about the price and dates in the sub heading of the post. Any help is appreciated. The edit does not appear to work for headings
  5. Similar to one of the earlier posts about Sandusky, OH, I bid $40 in the Milan-Norwalk and received the offer for 2 nights stay. Thanks BetterBidding.com for providing this information. Used the PRICELINE link to begin the bidding.
  6. First bid for $39 accepted Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $39.00 Subtotal: $117.00 Taxes & Fees: $23.55 Total Charges*: $140.55
  7. Multiple bids for Crystal City 3 Star were rejected starting from $50, $55, $60, $62. Finally accepted at $64. Travel dates 7/2/09 to 7/05/09. Embassy Suites Hotel Crystal City-National Airport Crystal City 1300 Jefferson Davis Hwy Arlington, Virginia 22202 703-979-9799 Total for 3 nights $192 Tax : $36.23 Total: 228.23
  8. Initial bid for 2.5* Louisville was rejected with request to increase by $11 to consider. Closed the browser and resubmitted again with a new zone for $40 - accepted. Hyatt Place Louisville 2
  9. Began bidding with $55 for a 2 1/2 * Pigeon Forge region for 08/14/08-08/16/08 - Rejected with request to add $15 more. Entered $65 and was accepted by bidding again and selecting Gatlinburg area that did not have a 2 1/2* area. Holiday Inn Pigeon Forge 2
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