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  1. I just wanted to voice my displeasure that I had to pay $16/ night for parking at this hotel, a surprise that did not go over well and really ate into the savings I thought I was getting with Priceline. That's especially frustrating because I chose the airport location precisely so I would not have to deal with the cost and frustration of parking downtown. Add to that the fact that I borrowed a car from the cousin I was visiting so that my Sister and I could get to our separate appointments quickly in the morning. That meant that we paid $32 in parking to stay in a $40/ night room. I'm trying not to be paranoid but I couldn't help but think that we were being charged parking on the first car because we had used Priceline. I don't do it often but I've never stayed at a hotel that wasn't downtown that charged for your first car. I'd understand paying for the second car and I've also paid to leave a car at an airport location longer than the length of my stay but never for the first car. It left a bad taste in my mouth. That said, the hotel was not bad. They've done a decent job of renovating a very dated complex of buildings. There was a high-rise hotel along with 5 other low-rise (3-story) wings to the facility. We stayed in one of the wings so the primary hotel might be nicer. Unfortunately, I think they've overspent on flashy finishes compared to the "bones" of the building - new wallpaper and furniture with the same grungy ceiling tiles, granite countertops over plastic laminate cabinets. It's like they put three or four-star finishes in a two-star facility. Sorry, I'm an architect, and a disgruntled one at that (see above), so I really noticed these things. The lobby was beautiful, however.
  2. Sorry, I really buggered up the Title/ subtitle deal. The dates are 1/29 - 1/31, booked on 1/28 -Scott
  3. The first bid that I made was accepted ($40/ night). I was actually hoping for the Red Lion because we're visiting family North at Seward Park and that would be closer but I hear there are good cookies at the Doubletree. Apologies in advance for not using the PRICELINE link. I only use Priceline about once a year and always seem to forget. -Scott
  4. Started with $41 and 2-1/2* for the airport - denied Added Downtown and went to $46 - denied Added Convention Center and went to $52 - ACCEPTED (at the airport) Would have loved to stay downtown but was looking to save some money. We did get a 3-star which is nice and a very reasonable price. Will have to try again in the winter when we got a 4* downtown for about the same price. Holiday Inn Portland Airport 8439 Northeast Columbia Boulevard Portland, Oregon 97220 503-256-5000 Subtotal: $52.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $14.04 Total Charges*: $66.04 Good luck, Scott
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