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  1. 2 nights $63, near airport (Fri & Sat)

    Needed three nights and wanted to stay near beach, but decided to be more flexible.

    Originally, bid $90 3.5* Clearwater Bch, then $100 for 4* St. Pete beach for Fri-Sat. No go.

    Decided to then try off beach area. Started at 3.5* at $55 (St. Pete), then 3* at $60 (Clearwater) then 3* N.Clearwater at $63. Won bid at $63 for Clearwater Airport Holiday Inn Select. No problem

    Im now going back and bid on beach area for one night (Sun). We'll see how that goes as I'm thinking that Sun should be a little cheaper.

    Not sure how this type of bidding will work, but like I said, I can be flexible, but would like one day/night on the beach.

    Used link to PRICELINE.

    Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $63.00

    Subtotal: $126.00

    Taxes & Service Fees: $24.33

    Total Charges*: $150.33

  2. Stayed here 9/13/08 for one night. Likewise, there was very little traffic in the hotel, as I guess no conventions were planned for that time. Room was clean and comfortable and I would rate very good. We stayed in an atrium king room. I would say the only negative was the bathroom had no vent fans and the steam from the shower fogged the mirriors. Minor inconvenience, though. Parking is across the street in a garage for $7/day. Not sure if it's each time or unlimited in/out per day. Would stay here again

  3. Finished my bidding on Priceline 3* at $135 and 2* at $105. Neither one of those worked. Took your suggestion and booked 2* through Hotwire for one night 7/9/08. $69 plus $15.28 tax for a total of $84.28 at the Travelodge Pittsfield. Not my first choice, but it will work out fine. Guess I'll use the $avings for gas and beer. Thanks for all the help.

  4. One night 7/9/08. I've been bidding for about three weeks on a 3* in Pittsfield or Lenox (Berkshires). Bid is up to $125. Also, separately have bid on 2* and it is up to $80. The bids are getting close to what I can get directly through a hotel ($150 for a 3* or $110 for 2*) Anyone have any advice? Since I have two days left, should I keep bidding up? Is this area "that" expensive?

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