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  1. Thanks! Our plans are up in the air so we have to delay booking until next week. But hopefully similar deals will still be available 🙂
  2. Looking at a Priceline Express deal for 1 night, Oct 3 When I was looking through the Priceline page directly it showed up at $87 like this 2.5-Star Hotel $87 per night Includes: Free Internet In Room Free Internet In Public Areas Free Parking Free Breakfast Free Internet Access (And going directly from Priceline, I'm not getting the bed choice options) But then I came here. Yay. Here it shows $79 with bed choice! I clicked through from the priceline tab here and got offered the following choices: $
  3. Do you want rejected bids posted here or just winning bids? I did not expect that one to be successful, but since I have months until I travel, I figured I might as well start off in fantasy land. ;-) JAX Jacksonville Mid-Size (Rejected), $15 ... Rejected ... 7/15/08 - 7/19/08
  4. I made my Enterprise reservation before I found this site, so unfortunately I did not use your link. Next time...
  5. JAX, July 15-19 I already have a cancellable reservation from Enterprise for 31.47/day totaling 161.34 for 4 days including all the taxes and fees. I don't mind if the rental is not in-terminal as long as there is a shuttle from the terminal, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't agreeing to them getting me a rental at any location within 30 miles or something, and have to get there myself! Other than it not being cancellable, are there any other major caveats to be aware of before renting a car through priceline?
  6. If I bid on a car rental at an airport location, and I guaranteed to get a car at the airport, or might I be expected to take a cab a certain distance to an off-airport branch? If I tell them that I need to pick up at 10pm, am I assured of being assigned a car at a location that is open at that hour (which I am guessing would only be the airport locations -- and if I had to pick up off-airport, or if my plane were delayed, I'd be even later). Thanks in advance for your advice!
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