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  1. This is a great new property located just off of I-285. We had been assigned a double bed room but got the king we wanted with no problem. The room was very clean and the bed was comfortable. No problems with noise or bad smells. Everything worked. Nice flat screen, mini frig, coffee pot and microwave. The room was a good size with a long counter to use as a desk/work area. Nice office chair and a day bed type seat at the end of the bed. No problems with the HVAC unit. Good work out room and clean outdoor pool. Plenty of free parking. The breakfast was a little spare, but we didn't starve. There were make your own waffles and lots of other carbs. They did have good OJ and fresh fruit. We would recommend this property for families and couples. They also allow pets. There are several chain restaurants close by, also a Publix for forgotten items. The staff was friendly and professional.
  2. No luck bidding on Priceline for over 2 months. Bids up to $140/$150 on Copley, Financial, Aquarium and Beacon Hill for 4*. Also, bid up to $130 on 3* in Copley and Beacon Hill. Last bid was today, right after I saw this 4* pop up on Hotwire. Priceline showed me no love at $140, so I used your HOTWIRE link (as always) and booked. Here are the details: Rate per night $145.00 Taxes/fees $120.12 Total $845.12 Here are the amenities shown: Boutique Hotel Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Restaurant(s) High-Speed Internet Access This hotel gets great reviews and is exactly the area we wanted for our first trip to Boston. Thanks BetterBidding!
  3. Started the bidding at $40. Got a counter offer for $48. Added 1 of the 2 free rebid zones and raised the bid to $42. This is a nice and new facility and was exactly what I was expecting. Hotwire has what I believe is this property for $58. Offer $42.00 Tax $13.86 Total $55.86 As always, I started my bidding with your PRICELINE link. Thanks for the great service this site provides.
  4. Bid $45 and $50 yesterday with no success. I did get a counter offer of $13 on my first bid of $45. Today I hit on my first bid of $52. The lowest rate I found for this property was $99. This is a new property for your list. Used your PRICELINE link to start my bidding. Thanks for the great service your board provides. Courtyard by Marriott 1000 W I-65 Service Road South Mobile, AL36609 251-344-5200 Offer $52.00 Tax $14.90 Total $66.90 Reviews for this property are a little mixed but it is the property I expected. Mobile is not the greatest for Priceline. I visit frequently and bid each time for a 3* or 4*. In the last 4 years this is the first time I have gotten a 3* in this zone. I have bid several times for a 4* in the Downtown area and have never gotten one. When I get to 65% of the average price for a 3* or 4* I stop bidding and just look for a good prepay. This is my first PRICELINE success in Mobile since I received the La Quinta (a 2*) in this zone a few years back. That was not an experience I would like to repeat.
  5. Started bidding several days ago with $12. Went up a dollar each day. Bonus cash was expiring 7/31 so I wanted to try to take advantage of it. Have been a Priceline user since 2002 but this is my first time to receive bonus cash I could actually use. Bid each day for each size car, except compact and economy. Finally hit today. As always, used your PRICELINE link to start each bid. Here are the particulars: Bonus Cash Each Day $7.00 Offer $18.00 Offer With Bonus $25.00 Subtotal $90.00 Taxes and Fees $46.69 Total Charges $136.89 Lowest Published Price $275.57 Total Savings $138.88 (You saved 50%) Thanks!
  6. As always, started the bid with your PRICELINE link. I have been bidding this for about 2 weeks, starting at $60 and going up to $105. I was targeting Buckhead and Downtown. Today I hit at $100. Surprisingly the Marriott's rate is $359, higher than the other 4*s that we have previously gotten in this zone. This is a perfect location for us. Here are the particulars: Offer $100 Tax $22.57 Total $122.57 This is Labor Day weekend with a Saturday check-in. I had also been bidding 2.5* in the Buckhead zone, up to $60, with no success, for this same date. Very happy that I snagged a 4*.
  7. Another update on this hotel. Since our last visit there has been a complete interior remodel. Great new beds, carpet, furniture, the works. No refrigerator/microwave in the room we got this time. Improved breakfast with an grab and go option that is available earlier than the regular breakfast hours. A really great 2* facility.
  8. Started with the HOTWIRE link on this site. Got the hotel I thought this might be. Icons were: Breakfast Fitness Pool Business Internet Room Charge $49.00 Tax/recovery $12.83 Total $61.83 This is a Sunday night stay. The retail on the Hyatt Place site is $85.00.
  9. I have been bidding this, off and on, for about a month. Started low and bid up to $49 with no success. There are no sure free rebids at 2*, since I wanted a particular area. Yesterday, I bid $50 with no success. Hit today with $51. This is the most I have had to pay in this area and I have bid in the zone many times over the past 4 years. We have stayed at this Fairfield Inn before and are happy with our win. The lowest rate I found was $109 for this property. Rates in general were not high for the properties we have gotten before. Used the PRICELINE links on your site. Thanks!
  10. A new hotel for your list: La Quinta Inn Panama City 1030 East 23rd Street Panama City, FL 32405 850-914-0022 Had bid previously to $45. Lowest rate I found was $89 for this property, so not a big savings. I am familiar with this property and am pleased with the win. Reviews are very positive. Over the years, I have bid many times in this zone and not been successful, until this time. Started the bid at SavingsBarn.com. Thanks!
  11. I have been bidding this every few days for about a week. Had previously bid up to $80 with no success. Today my first bid of $65 was successful. Here are the details: Hotel Name: Crown Plaza Knoxville 401 Summit Hill Drive Knoxville, TN 37902 Offer: $65.00 Rooms 3 Nights 2 Sub $390.00 Tax $ 78.72 Total $468.72 Used the SavingBarn.com link to start my bidding. Thanks for the wealth of information this site makes available.
  12. We stayed here in July 2007 on a bid of $40. Both of our rooms were good. The front desk honored our request for 2 non-smoking rooms with 2 beds each and even gave us connecting rooms. There were no problems with maintenance or housekeeping. The valet was super fast. All of the staff were friendly and professional. This hotel is rated 2.5* but compares with a solid 3*. It also has free highspeed wireless internet. We did not try the restaurant. The location is great for Buckhead. It is very close to the Marta Buckhead station. There was no problem with noise and the HVAC worked great on a very hot day. The bath was large, the sink is outside so 2 people can get ready at the same time. Lighting was good. The beds were very comfortable and all of the linens were of good quality. We would be very happy to get this hotel again for such a good price.
  13. First bid yesterday $55 rejected with counter offer of $15, added free re-bid and increased to $56 which was also rejected with a $17 counter offer. Last bid for yesterday of $57 was rejected with no counter. Today I started at $58, rejected with no counter offer. Second bid of $59 was accepted. Lowest rate I found was a prepaid $142. This is a super savings for a holiday weekend. We are very pleased! As we always try to do, we started the bid with the SavingsBarn.com site. Offer $59.00 Subtotal $236.00 Tax/Fee $37.74 Total $273.74
  14. We last stayed in the Birmingham Sheraton in June of 2007. Our rooms were in the Atrium and were clean and comfortable. No maintenance or housekeeping problems. This is a solid 3*, if you get one of the renovated rooms. Be sure to ask for one. We never eat at the hotel, so can not comment on the restaurants. This is a big convention hotel and they are usually busy. We always use valet parking and have never had a problem. This is a good location for most anything in Birmingham as it is next to a major interstate. It can be a little impersonal but that is just due to its size. We always find the staff to be pleasant and professional. Not much to do in the immediate area but it is hard to complain for $50 a night!
  15. We needed a cheap room for a late night stop over on a trip to Key West. There is bidding only at 1* and Resort in Key Largo. I had a hunch that the 1* was the Ramada. Surprisingly, it gets very good reviews. It also has free parking and breakfast. I tried bidding Homestead up to $50 for a 2 star without success. The hotels in Homestead that are likely candidates do not seen to be as highly rated as the Ramada in Key Largo. I started several days ago at $68 for a 1* in Key Largo and worked my way up to $79 yesterday. I got a $22 counter offer at $79. Today I started at $81. This is a new hotel for your list: Ramada Limited - Key Largo 99751 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 Certainly not a great savings as the cheapest rate I found was $109. We are happy with our small savings. Offer $81.00 Taxes $17.66 Total $98.66 We used the SavingsBarn.com link to start our bid.
  16. I bid yesterday at $13, for these same dates and car type, and was unsuccessful. This is a week rental over the Labor Day holiday. Today I was successful at $14. Alamo is in terminal at FLL so we are very happy with our purchase. Without any discounts, the Alamo site shows this rental at about $100 more. (The taxes and fees are about the same though) A nice savings. Here are the details: Offer $14 Total days 7 Subtotal $98 Taxes $74 Total $172 We used the SavingsBarn.com site to begin our bid. Thanks for the great information your site provides!
  17. Today was my first try at a 2.5* and $40 was my first bid. I would have only bid up to $45. Any higher and I would (in my opinion) risk being upgraded to a 3*. In my research, staying at/ below $45 would give me a 2.5* in this zone. Rates just tend to be a little higher in Buckhead. Sometimes the 2.5*s are even higher than the 3*s booked conventionally. The Sheraton's rate was low enough that I assumed it would snag any 3* bid. We have not stayed at this Courtyard previously but have found other Courtyards to meet our needs. This will be our first stay in anything but a 4* in Buckhead in years. Priceline and this Board have turned us into such hotel snobs :). Last year, around this same time, we had this same problem with Buckhead, in all star levels. There was a HUGE convention in town and we ended up with an ok 3* in the Perimenter zone-the Holiday Inn Select I have seen reported as a recent win. The desk person saw us in her computer as a member of their loyalty program and upgraded us to 2 of their best rooms. They were just barely acceptable. I did not want a repeat of that. I do realize there is always a possibility of an involuntary upgrade when bidding 2.5*. I was willing to accept that risk. Even when we have won hotels with mixed reviews, we have always been pleasantly surprised with our result. If we had won the Sheraton, we would have made the best of it.
  18. Won this on my first bid. The lowest rate I found for this property was $159. I had been bidding for several weeks with the hopes of snagging one of the great 4*s in Buckhead. The rates were very high for all of the 4 hotels that normally come up. The lowest was at the JW Marriott-$299 prepaid. This is a Thursday check-in and I could have waited a few days, but I got tired of bidding. Since the 3*s in this area can be a little iffy (especially the Sheraton, and the rates indicated this would be the likely win) I decided to go for the 2.5*. There are actually 6 free rebids for a 2.5* in Atlanta :) , so I knew I would most likely win a bid, if there was any availability. When I checked the rates, I felt there was a good chance I'd win the Courtyard and I did. This is a great location for us (near the Buckhead Marta station and Lenox Mall) and generally gets good reviews. It also has free internet, always a big plus. We are happy and will spend our savings at the Mall! In checking your hotel list I don't see this one. Since it will be an addition, I will try to post a review after our stay. Thank you for this great Priceline/Hotwire resource. We used the SavingsBarn.com site to begin all of our MANY bids for this trip.
  19. We won this hotel for 6 nights on a bid of $75. It was a great experience from start to finish. There was no mention of Priceline and we were asked if we wanted 1 bed or 2. Our room was on the 9th floor with a city view. It had been recently renovated and everything was clean and comfortable. The pool area was great, with an open sun deck. Very good location, only a block from the Metro. There is a grocery store in the mall below the hotel and a good food court, also. We did not try any of the restaurants in the hotel. The concierge was very helpful with hotel reservations/recommendations and helped book a tour by phone when we were too late to do it online. The only hitch was the internet. We tried, they tried, but we were never able to get it to work. The free lobby internet is actually city provided and it also only worked for us 1 time. We had no problem using our computer in other places, just not there. It seemed that most of the other guests were there on business. The hotel did not seem to be busy and we only saw/heard other guests on our floor our last night there. Great beds and good housekeeping. The exercise facility is top notch. Highly recommended. The lowest rate was $210.00 for most of the nights we were there.
  20. We won this for a 1 night stay (Saturday) at $28. For that price I would say it is a good value. There was a slight funky smell at first but it has been very hot in Birmingham and it could just be that the room had not been used recently. There was 1 queen size bed. This is an extended stay property in a good location. As typical, there was no shampoo or hairdryer. There is, however, a small kitchen. The property was in good repair. Everything seemed clean. The bath was fine. Plenty of free parking. Be sure to arrive before 11 pm as they have desk staff only until that time. After hours you must call an on property phone to check in. They give 1 bed rooms to Priceline guests. There is even a form for the "upgrade" to a 2 bed room and, of course, an additional charge. The 1 bed was fine for us. It is a little hard to find if you don't know the area but is close to numerous restaurants and a good location for almost anything in Birmingham. I do wish other 2* properties would come up but this one seems to snag most of the bids. The lowest rate I saw was $59.
  21. My first bid today. This week I had bid up to $38 for a 2* in Hoover and $48 for a 2.5* in Hoover without success. The 2.5* that we usually get in the Inverness zone is the Amerisuites and it is showing it's age (although we were told it would be renovated soon by Hyatt on our last visit). Decided to try the 2*, knowing that the likely result would be Homestead. This is a little lower than we have seen it come up recently. Also, this is a Saturday check-in. The priceline rooms here only have 1 bed, so this would not be a good choice for a family. They do make you pay extra for a room with 2 beds. For us it is fine and we are happy with the savings. As always, we started our bid at SavingsBarn.com. Thanks :)
  22. I won this on 5/13 on my first bid. It is a Friday night check-in. This is the hotel I expected. We have stayed here numerous times and it is a solid 3*, most of the time. There are renovations ongoing but hopefully they will not be a problem for us. Thanks for your great board. We used the SavingsBarn.com link to start our bid.
  23. I have been bidding this for about 2 weeks, inching up from $58. There are no free re-bids. Success today with a $75 bid. Yesterday's $74 failed. I started getting counteroffers at $68. The first was for $17. Then from $70 on I got counter offers of $22, except at $73 when I got no counter. Hotwire has this property for $109, I think. They rate it as a four star. We did not want to split the bid and risk the possibility of having to move, so we may have had to bid higher to get 6 nights at the same hotel. This is the property we were hoping for, and we are very happy. The hotel's web site has it for about $180/night. As always, we used the SavingsBarn.com link. Offer $75.00 Rooms 1 Nights 6 Sub $450.00 Tax/fee 90.35 Total $540.35
  24. Really nice 2*, more like a 2.5*. All interior rooms which are nice, new and clean. Got a little attitude from the front desk who wanted to insist that a non-smoking room was an upgrade. We did get our 2 non-smoking rooms but 1 had 2 beds when we wanted a king. They were both near exits/ice machines and we typically try to avoid this. This is a good area in Macon. Everything you need is close. Good complimentary breakfast. Fast and free internet. The a/c was a little loud. Yes, it was that hot in December. Nice bathroom. Didn't notice any hallway noise. Would be happy to stay here again. :)
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