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  1. In the beginning on my bids when I bid I marked Seattle Airport and Downtown Seattle... My appology for saying Pike Place.... and saying Airport Zone.. , I meant I was trying to stay around the airport, so I worded it airport zone. :)
  2. Thanks for the advice. I wrote my cousin to see what she decided as to what she want's me to do. I made the mistake, so I guess I may have to pay for it. but like you said not to much more a night. I don't see how I overbid though, as I bid, they didn't accept, I rebid a little higher, same thing, I rebid again, and still no offers, and finally at $102 someone accepted. I wanted to stay in the downtown area or near the airport, at 3 star or 4 star. So, if I overbid, what did I do wrong? Please let me know so I will know what not to do next time.... Thanks for all the great advice given.
  3. I started out with bidding $60.00 on 3 star and 4 star in Seattle downtown and Pike Place. I think that is what I had marked. Right there in the Center of Seattle is what I had marked. My next bid, they declined the $60.00 so I went to $70.00 was declined. I bid $90 next, declined. I went to $102 and it was accepted. So, I have two rooms for $102.oo per night. Now to worry about transportation :) for all of us. hmmmm Good luck on your bids!
  4. :) This was the first time I had bid, so I was already nervous. I bid on two rooms and I should have caught it, but I didn't. Now my cousins don't have the same hotel as us. I needed three hotel rooms. I am planning the entire trip and it was my fault. I feel terriable. Do you think I can call the hotel and see if they will honor the price and put them in the same hotel as us? Can I do that? Will they be upset with me if I call and ask such a request? It is booked for August. So some time away. Please advice. Thanks so much! :)
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