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  1. A pricey time in NYC! Luckily, I've got a back up - a friend's couch near Gramercy Park, but it doesn't have all the comfort of a hotel :) I think the city hotels might just be priced a bit over my budget for this trip - but will give a try at Jersey City - I've won there in the past and got a great property. Otherwise, will fall back on the couch option. Thanks very much for your help - it's much appreciated!

  2. This seems to really be a tough nut to crack in Manhattan date wise. I split with 4 nights in Jersey City (also through the BB PRICELINE link), but wanted to spend at least the last 2 nights in Manhattan at a 4* in either MTE, ESB, Chelsea, Times Sq or Hells Kitchen. Started bidding at $120 for ESB and was, not surprisingly, rejected. Continued to add zones and free rebids in $5 increments and ended up with the NY W Hotel on Lexington Avenue. Great location for what we wanted. I know that the place can seem a little trendy, but we are pleased - and will try to live up to the trendiness :) Used the BetterBidding PRICELINE link.

  3. This would appear to be a tough time for bargain rates in the NYC area (4/19-23). Wanted to stay in one of the 4* Jersey City properties - since they're so easy to commute to NYC via PATH. Started bidding at $95 for Jersey City and was rejected. Added Elizabeth and raised to $100 - rejected. Added Secaucus and raised to $110 - rejected. Added West Orange, raised to $115 - rejected. Added Short Hills, raised to $120 - rejected. Added Meadowlands, raised to $125 - rejected. Added Newark Airport, raised to $130 - BINGO! Got the Westin Jersey City. I've stayed at this property before and really enjoyed it so am pleased. And used your PRICELINE link to bid. Thanks!

  4. Hi

    I'm planning a trip on relatively short notice to London arriving on January 31 and departing on February 4. Area is a bit more important than star rating, but in the best of all possible worlds, I'd like to give a try for either a 5* or 4* in Zone 1 (Bloomsbury/Marble Arch) or Zone 7 (Mayfair/Soho) and possibly Zone 2 (Chelsea/Knightsbridge) or Zone 12 (Westminster). Again dreaming for the best of all possible worlds, I'd like to spend a max of around $150 per night plus fees. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks very much - love this site!

  5. Thank you! You were right - I actually started at $105 for ME, rejected - added zones and increased my bid and won the Kitano for $129 per night. I used to live in the neighborhood and always liked the look of the place from the outside, so I was pleased. BUT, I was even more pleased when I went to their website and saw that the cheapest room they were offering for those same dates was $304 per night! Very happy camper - thanks for your help. :) P.S. I used your PRICELINE link.

  6. Well, I can see how people can get hooked on Priceline - it can be almost hypnotic if it doesn't drive you nuts :) I went through everthing - actually starting my intial bid out a bit higher and worked my way up to $180 (I also added Westminster zone in the process, since I more or less got the hang of how to do it). No success though, but at $180 it declined and offered: If you are willing to raise your price by $35 to $207 per room, per night, you can try the same request again right now. I figure I've still got some time, so will give it a go again tomorrow starting a bit higher.

    If that doesn't work, I'm game to try splitting. Would you suggest one and four as a possibility or two and three?

    Thanks again for everyone's help and suggestions . I had stayed clear of Regents Park area as I thought it might be too far from where I need to be for most of the time I'm there - but I'll take a closer look at the tube system - maybe it'll be an option.

  7. First the good news: I finally understand the re-bid strategy! :) Never once got the duplicate request message! The not so good (but not unexpected) news: my bids were all rejected up to the $175 offer (the little box at the bottom of the page claimed the median price for a 5* was $392). I figure I'll try again tomorrow with the 4* strategy that you offered earlier - but do you think I should increase my initial bid to something that might stand a better chance of acceptance? Or do you thik I might try the 5* again just upping another $10 or so? I realize, of course, that this is next to impossible to predict, so just asking for a 'guesstimation.' Thanks again everyone - truly appreciate your help! Could also probably add Nottinghill/Bayswater and Westminster.

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