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  1. Just reporting back-we had a great time at the Miami Beach Resort and Spa. We stayed at the Marriot in the area-and this hotel was far better than the Marriot. Great beach, nice staff. The elevators sucked and the valet was awfully slow-but it far exceeded our expections. Beautiful hotel worthy of it's 3 stars.
  2. I didn't even know you could call priceline. It's not about the $2, it's the principle. I didn't think they would take a bid that was more than a hotel's worth, but now I know better. That's why I figured I was going to get one of the better 3 stars, as my previous $100 bid was rejected. Well, I think I got a little hasty, but all in all, can't complain too much. Just wanted to let others who may be bidding on this zone know about this situation.
  3. Dates: Aug. 11-13, 2007 Bid in Miami Beach 4 star $110 - Rejected Miami (South Beach) 4 star, 3 star - $110 Rejected Tried $66, $80, $100 and finally $100 for the 3 star Miami Beach area and finally got the 3 star for $110 (was hoping to get one of the others on the priceline list). After taxes, I know this is the exact advertised price on the hotel's website and Expedia, but I guess that's the risk you take. I wasn't getting anything else in the beach area, and didn't want to screw myself over and not get anything at all (being a busy time of the season). Some mixed reviews for this place, it used to be the Wyndham. The big things are the extra "resort fee" per day ($12 or so) and parking being at $20 a day, with the wireless internet charge being $13 a day. I guess I won't be using the internet to surf betterbidding there. We'll find out what it's like when I get there. Thanks again for the targeted priceline list-always comes in handy. Forgot to add 3* in the title, sorry.
  4. I just got back from my vacation to Paradise Island, which is a part of Providence (where Nassau is located). The hotels are very affordable and I'd like to suggest booking the Riu Hotel (all inclusive) if you want to stay right next to the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island. If you want to stay on Nassau instead, the Hilton seems to be the best (at least on Priceline). I'm sure if you read the posts about how to bid on priceline, you can figure it out. If not, then just use any other discount travel site. I used smartertravel booked through a discounted america PRICELINE EXPRESS vacations package which included the flight, the airport transfer, and the all inclusive hotel. Good luck.
  5. I never heard of this place, could you let me know how you liked it and any details? I will check the reviews.
  6. FYI, there's NO WHERE in Montreal where you can get parking for $10 a day... The chepeast I've seen is $14 and have paid $30 (plus tip for valet). I've even paid $10 for THREE HOURS at the Hilton Bon. (found out the hard way to use valet). The 4* in the downtown region Montreal are extremely hard to get for cheap (in my opinion). Lowering your star rating would help you acquire a nice, cheaper place to stay.
  7. Well the Hilton was a fun place to stay at. My fiance came down with mono on our week long vacation and we had to stay indoors a lot. We chilled at the pool a lot-it was relaxing, the pool side bartender was great, and it was a lot of fun overall. Almost all the nights we stayed there were prom parties. So, there were a lot of people around the hotel, which kind of sucked when we had to wait 30 min or more to get our valet parked car. It was a great time-I'd suggest it to anyone with a family. The rooms were not any more special than any other hotel, we had to pay for the wireless internet in the room (it's free in the lobbies but it's quite a walk from the rooms), but this super hotel is right in the heart of the business district and will probably be a good choice for families. The garden too was beautiful. And the restaurants looked lovely. We had a garden view and I complained about a couple of spiders in the room, and they said it was because we were by the garden (and I did leave the windows open). I won't be back there because of the price. Hope this review helps.
  8. Wow, once again the stuck up people on tripadvisor just need to b*tch for no reason. This was a GREAT value. Ok, so it wasn't the Omni, but it was clean and friendly. The paint on the wall was not painted in very clean lines at some places, but I can't remember anything else I could complain about. We're staying there next time we go to Montreal-what a super saver! Don't bid on this if you plan on staying in the hotel, but who goes on vacation to stay indoors? We're always out and about and just want a clean bed to sleep in at night (or in the morning-depending on when we get in). In the past, I was always afraid to bid in that zone-too many bad reviews. But I'm so glad! Great time!
  9. Hi, I believe this is the Quality Hotel (as listed in your list). Indeed this was the first time I bid on the 2* successfully. The address is 3440 av du Parc. I will let you know how it goes. I know it has mixed reviews, but I'll give BetterBidding the low down :) Thanks for your kindness, Admin.
  10. Got the Quality Hotel in Downtown Montreal for one night at $35 bid. There are mixed reviews about this one, but I will let you guys know how it goes when I get back. Not a bad deal, considering we will only be staying at the hotel for a couple of hours before heading out to the next hotel. The reason for bidding at two different hotels was because we were unable to get one place for the entire trip with the dates: June 22-29th. Good luck everyone. Hope this was helpful.
  11. Thanks for sharing your experience. I think it won't suck :) Can't wait to see and experience it! Will let you guys know how it goes.
  12. Tried for 2.5 star for up to $50 and was rejected. Then kept trying for the 4*, rejected at $85-then accepted at $90 for dates listed above at the Hilton. I hope it doesn't suck.
  13. The problem with bidding for 5 bedrooms is that sometimes they just aren't available (believe it or not)! In the summer, there are festivals, etc. in Montreal and hotels are hard to come by. If you keep having trouble, you might want to split up the rooms (if if this an option). Good luck.
  14. I ended up not going with Priceline for Fredericton-ended up staying at the Lord Beaverbrook. I imagine the Delta should be one of the hotels. Sorry about that.
  15. The only thing it lists is the restaurant. There were some last minute changes with Fredericton. I'll follow up the post. Thanks a lot.
  16. Hi, There is a 2.5* listed on Hotwire for June 14-18th as $82 in downtown Montreal. I wonder if these are the Les Suites AuForburg? Does anyone know? Thanks for your help.
  17. There are 2 ratings showing for Fredericton, New Brunswick on priceline; 2 star and 3 star. Does anyone know what they are ? Please help! I checked the list already; no luck. Thanks for time.
  18. The rooms are very tiny-at least the one we stayed at. The pool looked cute, the staff is sort of laid-back. If you can stay somewhere else for the same price, I would suggest you do so. I would not go back there again, if I can help it.
  19. The Omni has a pool, unlike the Sofitel. But the coffee maker is more like a 3* thing I guess.
  20. The Delta Montreal sucks. They always give you the crap rooms because they know you got them from priceline, unless you ask them in advance to try to give you a better room without charging you an extra fee. The Omni is the finest hotel in the province, I believe. Les Suites Au Frauborg are nice too, if you are on a budget. Good luck. I would never stay there again, personally.
  21. Hi, I'm not sure what the hotwire 2.5 is but I can offer a guess. I got the Le Frauborg Suites on priceline for $40 per night and that was rated as 2.5 with continental breakfast. I wonder if it's the same for hotwire...? Not sure. If it is the Suites, I have nothing but good things to say about it. The suites are very very spacious, there's free internet, 2 tv's, a fridge, a stove, a toaster, etc. The bedroom is a bit crammed, but everything else more than makes up for it. The staff was nice and friendly and the breakfast in the morning is excellent considering the price! Good luck.
  22. We stayed at the Courtyard and the Marriot Eaton both won on priceline. The Courtyard is amazingly spacious, comfy, yet moderate. It's nothing fancy but they were offering free internet for your laptop at the time we were there a couple months back. The Marriot Eaton was a bit more fancier and closer to Yonge and Bay street.
  23. Excuse me, it was a typo. I meant last time (5 months ago) it was 3.5 stars. :)
  24. Just got the Delta Montreal for $54 on Priceline for June 5-7th. Last time, they had this as a 3*, not anymore and I know why. Hotwire had it for $58. Happy bidding!
  25. Hotwire today has been showing a 3.5 star for $58 for the first week in June. I believe this to be the delta montreal, as it has the child center. Unless you get a higher floor in the Delta, you will be dealing with above average service at best and not the same facilities in the room as the higher floors (see my post and others' in tripadvisor.com). I suggest keep checking the sites if you are in no hurry to get the hotel for your trip. Yesterday, the chepeast 3 star was $109, so it does fluctuate daily.
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