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  1. Booked this for $65.00.....$82.19 with taxes and fees. February 18th one night Amenities....Free breakfast, Free internet, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Business center, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom. Best rate on website was $114.00
  2. Hotwire had another 3.5* for the same day at $84.00 but without the boutique designation. Since we have never been a fan of the Wyndham, I decided to go with this one. Got the Doubletree Downtown Lakeside...Amenities: Free Internet Indoor pool(s) Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Accessibility Accessible for visually impaired Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility $106.91 with all fees,etc As always,used the Hotwire link here to book. Please report your wins here and don't just use the board for info. It helps all of us to get better deals!
  3. I thought I had the downtown Cleveland hotels figured out but the new boutique designation has me confused. Can you help me with this hotel? 12/12/2015 one night....amenities: Free Internet, Boutique hotel, Indoor pool(s), Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Golf nearby $91.00 plus fees
  4. Really pleased with this but, as the Renaissance is right on the Square and close to everything downtown. I'm not sure about being new to Hotwire,since it's listed in the hotel list here and I also got this a few years back. Maybe they just haven't been partnering with Hotwire for awhile. $114.00 and some change,total.I narrowed things down a bit since most of the other 4* don't have a pool,such as the Hyatt at the Arcade(personal favorite) and new Westin which used to be the Sheraton. Indoor Pool Fitness Center Pool Restaurant Business Center Internet Access Accessible for visually impaired Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room Accessibility Accessible bathroom Roll-in Shower
  5. Agreed, but I also know this area and pretty sure no 4* are going to be built in the areas that I selected anytime soon. In unknown areas, completely agree.
  6. Last minute trip to Cleveland with my son and wife to see the Astros vs the Indians before my son enters the Navy on the 21st. Started out bidding $70.00 for a 4*,rejected, up bid to $75.00 and added Brookpark,which has no 4* per this boards hotel list,rejected,added Elyria which also has no 4* and up bid to $80.00,rejected,added University Circle,which does have a couple of 4*,bid $85.00,and the bid was accepted as the Hyatt Regency at the Arcade 3.5 star! We have stayed at this property quite a few times and for the last year or so has been a 4* property and is listed on the Betterbidding hotel lists as a 4*. Don't know why it came up as a 3.5* when I didn't bid a 3.5*,but I'm ok with it because it is a beautiful place with a superb staff.As always, I used the links provided here and suggest you do the same. And PLEASE,take the time to post your wins and not just use the boards.....it helps all of us get the best deal possible with the most up to date information......and I'm sure,helps pay the bills for the thereuare (even though he or she is a Michigan fan) and the rest. Amenities: Free Internet (in Public Area) Pet Friendly Spa Non-Smoking Gym Restaurant Handicap Accessible
  7. Not happy at all with this one,although I'm sure it's a nice place. I feel deceived since the heading was: Tampa Airport South - Westshore area all-suites hotel and amenities were: Airport shuttle Business center Fitness center Free Internet Free breakfast Pet friendly Pool(s) Smoke-free rooms. This should have been a match for Embassy Suites,which is listed at 3.5* and the Hyatt Place is a 3*, and I know ratings can change, BUT,the Hyatt Place is NOT all suites or for that matter,any suites at all. When I took another look after booking,the price for the same listing had jumped to $97.00 plus fees with the same amenities. Not sure what happened but disappointed.
  8. No,I meant for an additional fee,I could purchase the AI when I got there or in advance. Many resorts have this option. Just looking for one room. Also, our agenda has changed....now looking at 07/28-08/04/2015.2015. Pretty much have it narrowed down to Punta Cana AI or Cabos area in Mexico,renting a condo.Will report when decision is made.
  9. I have never seen this before.....no amenities....still gather information. Any idea at all what this might be? Not all inclusive and the hotel lists do not show a 5*. The resort ,my hope, at this price, an all inclusive option would be available directly from the resort. Rate per night $85.00 Nights 7 Rooms ( 2 adults ) 1 Subtotal $595.00 Tax recovery charges + fees $227.06 Hotwire total $822.00
  10. Rate per night $54.00 Nights 1 Rooms ( 2 adults ) 1 Subtotal $54.00 Tax recovery charges + fees $15.71 Hotwire total $69.71 Pretty straight forward. Booked immediately after the NFL announced the season schedule. We have stayed here quite a few times for Browns,Indians, and Cav games. With the the opening of the casino downtown a few years back and the rebirth of the downtown area,rooms have really shot up,plus $25.00 or more to park....easily can hit $150.00 to stay there.The Metro train is across the road from the Sheraton,is safe,cheap,and only takes about twenty minutes to get downtown. Downside is there really is nothing to do in the immediate area. So party downtown and take the Metro back! As always, used the HOTWIRE links here to start.
  11. Needed a room for one night to attend the NTEA truck show at the Indiana Convention Center in Downtown Indianapolis. As with all conventions/shows, the hotels can be pricey and this was no exception. I tried bidding on Priceline for a 4*,stopping at $125.00 and tried a 3.5*,stopping at the same $125.00. This was over the course of a few days. I then tried a 3*,bidding it up to $100.00,but still no luck. This Priceline Express deal popped up at $122.00, so I just bought it.I did research here using previous wins and the hotel lists and was fairly certain it would be this or the Springhill Suites,due to the pool amenity.However, the Springhill was priced much higher on their website,due to the fact that it is right across the street from the convention center,while the Comfort Suites is about 1/2 mile away, so I was pretty sure it would be the Comfort Suites.Price on their website and about every other site was $189.00....total was about $152.00 with taxes/fees.As always, I started with the links provided,each and every time I checked Price.line or Hot.wire.Please!!!!! Do post your wins and just not use the boards.It helps us all get the best deals possible! The amenities before booking were: Free Breakfast Free Internet Pool Gym Restaurant Business Center
  12. Not much to go on in wins for this area lately. There are only 2 3* listed for this area,the other one being a Courtyard. Either one would have been fine. I tried three times on Priceline,with the last time being a bid of $58.00....started at $45.00,then $51.00. Today, the PRICELINE EXPRESS dropped the price to $63.00 so I just bought it. Their website had just dropped rooms to $80.00.....$93.50 with tax. I paid $63.00 plus fees for a total of $80.18. Not much difference,but it'll pay for a drink or three! As always,started with links listed here each time. Guaranteed Amenities: Restaurant Fitness Center Free Parking Free Internet Business Center Additional Amenities when hotel revealed: Free Internet (in Room) Free Parking Non-Smoking Gym Restaurant Handicap Accessible Business Center
  13. Well,I pulled the trigger and it is (drum role): Hotwire, Sirenis Resort Punta Cana Casino & Spa - All Inclusive. I did a lot of research on this and thought it was either Bavaro Princess All Suites Resort Spa & Casino or Punta Cana Princess All Suites Resort & Spa.Where I made my mistake was looking on Hotwire's tab... location....distance from the airport. The Bavaro and Princess both showed 11.7 miles from the airport while on a different website, I saw the Sirenis was 23 miles from the airport.The 11.7 miles is how far the AREA is from the airport,not the resort itself. I chose Hot.wire because there will be 3 of us and Price.line only does 2. Total was $1035.00 for the week for 3 of us....not real happy getting this resort given the latest reviews,buy,hey,it's done and I'm sure we'll have a great time As always, used the HOTWIRE links provided here to start and purchase our vacation and encourage everyone to do the same....also,PLEASE post your results...it helps all of us!
  14. gsarchenko- Still working on it. I'll post it when I pull the trigger. I have my flights arranged,so booking the hotel is next!
  15. Aaron- When I look at Priceline Express for these dates ,choose a resort, they all seem to come up with a note: "All rooms are guaranteed for up to 2 adults" We will have three in our party,so I probably should use Hotwire,correct? On Hotwire, when I change it from 2 to 3 persons, the price goes up,so I know it's adding for the 3rd person.
  16. "Just want to make sure....Hotwire rates are for the room and the amount of persons that you enter....not each person,correct?" Is this true? I've used Hotwire and Priceline many times before,but this is the first time out of the country.
  17. I have been watching a 4* All inclusive on Hotwire for June 2nd-June 9th. It shows 30% recommended,but 4* on Tripadvisor. One of these has to be wrong....I tend to trust Trip advisor more than just 10 reviews from Hotwire reviews. Here are the amenities: ■Free parking ■Free breakfast ■Resort ■Suite ■Beachfront hotel ■Casino ■Children's activities ■Fitness center ■Pool(s) ■Restaurant(s) ■Self-service laundry ■Internet access ■Tennis nearby ■Spa services ■Accessible path of travel ■Accessible bathroom  Has anyone either booked this or know what resort it might be? $84.00 per night is a deal. Just want to make sure....Hotwire rates are for the room and the amount of persons that you enter....not each person,correct?
  18. Ok,will do. I posted it here thinking others following this post might benefit.
  19. I.too, have been watching this 4* on Hotwire for June 2nd-June 9th. It now shows 30% recommended,but still 4* on Tripadvisor. I agree one of these has to be wrong....I tend to trust Trip advisor more than just 10 reviews from Hotwire reviews. Here are the amenities: Free parking Free breakfast Resort Suite Beachfront hotel Casino Children's activities Fitness center Pool(s) Has anyone either booked this or know what resort it might be? $85.00 per night is a deal. Just want to make sure....Hotwire rates is for the room and the amount of persons that you enter....not each person,correct?
  20. Saw the previous post about their priceline win for this hotel and it just so happen I needed a room for the night of August 28th. Quite simple, I bid the same $55.00 and won.$71.58 with all taxes and fees.Great price for this property....stayed here quite a few times.
  21. Have been trying to win a hotel for the last couple of weeks in the downtown area but prices are up because the Gay Games that week....double or more. Next best is to stay in the suburbs and take the RTA(about a 15 minute ride) in and the airport area is perfect for that. We have stayed there quite a few times and usually get this hotel or the Marriott,both are great and close to the RTA stations. A 3.5* has been consistently $57.00 on HOTWIRE and is no doubt the Sheraton because of smoke free rooms amenity. I decided to try PRICELINE at $45.00 but was declined so I added Brookpark which shows no 3.5* and raised the price to $50.00 and was accepted $65.69 with all taxes and fees.Once again,used the PRICELINE links provided here. PLEASE!!! Take the time to post your wins and not just used use the board! It helps all of us to get the best possible deals possible!
  22. I checked Hotwire,Expedia's Secret Hotels,and Priceline Express for a room in Downtown Cleveland for the night of July 1st.All of those sites were $75.00-$85.00 for a 3.5* in Downtown Cleveland and all but Hotwire showed as one of the ameneties,an indoor pool.Having stayed many times in the Downtown,I knew that the only 2 hotels listed as a 3 or 3.5* hotels have an indoor pool,those being the Doubletree Lakeside and the Wyndam at the Playhouse Square,either of which would be fine with us. I then went to Priceline via the link provided here,and proceeded to bid $65.00 for a 4*,which I had recently won in a previous post,but was rejected. I then added 3.5* and dropped my price to $55.00 and was also rejected,but got an offer to raise my price to $74.00 and it would be accepted. I declined. Added Brookpark,which only has a couple of hotels and they are rated 2*....upped my bid to $60.00. Again,a no go.Finally, I added Elyria,which also only has a hotel or 2,also rated 2* and upped my bid to $65.00 and was accepted.$83.37 with all taxes and fees. PLEASE!!!! post your wins and not just use the boards! It sure helps all when we all can see the latest prices and not from a month or later ago. And use the links provided here to start your process....I'm sure it helps pay the bills for the administrator!
  23. After reading the previous post for a room in Downtown Cleveland, I used a similiar strategy,although I concentrated on just a 4* in the Downtown area.Being in Downtown Cleveland many times for ball games, I knew that the Hyatt, the Marriott, and the Renessance are the only 4* hotels there....of which any of the three would be fine,but the Hyatt is the only one that comes up on a regular bases. I started with a bid of $55.00,failed, added Brookpark, where there are no 4* hotels, according to Betterbidding's hotel list,and raised the price to $60.00. Again,rejected. Added Elyria(again no 4*),raised the price to $65.00 and accepted.$83.74 with all taxes and fees. As with all Downtown hotels, you will pay for parking. My suggestion for this hotel is to use the parking garage right next door instead of the valet parking. It will save you about $10.00 a night and no long wait to retrieve your car. Pretty good deal for this hotel considering the Indians will be playing their rival Tigers and will be a sold out game. Also,with the new casino now open,hotel rates have risen considerably. Just a note.....the Embassy Suites downtown is closed and being converted into apartments,so you may want to consider removing it from your hotel list. As always, I used and encourage all, to use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links listed here to start your searches and purchases.
  24. I live in Lima,Ohio and you will not be disappointed in the Wingate. The manager,staff,and facilities are top notch. This is located in the Downtown and is attached to the Civic Center and parking garage. The downtown is experiencing a revival,with 5 new restaurants opening in the last year or so. Please contact me if you have any questions about our town or visit http://www.visitdowntownlima.com/. Hope this is not against the rules!
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