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  1. I am also getting an Orbitz link error on 2 Windows systems, with various browsers.
  2. Thanks @thereuare. I tried also, and nothing made sense (trying to gain insight from the non-opaque side). Unless I am really sure, I won't book this, as location is super-important in this case.
  3. The amenities for this Riviera North-Puerto Morelos hotel are: Free Internet Outdoor Pool Restaurant Business Center Fitness Center Guest score 9+ Thanks for your help, and if I go through with 3rd-party bookings, I will use the PRICELINE link :).
  4. I did not actually book it, but it looks bookable. I suspect this might be the Travelodge Space Needle. I did not try any other dates, but saw this rate highlighted in a PRICELINE email.
  5. This is possible without PRICELINE. If you sign up at LMTClub.com (get a free promo code here http://deals.lastminutetravel.com/Free_Travel_Deals/ - look on the left), then Astor on the Park is available for your dates for $102/night + taxes and fees. I think it's an OK location, although definitely not one I would prefer. Look up the reviews.
  6. Even if there were a way to include the redeye at the start, you still could not be guaranteed getting it, as you can't restrict yourself to redeye flights only.
  7. I used the BetterBidding PRICELINE link above at the top right. I was open to Seattle Airport, Seattle Pike Place, and Seattle Space Needle in this case (although of course Seattle Airport is usually the cheapest). I started with a bid of $45 and got a counteroffer for $52. Then I bid $47, and got a counteroffer for $56. Then I bid $49, and won. I have no complaints about this hotel (I've now won about 6 3* hotels on Priceline at one time or another in this zone). I'd say it's definitely less luxurious than some of the others (but maybe some of those are now 3.5*, as I notice that's now a possibility in this zone).
  8. I agree totally with thereuare. The Econo Lodge City Center is a 1* hotel that is not on the current Priceline hotel list (because no one has reported winning it), but it's definitely in the downtown Portland PRICELINE zone.
  9. If the TRAVELTWEET code is still working, you should be able to get a free membership. If it doesn't work, please post back, and I'll try to find another.
  10. Ultimately you have to decide if the final price offered is a good one for what you want. Try LMTClub too if you haven't. With various airfare sites, it's fairly common to click on a low fare and then it turns higher, because the inventory is not real-time. I'm not sure if hotels work the same way. With Hotwire, the final price is stable, but I have on occasion noted very weird (and high) fees and taxes from time to time. In any event, the principle is the same - if the deal is good for what you want, then take it. It sounds like for you, the final price was not a deal you wanted.
  11. For LMTClub, you do have to be a member, but you can usually get the fee waived with the right promo code. Try TRAVELTWEET (it worked a few days ago). For the regular Last Minute Travel site, you do not have to pay for a membership. For either that site, or EasyClickTravel (I can't remember offhand), the hotel listings often say something like - Call in for a better price. I'm not sure if that is the same price as at LMTClub, but you could compare them.
  12. Maybe you have solved this by now, but I would phone in about this discrepancy.
  13. You can take the bus from AT&T Conference Center, and it's $2/day for an unlimited bus pass, but by memory, you'd still have several blocks to walk also. Besides HOTWIRE, you can try LMTClub.com (free membership with TRAVELTWEET promotion code) - some hotels are cheaper than your convention rate and in easy walking distance. Also try PRICELINE EXPRESS - possibly some hotel can be reasonably identified.
  14. Note that the AccorHotel.com site might provide the best deal for your family, as there are some 1-room-for-4 options at certain hotels. Just enter the right number of adults and children and their ages in the search box. You can often get a very good deal that includes breakfast and wi-fi, which is unlikely with Priceline. For example, for a room with 1 double bed and 2 singles, you can get ibis Styles Paris Gare de l'Est Château Landon (ex all seasons) for 118 Euros including breakfast and wi-fi, for March 4-5. Also, a random 2* or 3* might not be a great experience. Also try looking at lmtclub.com (you can sign up for free with the promo code TRAVELTWEET), as this often provides very good prices for European hotels. I should add that a "double bed" may be rather narrower than you would like in Paris, but that could happen with a Priceline bid too.
  15. Not speaking for thereuare, but "Walk Score" is a company that has been doing this index evaluation since 2007. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walk_Score
  16. So far as I can see, TravelZoo UK has different deals than TravelZoo US. This Radisson Blu deal is for a Standard Double room in a 5* hotel. http://www.travelzoo.com/uk/hotels/european/-84-Rome-5-Star-City-Centre-Hotel-Save-up-to-37--1359649 I suspect that you could not get the same price on PRICELINE, and if you did, you obviously can't be sure of the hotel or the location. In Rome, it's easy to get a crummy hotel in a poor location, and this is a good hotel in a good location, so I'd be very tempted to take this deal were I going. You can also add breakfast for a reasonable price. TravelZoo UK also has other good deals in Europe.
  17. I'm well past whatever renewal period, after signing up with a free code, and have not been charged further and my ability to sign in is still present. If you don't save the credit card info to your account, I'm pretty sure there's no way they could get your credit card info anyway.
  18. There's no reason to think it's the same, but without access to PRICELINE's databases, hard to know ;).
  19. What dates are you looking for? Does HOTWIRE offer any 4* hotels for that date? As you likely know, Austin has periods of extreme hotel demand around certain festivals and events (e.g., SxSW, Formula 1, etc.), so unless you're very lucky during those times, bidding probably is fruitless.
  20. HOTWIRE has a $128 4* for these dates, so you are probably close. But Hotels.com (which you can access via the Support Page link on this site) has River's Edge Spa and Hotel for $118/night directly.
  21. As you might know, this is the weekend of the Portland Marathon. I'm also attending a conference in Portland around that time period. I booked the Aloft near the airport with Starwood points for Oct. 5-7, because it's right on the MAX line (still takes about 35 minutes or so, though). Because I am flying in, this is not too inconvenient, although obviously not preferred. If you could figure out what hotel this is on Hotwire, you might like the same option. Note that with LMTClub.com (you can sign up for free with the code FBFREECLUB12), the Shilo is available for $73 per night on Oct. 6-7 (not for Oct. 5-6). If it's worth the hassle to you, you could save a bit by booking that night, presuming it doesn't ruin your chance to book Friday night at the current rate you have. For Oct. 5-6, the Quality Inn a couple blocks away is available for $79.
  22. You can get the 5* San Clemente Palace Hotel and Resort for $276 per night average (taxes and resort fee not included, but including breakfast) on HotelClub.com or RatesToGo.com for these dates. Sometimes you can google for discount codes for HotelClub or RatesToGo.
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