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  1. I think that the hotel that comes up for 2 adults/2 children is the Coast Coal Harbour as well, but I doubt that the hotel in your original search is the Coast as well. When I tried the search, the hotel that came up for 2 adults/1 child had 500+ reviews; the Coast has been open less than a year. Given this fact, and the 95% recommendation, my best guess for this hotel is the Westin Bayshore.
  2. You can add nights to either end of your original reservation, but not both. PRICELINE's FAQ has all the details; use "Search by Topic" for Hotel Rooms and enter "add nights" as your search topic.
  3. The summary is derived from Hotwire customer surveys, and there's nothing to check it against. It appears that the hotel you're seeing now is different from the one that thereuare saw this morning. The Coast Coal Harbour opened shortly before the Olympics; it's unlikely that it would already have 500+ reviews. If you change the search parameters to 2 adults/1 child, the hotel that comes up has the same customer review summary, but with the added amenities of Tennis and Spa, and a 4.0 TA rating. This is a match for the Westin Bayshore, and is probably the hotel that came up in your most recent search.
  4. I started with a bid of $50 for Seattle Downtown - Pike Place. When this was rejected, I started a new bid of $50 for Seattle Center - Space Needle, also rejected. I added Downtown and raised to $53, which was accepted by the Springhill Suites Seattle Downtown. With my Entertainment Coupon, the total came to $160.98. The hotel's Weekend Rate was $129/$109/$109.
  5. After being rejected up to $80 for 2.5* Fisherman's Wharf and 4* USW/USE/SOMA/Financial District yesterday for 10/27-11/1, I decided to split my bid today. I got the 2.5* Executive Inn Oakland earlier today for $42 ($32 + $10 Entertainment bonus cash) and booked the Hyatt at Fisherman's Wharf later for $75 ($65 + $10 Big Deal bonus cash) after rejected bids of $65, $68, $71, and $73. The total after taxes and fees is $239.28. Best rate at Hyatt.com was a Family Vacation rate of about $191/night ($661.05 after taxes) that includes full breakfast. HOTWIRE's rate for the Hyatt was $113/night; no 3.5* Fisherman's Wharf hotel was available through Hotwire for 10/27-11/1, so I think splitting turned out to be necessary to get this rate. I started this bid from the PRICELINE link here.
  6. Received this on the first bid (darn!) after I was rejected up to $50 for a 3* last night; with my Entertainment Book coupon, the total came to $82.28. The hotel's Best Available Rate was $109/night.
  7. I think an "upgrade" to a 3* in this case is more likely than not, and there's really no way to avoid it.
  8. I noticed two days ago that 5* bidding is no longer available in the South Strip zone; TheHotel at Mandalay Bay has been downgraded to 4*.
  9. If you want help with bidding on PRICELINE, you need to ask further in advance. There's not much we can do now because you're within 24 hours of check-in, which means that you'd have to pay a penalty (likely equal to one night's stay) to cancel your reservation at the Embassy Suites. Combined with the inability to choose your room type if you bid through PRICELINE, I don't think using PRICELINE is your best option in this case. If you want to try anyway, I'd suggest bidding lower than the $50-60/night that you stated earlier. Given the risks and the penalties for cancelling your backup, I would not bid any higher than $40-45. I wouldn't recommend the HOTWIRE option that thereuare mentioned above, as the cancellation penalty would eat up about half of the $25/night savings.
  10. Please conclude this Hotwire New Jersey topic, and give the dates of this hotel booking in Hotwire New York City. Then bump up this thread and we'll take a look at these hotels.
  11. This thread explains how to identify hotels on LastMinuteTravel.com.
  12. I meant the Marina Inn. The listing I saw on HOTWIRE showed a 3.5 TripAdvisor rating, which eliminates the Heritage Marina. Although the TA rating suggests that this place is at least adequate, you should check rates elsewhere to make sure you're saving enough money to compensate for the uncertainty.
  13. My best guess is the Marina Inn, though I'm sure there are a number of other possibilities.
  14. Started with a bid of $50 for 3* Victoria; added Victoria Airport Area and raised to $55. Later started a new bid of $60 for 3* Victoria; added Victoria Airport Area and raised to $62, which was accepted by the Coast Harbourside. I got an extra $40 off with the Entertainment PRICELINE coupon, so the total came to $253.28 (for two rooms) after taxes and fees. The Coast Hotels website had a Web Saver Rate of $109Cdn/night.
  15. Neither hotel has been identified. My best guess for the Central Phoenix hotel is that the Clarendon has been downgraded back to 3* (and the Smoke Free amenity added) since it was last reported. My best guess for the Scottsdale hotel is the Holiday Inn Express Scottsdale.
  16. My best guess, if I had to make one, is the Aston Montelago Village Resort. However, according to the resort's website, the studio suites only have kitchenettes, not full kitchens, so my guess could easily be wrong.
  17. There are TripAdvisor reviews for the Scottsdale Cottonwoods Resort; you probably didn't find them because TA lists the resort as being in Paradise Valley rather than Scottsdale.
  18. It worked when I tried it; it's the Hilton Cocoa Beach. Are you sure that you didn't leave any digits from the existing hotel ID number in the URL?
  19. Please conclude this Hotwire Las Vegas you started, then bump this thread and list the amenities that HOTWIRE shows for this hotel.
  20. Long overdue Priceline updates/corrections part 1: Phoenix, AZ: The Holiday Inn Select (Phoenix Airport) no longer exists -- it became the Crowne Plaza. The Homewood Suites MetroCenter has been downgraded to 2.5*. The Happy Valley zone was split off from the MetroCenter zone, not the North Scottsdale zone. The hotel listed as the Residence Inn Phoenix North in the North Scottsdale zone is probably the Residence Inn Scottsdale North. All of the hotels currently listed in the MetroCenter zone are still in that zone; none of them are in the Happy Valley zone. The Orange Tree Golf Resort has been upgraded to 3*. The Hotel Theodore (formerly the Mondrian Scottsdale) has been downgraded to 3*. The Clarion Hotel Scottsdale has been downgraded to 2.5*. Orange County, CA: The Radisson Newport Beach has been moved from the Costa-Mesa Irvine zone to the Newport - Huntington Beach zone. The Country Plaza Inn San Clemente is now the 2.5* Holiday Inn Express San Clemente. San Francisco, CA: The Radisson Fisherman's Wharf has been upgraded to 3*. The Galleria Park (USE) has been upgraded to 3.5*. San Jose, CA: The Moorpark Hotel (Cupertino - Campbell) has been downgraded to 3*. There is no Hilton Garden Inn in the Palo Alto zone. This is likely the Hilton Garden Inn Mountain View (located, not surprisingly, in the Mountain View zone). The Dolce Hayes Mansion (San Jose South) has been upgraded to 3.5*. The Biltmore Hotel (Sunnyvale - Santa Clara) has been downgraded to 2.5*.
  21. My bids were as follows: 3* DT - $39 3* DT + NW Portland - $42 3* DT + South Waterfront District - $45 3* DT + NW + SWD - $48 3* CC - $37 3* CC + DT - $39 3* CC + NW - $41 3* CC + NW + DT - $43 3* CC + SWD - $44, which was accepted by the Courtyard Lloyd Center. I would have preferred to stay downtown, even though I'll be spending most of my time in the Convention Center area, but decided that this time I was willing to take a room in the CC area to save money. The rate at Marriott.com was $99.
  22. If you want assistance, exploring13, please provide the information that AaronJB and thereuare have both asked for -- in a new topic. If you're dates are flexible, please give us at least one set of dates that you're interested in; this hotel does not appear in every Hotwire search for Portland.
  23. Are you bidding for Downtown Vancouver only? The hotel you're seeing on Hotwire is probably the Sheraton Wall Centre, which is in Priceline's Granville Entertainment District zone.
  24. Also, there are two zones besides Downtown - Pike Place where the maximum star level is 4*. Make sure you're not adding either one.
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