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  1. anyone feel Priceline's NYOP is becoming less popular with the hotel chains? I bid through this site's link to PRICELINE up to $63 for Downtown and Airport with no success so chose this Express Deal and combined it with a coupon code for 5% off Express Deals emailed me from Priceline to bring the cost down to--$63! Amenities: Free Wifi Bedding Airport Shuttle Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Pets Allowed Restaurant Pool
  2. I wanted a hotel close to the airport because I'm getting in late and didn't want to worry about driving while sleepy, in the dark, and in an unfamiliar city. I was surprised how high I had to go to win a hotel. Started lower and bumped up my bid a few dollars every time I was eligible to resubmit a bid until I finally hit at $72. Taxes and fees an additional $16.04. Never got an offer for an immediate rebid if I bid X dollars.
  3. starting bid of $50 received a counteroffer of $13. Declined counteroffer, waited a day and then bid $55 which was accepted. Taxes and fees of $13.73 for a total of $68.73. Bid through PRICELINE link on website.
  4. started bidding at $50 for a 2.5* hotel. Received counter offer for $12 which I declined. At next bidding opportunity bid $54 which was accepted, and star level was upgraded to 3*. Taxes and fees $12.67. Bid through BB PRICELINE link.
  5. opening bid of $70 was not accepted. When I could bid again upped bid to $77 which was accepted. Taxes and fees of $16.10 brought the total to $93.10. Bid through PRICELINE link on website.
  6. People either love or hate this old historic hotel. My husband loved it but first a little background. Years ago pre-internet he and other member of his dojo had to go to Chicago to complete testing requirements for their aikido belts. One of the group picked out an inexpensive hotel. Upon checking in they found the hotel made most of its money renting its rooms by the hour, so to my husband any hotel is an automatic 4 star compared to that one! We are pretty low maintenance/lucky so did not encounter any of the problems others have reported (doorknobs falling off, peeling paint, brown water gushing from the shower, filthy rooms). Our room on the 11th floor, north tower was pretty small. It had obviously once been a larger corner room that had been divided in two. It overlooked the El tracks where, as the old joke goes, the trains went by so often that you don't even notice. The room held a queen bed, one small chair, one bureau, one small closet, and a bathroom with a shower stall only, no tub. There was nowhere to sit except on the bed (my husband went down to the lobby anytime he needed to type on his laptop), and of course no microwave or refrigerator. A small coffeemaker sat on the bureau. That being said the hot water was plentiful and had good pressure and there were hints of the old glory days like the rather thin towels embossed with the hotel's logo. There is no thermostat per se. The only controls on the register were for fan speed so you had to accept whatever air temp was coming out of the vent. For our trip in mid May we did have cool air, and the large windows could be opened for more circulation we were quite comfortable sleeping. The hotel has two restaurants, one open for breakfast only, and the other (Raphael's) serving old standbys like caesar salad, hamburgers, chicken quesadillas, and steak. The lounge has a sports bar vibe and is a bit shabby. Parking is in an adjacent garage and is a steep $44/day. Hotel website promises free wifi but we didn't really use it so can't speak to the accuracy of that claim. Now for the good points. The lobby is absolutely gorgeous: high ceilings, chandeliers, plenty of seating, and pitchers of ice water infused with lemon slices. There were also other seating areas with big windows for hanging out and people watching. The two elevators were a big surprise. The cars were small but surprisingly fast. We only had to wait a few seconds after pressing the call button for the elevator car to appear, and we were zipped up and down quickly and smoothly with no jerking or shuddering. The biggest plus is the location. The hotel is right on Michigan Ave. and a perfect central site for the Chicago visitor; across the street from Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain, 4 blocks from the Washington Library El station (making for a direct shot to/from Midway on the orange line), 2 blocks from a Metra station, and walking distance from Willis Tower and Museum Campus. We are big walkers and spent most of our time in and around the Loop so after commuting in from Midway we didn't have to spend one penny on transportation costs. Yes, parts of the hotel are banged up (door frames on my floor could use some help) and areas away from public view are in sad shape (I peeked in a housekeeping closet--cringe inducing) but for the great location alone I would be happy to stay here again, especially as a visitor who is spending most of the day out sightseeing and not in the room.
  7. This bid took a lot of patience since Chicago is popular this time of year. Looked on Priceline Express Deals and found a 3* available in the Gold Coast area for $127 for the dates I wanted. Now that I had a target and a backup in case my name your own price bidding was unsuccessful I started at $95 and kept playing around with combinations of Gold Coast, Millennium Park, River North, and Riverwalk and going up a little with each bid until I finally got a hit. $116 for three nights plus taxes and fees of $73.17 for a total of $421.17 Bid through PRICELINE links on website.
  8. $67 plus taxes and fees of $16.84 for a total of $83.84. Bid through PRICELINE links on website.
  9. $62 plus taxes and fees of $13.83 for a total of $75.83 Unexpected result here. I wanted a hotel in Daytona Beach but didn't care which zone, I was just looking for somewhere to overnight. On the Daytona Beach area map Palm Coast came up so I assumed this was a suburb of Daytona Beach and used it in my rebidding efforts. When I won this hotel and looked it up I found to my surprise Palm Coast is the name of a city distinct from Daytona Beach. No big deal to me since I didn't need to be in Daytona Beach but I will certainly take more care next time if the location is important to me. Bid through the PRICELINE links on this website.
  10. $80 plus taxes and fee of $15.76 for a total of $95.76. This is the most I've paid for a hotel through Priceline, due to I'm guessing a combination of popular vacation season in Florida and an improving economy. I tried getting a hotel through the name your own price part of Price.line up to $83 bidding both the downtown and airport locations without getting a hit so gave up and went this route. Pleased with the result. Amenities were: pet friendly, outdoor pool, gym, and business center. FYI I noticed if you booked this hotel through Price.line where you see the hotel room for $99 you also get two breakfast vouchers. We are leaving too early too take advantage of this, but others may want to consider this option. Bid through the PRICELINE EXPRESS links on the website.
  11. GA Atlanta Ramada Plaza Atlanta Capitol Park This hotel seems to get wildly differing reviews. We won this for $58 and had no problems although we stayed during a presumably slower part of the week (Sunday through Wednesday) and also were out of our room for the greater part of each day, using it only to sleep. The hotel offers good economical rooms. No fridge or microwave in the rooms (these can be requested, first come first served at the front desk). We didn't ask for either one and some have reported the hotel running out of stock or long delays until they were delivered. Parking is $18/day with unlimited in and out. You can get a discounted rate of $12/day if you are a Wyndham Rewards member and I was pleased when the front desk clerk volunteered to sign me up as I was checking in so I could get the cheaper rate. I was already a member but appreciated her taking the initiative to save me some money. She even recommended a restaurant and printed out driving directions for me. The hotel has a small dining room and separate lounge area. Breakfasts are not complimentary and unfortunately there is no dining in a comfortable walking distance. The hotel does have a free shuttle that runs every half hour from 7AM until 10:30PM within a three mile radius. The hotel is a little over a mile and a half from Centennial Park and what some would consider true downtown Atlanta although it falls within Priceline's definition of downtown. Hotel has a good sized roof top pool and a surprisingly well stocked exercise room with machines, free weights, and even balance balls. In closing I felt we got our money's worth but others might prefer paying more for a more central location and more consistent customer service.
  12. room for three nights $174 plus taxes and fees of $40.80 for a total of $214.80. bid through PRICELINE links on this website.
  13. Winning bid of $40, taxes and fees $14.33 for a total of $54.33. First bid of $40 was accepted which I hate because it makes me think I could have bid lower, ha ha. Bid using Priceline link on support page.
  14. Had time before the stay so started bidding at $50 and went by up $1 every other day until the bid was accepted. Taxes and fees were $20.62 Bid through the website PRICELINE link but forgot the discount code. Argh!
  15. Bid $50 for a 2.5* but got upgraded to the 3* Shilo Hotel. Oh well . . . it's only for the one night. Total with taxes and fees: $61.90. Started my bidding from the PRICELINE links at the top of the forum.
  16. Started bidding at $34 for a 3* then just kept adding free rebid zones in different combinations while going up $2 with every bid until it was finally accepted at $52. Total with taxes and fees: $66.30. Started all bids from the PRICELINE links at the top of the forum page.
  17. Won this hotel for $55 for a stay July 1-4 2006. Very easy to reach from King St. metro station. Exit the metro on the side facing the bus stops and cross King St. at the crosswalk. Turn left and walk towards Joe Theisman's restaurant, then right onto Daingerfeld Rd. then two blocks to the hotel. Parking is $15/day which we avoided by leaving our car at a metro station--free parking on weekends and federal holidays! Early checkin was no problem and we were given a one bedroom suite on the 8th floor. Very nice room--small kitchen area with fridge/freezer with icemaker, two burner stove, microwave oven, 12 cup coffeemaker, and dishwasher. Small packets of tea, coffee, popcorn, and dishwashing detergent were provided. There is free high speed internet in the rooms. Our queen bed had no bedspread, just a bedscarf in a pretty red and gold pattern. Bed had plenty of pillows (5) and a comforter with a subtle white on white striped design. There was extra bedding in the closet for the sofa bed. My only complaint was the skimpy dresser space. The four drawer dresser under the TV was the only thing for clothes besides the closet. Plenty of cable channels--ESPN, HBO, CNN. The hotel will also shop for you with the only charge being for the groceries which are added to your room bill. There is a Whole Foods only a block away and a Trader Joe's in Old Town. Housekeeping was a little TOO efficient, ha ha. I had set aside some newspapers (hotel gets quite a few-- USA Today, Washington Post, Washington Times, and a local Alexandria paper all free in the lobby) and plastic bottles to recycle and when we came back from breakfast housekeeping had taken them all away and loaded and run the dishwasher with two glasses we had used for water the previous evening. There is a very nice hot breakfast--make your own waffles, sausage, scrambled eggs, tortillas and salsa for wraps, french toast (avoid), cereal, yogurt, cut up melons, bagels, hot chocolate, tea, juices, and one of those coffee maker gizmos for flavored coffee that you just load with a sealed packet. The workout room on the second floor had treadmills, bikes, and free weights. There is also a four foot deep indoor pool. The one time we went to peek the lifeguard was on a break and so the door was locked. There is also a guest laundry. The only problem we had was NOT the hotel's fault. Sunday night Alexandrua got hit by a very heavy thunderstorm and about an hour after it ended the power went out in a two block square that included our hotel and didn't come back on until Monday night around 11pm. There was lighting in the hallways and one of the three elevators kept running but other than that no power. Still, there was plenty of hot water and the hotel staff did the best they could and cheerfully. They rolled out a continental breakfast and for the evening reception (free beer, wine, or soda with a limit of two alcoholic drinks per guest and a free light meal) they made up ham sandwiches on different rolls and laid out cheese, chips, tomatoes, and salad with two types of dressing. I think one family checked out early but heard other guests commenting how they appreciated how the staff were carrying on the best they could. The hotel also offers a free shuttle to Old Town and the metro station which we never used. I enjoyed our stay and I feel this hotel offers a great value.
  18. Thanks, Travelguy. I have been to DC several times but always spent most of my time on the Mall. I look forward to exploring Old Town.
  19. Residence Inn Alexandria Old Town 1456 Duke Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314 703-548-5474 Your Offer Price: $55.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $165.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $31.56 Total Charges: $196.56 Argh, messed up on this bid a bit. Started out with a $50 bid for a 2.5* in Arlington and got a counteroffer of $14. Instead of starting a new bid for a 2.5* in Alexandria alone at $50 I just added that zone to my Arlington bid and increased my offer to $55, which was accepted. That'll "larn" me to rush the bidding process! Started my bid through Savingsbarn.com
  20. Wyndham Fort Lauderdale Airport 1870 Griffin Road Dania, Florida 33004 Your Offer Price: $53.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: $53.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $13.63 Total Charges: $66.63 Just for kicks tried bidding $48 for a 3* in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. Was denied so started new bid at $48 for a 3* at the airport, received a counteroffer of $14. Added downtown and bid $50, then Miramar and bid $53 and was accepted. Bid through the Savingsbarn.com link.
  21. Stayed here one night post cruise for $50 through Priceline May 2005. Taxi from cruise ship terminal to hotel cost only $15! Hotel has quite a large lobby with bellstand, concierge, and restaurants. We were pleasantly allowed to check in early at ll:00 AM and given a nonsmoking queen on the sixth floor in the South Tower. The hotel seems to do quite a brisk convention business--we passed at least two large group meetings on our way to the elevators, and there are quite a few pay phone booths. There are three elevators in the South Tower, only two of which were actually working, and those two seemed rather clunky. Also the UP button is burned out so was constantly being pressed by everyone who showed up for the elevators. We were immediately advised by other guests (who had learned through bitter experience) that we should hop on any elevator that showed up no matter which way it was going because they were so slow it might not show up again for ten minutes. That being said we were very fortunate in never having to wait long for an elevator when we wanted to go up to our room. When we left our room to go down it was no problem to just take the stairs. Upon entering our room there was a large closet with mirrored sliding doors to the immediate right and a bathroom directly in front. The bathroom is rather poorly laid out--very little counter space and the small set of shelves provided for extra storage were situated behind the racks for your face and hand towels! The hair dryer was fixed rather high on the wall and near the toilet so when I used it I had to stand bent awkwardly over the toilet, which ended up being covered with hair. Shampoo, soap, and conditioner were Golden Door brand products. Also provided was a small shower cap and shoe buffing cloth (yes, my husband tends to pick up just about everything we are entitled to). hot water was VERY hot and the bathroom seemed clean except for a few splotches near the toilet that looked as though someone had accidentally dropped some nail polish on the tile floor. Bathroom had only one sink, a shower/tub combo, and one of those timed heat lamps. Room had coffee maker on top of one of those mini bars that charges you if you even move one of the items so was too paranoid to check out the contents. TV in armoire next to that with extra drawers for storage. Other furniture included an armchair, reading lamp, and small table. Desk equipped with internet access (which we did not use) and Herman Miller chair. We had an excellent view of the Radisson across the street. Hotel is an easy, leisurely 10-15 minute stroll to the Inner Harbor which has about every major chain restaurant represented so we did not eat in either of the hotel restaurants. Did not meet any panhandlers and there were enough other pedestrians in the Inner Harbor we were able to avoid two persistent gentlemen who kept trying to hand out some kind of small book and yelled "Book!" while they followed people around. We are the furthest thing from exciting people so when we headed back to the hotel about 8:30 PM there was still plenty of activity so we did not feel unsafe in the least. Hotel offered valet parking but probably due to the conventions there the valet lot was full on both the day we checked in and the day we checked out. Only two quibbles with the hotel. The day we were getting ready to check out (check out time is 12 noon) about 10 AM a housekeeper came and knocked on our door to see if she could clean the room! I told her we would be about 15 minutes and then shut the door. I then heard her knocking on our neighbor's door, which brings me to the other problem with the hotel--it seems to be poorly soundproofed. We had a connecting room and could clearly hear our neighbors come in about 10:30 that night and then indistinct talking and laughing until they left again about 30 minutes later. All night I could hear a strange rattling, squeaking kind of noise coming from the wall behind the bed. The noise was impossible to identify and though it kept recurring at odd intervals all night it was not disturbing enough to keep up awake. Otherwise our stay was a pleasant one.
  22. We stayed here one night precruise for $84 through Hotwire May 2005. As previously reported hotel has small but attractive lobby, with two elevators, a gently curving staircase, and a casino entrance off to the right. We were not treated any differently for having prepaid for the stay. Friends we were traveling with who had booked directly with Sheraton had reserved an interior room but received a nonsmoking king on the fifth floor with a view of the cruise ship piers across the street, as did we. Room walls were white with a stucco-like finish. We had a large TV on a three drawer dresser and right next to it a wardrobe for hanging your clothes (no other closet space). Good sized bathroom with large mirror, shower/tub combo with curved shower curtain rod, hair dryer, and unfortunately only one sink. Shampoo and conditioner by Pantene, lotion by Jergens. We did not go to the restaurant or casino. Husband reported gym on ninth floor (along with outdoor pool) was adequate but started getting rather warm as more and more people showed up to work out. Internet access available but not sure of cost since we didn't use it. Bed was well stocked with pillows--husband actually had to remove some to get comfy because they were SO puffy they were holding his head at an amusingly extreme angle. Temp. controls worked well and we did not hear any noise from the casino, the musicians playing that night, or other guests. Maybe we are not very observant but both room and bathroom seemed clean--no strange hairs, stains, or mold. Elevators always arrived promptly and the hotel makes an excellent base for sightseeing Old San Juan. Taxi from the airport to the hotel for four people and their luggage was about $23 without tip, and a van from the hotel to the Pan American pier for six people plus luggage was $26 without tip. Plenty of taxis available when we were ready to leave, and it was easy to check yourself out from the room using the TV. The power went out on our check out day but came back without a problem about 30 seconds later. No problems with water pressure or temp. We enjoyed our stay here.
  23. Wyndham Inner Harbor 101 West Fayette Street Baltimore, Maryland 21201 410-752-1100 Your Offer Price: $50.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: $50.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $13.77 Total Charges: $63.77 Just last week I had tried bidding for this same zone and date starting at $49 and going up to $53 by adding my free rebid zones without success. Then today started my bidding at $50 and got it right away. Went through Savingsbarn link.
  24. Thanks to everybody who gave a "heads up" on this deal! 1 room @ $84, taxes and fees $15.95 for a total of $99.95 Amenities: casino, restaurant, pool, fitness center, tennis nearby, business center, laundry facilities Went through Savingsbarn link.
  25. Days Inn Manassas 7611 Centreville Road Manassas, Virginia 20111 703-361-1600 Your Offer Price: $45.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $90.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $17.12 Total Charges: $107.12 Bid up to $70 for both 3* and 2 1/2* for a couple of weeks with no luck. Unwilling to go any higher than that so finally dropped my star level and bid $40. Got a counteroffer to bid $12 which I declined and added Dulles (not really a free rebid but an area that would have been just as acceptable) and raised bid to $45 which was accepted. Had no idea the northern Virginia area was this difficult to crack! Went through savingsbarn link.
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