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  1. it has been pretty easy in recent years to figure out which hotwire hotel you're getting. All you had to do was match up the number of reviews on a hidden hotel to the number of reviews on a standard, non-hidden hotel. Pretty much every hidden hotel had a non-hidden counterpart.


    Now, there are barely any non-hidden hotel results.


    For example, after I select my filters, there might be 6 hidden hotel results but only 1 (or none) non-hidden results and so I'm unable to match them up to figure out what I'm getting. Before, there would be maybe 5 non-hidden results if there was 6 hidden results.


    Basically, everything is a secret rate hotel now with no standard rate hotels.


    Is anyone else noticing this?

  2. I'm looking for a room in NYC from Jan. 7th-13th, 2014.

    Unlike other regions, there are way too many hotels so it's probably tough to narrow down and aim for a particular hotel.

    I am looking for a bigger room... maybe a studio or condo.

    I see a 3.5* condo in UPPER EAST SIDE for $129... but I don't see the UPPER EAST SIDE zone on the hotel list, so I'm unable to narrow it down. Hotwire says the last person got the Marmara Manhattan.

    Is there a particular hotel that is often won in NYC that people are generally happy with? If so, which hotel is that?

  3. So I'm looking to book something for about 2 weeks, from June 5th-20th or so...

    I've been checking Hotwire the past couple days. There's one hotel that stood out to me because of the combination of the price and reviews. That hotel was the TradeWinds Apartment Hotel.

    Here's the issue: the hotel list on this board shows that it's a 3.5*. When I checked it the past few days, it was showing up for $65-66 as a 3.5*.

    NOW... I'm getting the same property description and a similar price ($61) but it suddenly shows 3*. Could this be another hotel, or did it change star levels overnight? I'm pretty sure it has to be the TradeWinds because nothing else really matches the price and amenities that I've been seeing the past few days.


    -Near Beach


    -Fully Equipped Kitchenette

    -Smoke-Free Rooms

    -Airport Shuttle

    -Daily Housekeeping


    -24 Hour Front Desk

    -Laundry Facilities

    -Boutique Hotel


    So TradeWinds changed from a 3.5* to a 3*, or it's not TradeWinds.

    What do you guys think?

  4. I need a flight from SFO to MIA ASAP.

    I've been told that it's cheaper to go to FLL and take a shuttle.

    I'm okay with both, but I've never used my own price with Priceline.

    What's the process? Always use a different "takeoff city" ? I remember reading that in the past.

    Biggest question: Can I get a same day flight? I need to be in downtown Miami by 5:00 tomorrow.

  5. $98 on Hotwire for Sunday the 20th. What is this? My guess is the Sheraton?

    4-star Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles

    This Hotel features the following amenities:

    Smoke Free Rooms

    Guest rooms at this hotel are always smoke-free.

    Fitness Center

    Guests have access to exercise equipment; an additional charge may apply.


    Property offers at least one restaurant on the premises; hours and days of operation may vary.

    Business Center

    Guests have access to business equipment and services; an additional charge may apply.

    High-Speed Internet Access

    Guestrooms are equipped with high-speed Internet access; an extra charge may apply.

    Accessible for the blind

    Braille or raised signage

    Accessible for the deaf

    TTY for telephone, visual or flashing fire alarm and vibrating alarm clock

    Accessible path of travel

    <amenity names only please... not descriptions>

    In-room accessibility

    Accessible path from the room entrance to the window, the bed and the bathroom; accessible hardware and minimal resistance to open the door; accessible temperature controls and window coverings

    Accessible bathroom

    Raised toilet, hand-held shower and grab bars at the tub and toilet

    Handicapped parking

    <amenity names only please... not descriptions>

  6. Goin' to L.A. for playoff basketball in a few days...

    I want to stay within walking distance of Staples.

    Ideally, I want to stay at the Los Angeles Athletic Club, but I don't want to pay $180 per night.

    What does that leave me with?

    I just checked HOTWIRE, and it doesn't show ANYTHING for downtown L.A. Why?

    On PRICELINE, I'm getting only 4 hotels between 3-4 stars. The Westin, Hilton Checkers, Millenium and Kyoto. Location-wise, I'm fine with all of them. Price-wise, they range from $206-$382.

    What are the chances I can get something under $100? I remember when the Priceline and Hotwire Calendar of Wins would show 6-7 wins per night. Now? Barely one per night. What's up with that? Because of this, I'm having a hard time gauging prices. I'll be happy with any of these under $100, but do they fall in that range? I remember in the past they have.

    Secondly, if I can't get anything in that range... I think I'd rather get the W in Hollywood. Doesn't that go for $100 for the most part? Priceline shows $339 for that night... is that typical? Is it typical for the retail price on Priceline to be $339, and people still get it for $100 or so?


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