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  1. Just to let you know, this hotel sucks in my opinion. The parking is free but the walk to the rooms is long, not to mention the elevators STINK.
  2. Well I was going to stay in Hollywood for four days, April 16-20th. I got my friends friends and family discount for the 4* Renaissance in Hollywood @ $69/night for the 17, 18, and 19th. So I just needed a room for the first night (16th) and I found out that the rooms at the Hyatt have been renovated finally (well atleast the rooms that they are renting, not all the rooms have been completed but the ones in process aren't being rented out). So I bid $100 on a 3* and got this hotel, so I'm thinking it'll be a lot better than my previous stays.
  3. What's so special about the 17th that makes the rate higher? It's a Thursday....
  4. I think there's a Roosevelt 4* hotel in that zone too....and I'd say start bidding at about $110.
  5. I will let you know. I have never stayed there before, and have never aimed to stay there. But I like what I see, and I like the price people win with. I think if you bid 2.5* in that zone from a range of $70-$90. you are pretty much guaranteed the Residence Inn for 2 reasons. 1) It's the only 2.5* in that zone. 2) The Hyatt West Hollywood very rarely goes for under $110, so getting upgraded from $70-$90 to the 3* HWH is very unlikely. But like I said, when I do my bidding in the next week or so I will share with the board how it goes.
  6. ^ Alright thanks. I'm leaning towards trying to get the Residence Inn 2.5*, but i'll see how it goes.
  7. I'm going to be in that area from the 16th-20th, can you tell me what your bidding history was? Was $130 your first bid?
  8. Priceline will get you a better price, and I really recommend you do some research on what area you want to stay in.
  9. Add the Lawndale zone, but keep your 3* preference. There is no 3* Priceline hotels in the Lawndale zone, so they can't give you a 3* there. So you will get an extra bid, and if you're successful you'll end up in West Hollywood-BH. And try bidding somewhere around $110, you should be able to get a winning bid around that price. If you want to bid a little bit higher ($120-$130) you can probably get a 4* in that zone...and you Brentwood - Westwood, Culver City, Lawndale, Redondo - Manhattan Beaches, and Santa Monica & Marina Del Rey all as re-bid zones because none of those have a 4* hotel. But if you want to do this make sure you select 4* as your preference.
  10. ^Well if you bid a 2.5* in that zone for between $65-90 you should be pretty safe in getting the Residence Inn because the Hyatt is a 3* and usually goes for over $100.
  11. ^ You must have got upgraded then....the only 2.5* Priceline in that area is the Residence Inn. And I've stayed at the Hyatt 3-4 times, and I know what you mean, it's not worthy of a 3*. But the renovating should be complete so I might try it again next month...
  12. Two things: 1) If you wanted to stay in Beverly Hills, you should have bid for a 4* because I don't believe that there's a 3* in Beverly Hills (unless the Thompson which was recently added to PRICELINE is in that area). 2) Can you give us a review of this hotel please? I've been going there for the past year and they have been renovating the place throughout the past year. It's been a pretty shi**y hotel (can't beat the location though) and I am going back to that area for a trip in a month. They were supposed to be finished last month (Feb. 2008) so I want to know how the hotel is now....
  13. I don't know anything about this hotel but it seems like you paid way too much. I'm basing that strictly off the area and hotel level.
  14. ohhh wow, we got another 3* in that zone. So much for pretty much being guaranteed the Hyatt.
  15. If I'm not mistaken it's right across the Hyatt....parking at the 3* Hyatt is $18 per night so I think the Mondrian will be more $$ because it's a 4*. And goodluck finding parking on the street.
  16. ^ I wasn't talking about comparing it with "retail" prices. I was talking about using Hotwire's prices. I'm sure Hotwire and Priceline are given similar "wholesale" prices by the hotels, so if Hotwire has a 4* such as the Inter-Continental for a lower price than the 3* Sunset, then I would say it's safe to assume that they are getting a better price for the 4* for that night as opposed to the 3*. And that would mean the chances of me getting a 4* while bidding for a 3* are pretty high. No?
  17. thereuare, are most properties on there identifiable? It seems like you guys are 90% sure as to what description belongs to which property. And Colfax, so if this situation comes up in the future where prices are inflated because of a holiday....is it a good idea to look at Hotwire prices and compare the Hyatt price with the price of a 4* such as the IC? That way, I will have a good idea as to what the chances of me being upgraded to a 4* are when bidding (and trying to get) the 3* Hyatt...?
  18. ^ Yeah, I should do more research on Hotwire, I am not too familiar with it. But my priceline experiences have been fine, I don't think I need a bigger selection of hotels or anything if thats a benefit of hotwire. Price is the main thing. From what I've seen, Hotwire prices don't come close to Priceline (I could be wrong?). As long as I need a 3*, I know that more than likely I can get the Sunset Hyatt 9 times out of 10 on Priceline. If I want a 4*, I'm happy with the Hyatt Regency which I've stayed at, I'm happy with the Mondrian (which I haven't stayed at, but it's located right by the Sunset Hyatt), and I am sure I will be happy with the Intercontinental because it is right by the Hyatt Regency and I'm sure it's just as nice.
  19. ^ I forgot to include the date, this is for New Years Eve. And I understand that the hotels are only 4 miles apart. All the clubs are on Sunset, that's why I would rather walk out of the hotel and be right there on the strip, rather than worrying about drinking and driving, paying for parking, etc. And there's only one other 3* in that zone (crowne plaza I believe?) and that one very rarely comes up from what I have read. I know all the hotels are expensive for New Years Ever, so I thought that the 4*'s would be even more than the 3* Hyatt, so I wasn't expecting an upgrade.
  20. Bid $170 for 3* in BH-WH, got counter-offered "if you increase your bid by $25..." Re-bid for $182 and got the 4* Intercontinental instead of the 3* Sunset Hyatt. Anybody know if there's anyway to cancel this? What kind of excuse could I come up with in order for priceline to cancel this? If I'm not going to be on Sunset, I'd rather just try to get the 2.5* Residence Inn for half of this price. I wasn't expecting to be upgraded to a 4* at all.
  21. ^ I'll start a new thread if I end up winning the room, otherwise I think it's pointless right now...? EDIT by Thereuare: winning bid posted here: Priceline Winning Bid
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