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  1. Got lucky, accepted on first bid. AAA rate was $181. Great Deal!
  2. Started in Marble Arch for $90, rejected but offerred counterbid at $155, declined and rebid Bloombury at $100, rejected, rebid $105 adding Kensington. Not a great deal, but acceptable.
  3. sorry, too much pre Fourth of July celebrating. :) It was the Doubletree World Center. Please change the title to reflect this.
  4. Bids of $45, $47 were rejected for Colorado Springs Airport and Colorado Springs North respectively. $50 was accepted using Colorado Springs South as rebid. Will post a review upon return.
  5. Previous bid was $60 and I used the Savings Barn link for bid. The Marriott site showed an AAA rate if $119.
  6. Started at $50 and increased bids by $3-4 several times until got it at $64. There is a baseball game that night so prices may be higher, but I am very pleased.
  7. First bid accepted. Based on previous posts, 4* ATL seems to go for $52, only question is which hotel.
  8. Tried to book in Lake Mary, FL ( a suburb of Orlando along I-4). 2 1/2 star rejected up to $45, rebid Sanford at $48 and 3* Marriott was accepted. The hotel is just off I-4 and only 5 minutes from the Lake Mary exit.
  9. After 3 rebids, won for $52. I think there is a trend here based on previous win at same price 5 days earlier. Started at $42, and got the free rebid if price was increased by $13. chose to do manual rebid and saved $3. Back end of trip to Acapulco on the AA deal of $120 rt. Good cheap trip.
  10. After 3 rebids stating at $42 and upping to $52, got this hotel. Perfect for early morning flight next day. Will post a review as the ones listed are a couple years old.
  11. No, I have seen it on EasyClickTravel for $67. I really would prefer to be in the airport itself, so the Sofitel or the Hilton would be best. The other 4*, the Aurora would be the gamble, but something I could live with.
  12. Been trying to get a room before a return trip to the US at Gatwick and have been rejected numerous tries up to $90. The prior posts seem to show the LeMeridien was successful, but since the hotel was bought out by Sofitel, I'm am not sure if it participates with PL. Haven't gpne to 3* based on a bad experience with the Holiday Inn at Gatwick. Anyone have ideas. Rebids used the Luton zone for 4*. The PL compare page shows no 4*, but it appears when you bid.
  13. Started at $42, rebid $45, finally accepted at $50. Hoping to win this hotel, sometimes the stars do allign. :)
  14. Already showed him this website, and suggested the links. I told him it was easy because all the links he needs are on one page.
  15. Sorry, amenties were: Pool, Restaurant, Tennis, and Business center. Hope that helps, but the key seems to be the absence of Shuttle, while still an airport hotel.
  16. Paid $80 plus fees of $15.95 total of $95.95 which allows Entertaiment rebate of $30 brings cost to $65.95. Hyatt website had cheapest rate of $157.50 (AAA). Since FFN doesn't begin until 9/1/05, no reason to not book through Hotwire. Easy to identify hotel since Airport hotel doesn't have shuttle. The hotel is IN the airport.
  17. A friend booked trip to NYC for 11/04-11/06. Found out after the trip was booked that it is the New York city Marathon weekend. Hotels seem to be very tight. Tried all kinds of rebids for all kinds of Manhatten zones and all were rejected up to $225. Will try again in a few days.
  18. For Venice, I would sugest the Metropole Hotel. You can book directly with them or use one of the hotel sites such as www.venere.com or www.GTA Hotels. For Rome I suggest www.hotelmozart.com. Both of the suggestions are wonderful, though you can't assure you get them from Priceline.
  19. Yes, it is in Bloomington. And I hope she doesn't do too much damage.
  20. Rejected at $45, rebid $50 and accepted. Wife and her friends going to do shopping.
  21. Bid for friend. Rejected at $38 offered counter at $47. We rebid $42, rejected, accepted at $45. This is a wonderful hotel, right in the airport. Perfect for early morning flight. Another new hotel to add to the list. I have stayed there many times and have found it to be one of the the nicest hotels in the area.