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  1. Another failed bid, hope this helps others who are looking to bid for rooms over New Years 4* - Niagara Falls - $ 75 Add St. Catherines - $85 New Bid 3* - Niagara Falls - $75 Add St. Catherines - $85 New Bid 2.5* - Niagara Falls - $75 All failed. :)
  2. Following an earlier post of thesqueegekid, I bid for a 3* property downtown: 3* - DT - $75 Add Scarborough - $80 Add Brampton - $85 New bid: 3* - DT and East - $90 Add Scarborough - $93 Add Brampton - $95 All Failed. I should let you know that I am bidding for 4 rooms, so that may make a difference. I saw that a 4* was won for $108, so I am guessing something should come up for under $100 for a 3*. Take care guys.
  3. This hotel features the following amenities: Restaurant(s) At least one restaurant is located on the hotel premises. Pool(s) Hotel features at least one pool area. (Note: This amenity offering may be seasonal. Please check hours/availability directly with the hotel.) Fitness Center Hotel features exercise equipment. Business Center Hotel offers guests access to business equipment/services. Tennis Nearby Tennis court(s) within walking distance or a short drive from the hotel. Spa Services Hotel offers spa services on the premises.
  4. For the second night, Feb 16: I bid $55 on my first bid for downtown LA 4* and got the: Westin Bonaventure Hotel Check-In Date: Monday, February 16, 2004 Check-Out Date: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 Everything worked out in the end. Hopefully they won't mind switching hotels for one night.
  5. It is the Hilton Checkers. I got it for $88 + $14.95. Looks like they do not have a spa anymore, or are no longer advertising it. Amenities: Downtown Los Angeles 4.5* : Resturant, Pool, Fitness Centre
  6. OOPS!! :) It is the Downtown Hilton. My apologies...
  7. Re priceline: I tried downtown for 4* upto $100 but nothing was accepted. I tried 3* at the airport upto $75 but nothing was accepted. It's the NBA all-star weekend, so I imagine that could be the reason why it is so busy. It is for my parents, they arrive Feb 15 and depart Feb 17. So they need a hotel for 2 nights, but I found monday night is much less in cost than sunday night so I will bid them seperately. I am pretty sure I can find something in the $55-60 range for a 4* on Monday evening in Downtown. I will most likely go for the 4.5* downtown at $88. I will tell you what hotel it is after it is accepted.
  8. Amenities: Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Business Center
  9. Hotel Help: Downtown Los Angeles 4.5* : Resturant, Pool, Fitness Centre LAX 3* : Resturant, Pool, Fitness Centre, Business Centre I am having difficulty figuring out these hotels. The Hilton Checkers downtown is 4.5* but also has a spa which is not listed in the amenities. Thanks.
  10. A friend is looking to book three nights at the Venetian from June 3-6. They are going on their honeymoon and would like to stay at the Venetian. Currently the rates for those night are $499.00 each night. I was wondering what I should start the bidding at. Thanks.
  11. thereuare, Thanks for all your help. My cousin and his wife enjoyed their trip to NYC greatly and appreciated all the help. They had no problem figuring out the bus system once they have there after looking at all the websites before they left. Everything worked out great. Thanks once again for all the help that you provided during that time. Thanks.
  12. Failed bids all around. I bid $85 for a 3*, 2.5* and 2* in Jersey City and they were all rejected. I also added Secaucus and Union city. They were all rejected. I was hoping for the Doubletree in Jersey City for $75 that was posted yesterday, but could not get that today. Since I needed a room badly, I went to Hotwire and booked the $54 2* property in Secaucus. They had no rooms available in Jersey City. The hotel I got was the HoJo in Clifton (680 W Route 3). After looking at a map I realized that this is quite the journey from Mid-Town. I was wondering what are my options for returning to the hotel after New Year's Celebrations in Mid-town at around 2-3am. I wish I had bid a day earlier so I could have gotten the Doubletree in Jersey City.
  13. Thanks for the links. So just to clarify, they would take the Blue 'E' line train from Mid-town to the WTC station and than connect to the PATH train which would take to the Exchange Place which would be walking distance to the hotels. Enjoy your trip in Tallahassee.
  14. Thanks for the tip in regards to the taxi, you are right that would be too high. Jersey City might be a better option in the long run. Also, do you know what time the buses stop running to the NJ side (Secaucus) of the Hudson. If they choose Jersey City, I imagine that they would have to take two trains from Times Square, one to Downtown Manhattan and than another across the river. Once again, thanks for the tips they have proved quite useful. I see that the Candlewood Suites have gone for $55 that night on Priceline so it is quite reasonable. Merry Christmas!
  15. I appreciate all the help you have been, this site is truly a great resource! :) Thanks for the advice on North Bergen and Union City. I'm leaning towards the Secaucus area as this is closer to Mid-town. They will be spending NYE in Times Square. I'm guessing the earliest they will be finished would be by 2am. I suspect the buses would not be running at that time, so I would imagine them taking a taxi back to the hotel for the night and probably back the following morning to their hotel in MTE. I wouldn't imagine the taxi fare to be too high as many have said that the bus shouldn't take more than 20 minutes. Once again thanks for all your help.
  16. First bid $115 for a 2.5* for all zones, than lowered to 2*, than lowered once again to 1*. $115 is the max as I am booking this for someone else. I already have rooms in MTE for $85 for 1/1-1/5. My next option would be to try and get a room across the river in NJ in the Secaucus or North Bergen areas. A quick question to those that are experts in the area. What would be the best way to get to and from the Secaucus area from mid-town and how long would it take. Thanks.
  17. You are correct, I swithched to $75 when I lowered the star level to 3*. I learned about this site quite recently and am happy that there is now more than one major resource on the web for bidding info. I am also double posting my bidding results on the other site as well so more people can benefit from my bidding. Thanks for the dinner link, will pass it on to my cousin who is taking the trip. :)
  18. Your Offer Price: $85.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 4 Subtotal: $340.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $58.42 Total Charges: $398.42 Tried $90 for 4* with MW, ME, MS, UM-CPS, than tried $75, with MW, ME, MS, UM-CPS - added UWS and bid $85. UWS has no 3* hotels listed, so took a chance with that.
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