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  1. dwarte - welcome to the board! I have been watching the Ft. L beach area very close latley for an upcoming stay and I wish I could bring good news for your first post here. But this weekend is very busy in Ft. Lauderdale. I don't know why, maybe it is a big cruise thing. I live in Sweden so I don't know if it's an early spring break start? Anyway, rack rates are very high for this weekend. Hilton (Clipper/Yankee) 3* are $300+, Bahia Mar 3* was $225+ last time I looked. So your bidds are not close. The board has a reported stay at similar date for $115 3* (Doubletree Suites). But this is close to 3 weeks ago. Hotwire got a 3* for your dates at $223. Looks like one of the Hiltons. But you better ask admin about this so I don't get in trouble. But you could try and hit the Doubletree Suites on Priceline. But please ask admin about bidding advice and posting your maximum rate for your stay if you need help. And please use the boards savingsbarn.com link for bidding. Good luck! Henrik.
  2. penguinlo - I forgot to tell you that you should't base you bid on the Expedia rate. That rate will only give you an estimate. Sometimes the rates are lower and sometimes higher on Expedia. Use the Hilton rack rate and this board as a guideline. Henrik.
  3. penguinlo - all Marriott brands has a non smoking policy inside the hotels since this fall. And you can't cancel a hotel on PL for this reason. Please read this post "www.betterbidding.com/index.php?showtopic=23274&" before you bid. You will also find some very helpfull information under questions and suggestions. If the Caribe Hilton don't show the rack rates on the homepage you better give them a call or maybe do a search on Expedia etc. I can't help you with information regarding the San Juan area. Henrik.
  4. Pulled this 3* yesterday. Started with savingsbarn.com. History:$43 - $45 - $47 - $49 - $51 Radisson Worldgate Resort 3* Disney World Vicinity 3011 Maingate Lane Kissimmee, Florida 34747 407-396-1400 Check-In Date: Sun, May 6, 2007 Check-In Time: After 04:00 PM Check-Out Date: Wed, May 9, 2007 Check-Out Time: 11:00 AM Your Offer Price: $51.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $153.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $28.89 Total Charges*: $181.89 Rack rate is $99. The location to the parks are perfect and I like the "192" area. The reviews for the hotel is not so great. But it's hard to find any reviews with substance. Most are complaints over the resort fee and the shuttle to the parks, internet connection etc. We'll see. Thanx runNgun for the advice. Henrik.
  5. No problem, you don't have to wait 72 hours, it's only 24 hours now. Start at $75 and work your way to your maximum. If you see similar dates for last year on the board so go for it. I just don't know about the spring break issue here. So when you can bid again start with the resort and use this free zones only. Kissimmee Downtown Orlando Maitland Orlando East Sand Lake Corporate Park West Disney Area Winter Park If no dice. Start over and select 4* with theese free zones only. Kissimmee Downtown Orlando Maitland Orlando East Sand Lake Corporate Park West Disney Area Winter Park If no dice. Start over and select 3* with theese free zones only. (If you decide to go for 3*) Kissimmee Orlando East Sand Lake Corporate Park West Disney Area Winter Park Good luck! Henrik.
  6. To be honest, I would't give up this fast. If $88 is your maximum would I try that a few times during the week. But $88 it feels on the lower side for this time at Disney. But you never know. I don't know if the spring break has begun during your dates. Have you checked the rack rate for Peabody? Ok, you can use this zones for 3* Kissimmee Orlando East Sand Lake Corporate Park West Disney Area Winter Park Please post your outcome on the board. Henrik.
  7. bosox18 - second week in April is very, very busy. I should start bidding ASAP, don't wait! Have a great time with Mickey! Henrik. PS. Be at the parks 30 minutes before they open.
  8. Hello aumonkey - you can use this free zones for rebid, if you're bidding for 4* or higher. If you decide to go for a 3* in SW/US zone, don't use the Maitland or Downtown Orlando zone. Kissimmee Downtown Orlando Maitland Orlando East Sand Lake Corporate Park West Disney Area Winter Park The best way to do this is to start bidding on resorts. When you're out of free zones. Close PL and start over again bidding on 4*. Please start your bidds with the savingsbarn.com link. FYI. Some bidders has been uppgraded to the Renaissance resort when trying for the Peabody. There is a construction going on right now at the Renaissance. You better ask the resort about the staus about pool and restaurants. Feel free to ask about advice if you don't get lucky. Good luck! Henrik.
  9. sls - the Hilton is still open for your dates. But is booked for my second leg in Orlando. Rates for Hilton is $210+, Gaylord $260+, Hyatt Regency is $250+, Omni should be the similar as Gaylord if they have $125 on HW. It feels like $100 +/- should cut it. But it's still early and you have a weekend stay. And please post your rejections. Good luck! Henrik.
  10. Tried again today. Started with savingsbarn.com For resorts. First bid $65 MCO for $71 Orlando East for $76 Sandlake for $81 For 3* $43 - Disney World Vicinity 45 - Kissimmee 47 - Orlando East 49 - Sand Lake Corporate Park 51 - West Disney Area 53 - Winter Park I have tried this several times but no dice. Yes, It's still early but i'm bidding for an off seasson gap (after easter/spring break and before summer starts). I'm also bidding for a second stay with simular dates without any luck. Maybe I'm just too cheap. I don't feel any rush, but it is a bit strange for the 3* Henrik
  11. Tried again today for 3* in the beach zone. Started with 70 Miramar for 75 Hollywood for 81 (I have no problem with the resort in Hollywood) No dice! Started with savingsbarn.com Henrik.
  12. Thanx for the response! I never got around to answer your post at the time. Just hours after your post the $99 hotel was gone. Ever since then a new $103 hotel has been listed. (The Bahia Mar has been reported to the board with those amenities) And I prefer another hotel. The might be "Yankee Trader" only shows if you're searching for two rooms for my dates for $122. I will ask for help if it comes back for a fair price. My girlfriend really likes the location off the Yankee Clipper and Trader. We have stayed there before and it's ok. It's 3 months to our stay so I will keep trying with lower bidds and keep an eye on HW. Many hotels in that area has a lower rack rate after 4/14 (summer seasson). And The new Hilton is now up and running with very good rates comparing to the older hotels in the beach area. The new St. Regis is opening in March so my guess is that it shouldn't be any problem to get the Yankee Clipper or Trader for a fair price. But you never know. Any thoughts? Henrik.
  13. Look at this post before you bid: Priceine Bidding Higher Henrik.
  14. Yes, it looks like a nice hotel. I got it for $51 in the end of April. They have a free hot american breakfast buffe. Please post a Review when you're home again. Henrik.
  15. Cutis, thats what I thought. It's the same answer I got. 1. Submit a new Name Your Own Price
  16. Started with savingsbarn.com $60 - 65 - 70 - 76 - 81 for Resort $39 - 43 - 46 for 3* Henrik.
  17. Curtis, don't feel bad. 3rd week in March is a busy time at WDW with all the spring breakers coming. Not crazy like easter but very busy. One member has tried up to $120 for this week and the Hilton is allready sold out. So I don't think a resort for $80 will show up for this period. I might be wrong but I doubt it. I would like to ask you about the 7 day "rule" you talk about. I also made a mistake with adding a wrong zone when bidding. But I only had to make a new try within 7 days for my remaining refound. And after that can I bid unlimited times until I get an accepted offer. You didn't get the message wrong from priceline? Have great time chasing Mickey! Henrik.
  18. TA has made a list for this top 10, go to: tripadvisor.typepad.com If you never have red the TA blog so do it! It tons of fun with not so bright e-mails, reviews, comments etc. Have fun! Henrik.
  19. Details for my bid. Started with savingsbarn.com History is: $35-$37-$39-$41-$43 3* Hilton Orlando/Altamonte Springs Maitland - Altamonte Springs 350 North Lake Boulevard Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701 407-830-1985 Check-In Date: Mon, Apr 30, 2007 Check-Out Date: Fri, May 4, 2007 Your Offer Price: $43.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 4 Subtotal: $172.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $31.54 Total Charges*: $203.54 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PL did nothing wrong! I checked the wrong zone! But I was sure that I didn't when I had bid. PL mailed me my bid history and I checked the line under the correct zone. But they could see that my intention was for the Disney Vincinity and they will refound me :) minus $25 for some service fee. I don't complain about that. Today when I look at my note were I have written down the re-bid zones can I see that I looked at the re-bid zones for Orlando 4* that I'm going to try for. Stupid misstake with a happy outcome. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the answer I got from PL: Dear Mr. Klang, Thank you for taking the time to send us an e-mail. We understand that you submitted a request to book a hotel reservation in Disney World Vicinity, but your reservation is booked in Altamonte Spings. You would like to receive refund for this reservation. Per our records, while resubmitting your request you selected the following areas: Disney World Vicinity Kissimmee Maitland - Altamonte Springs Orlando East Sand Lake Corporate Park Winter Park We are able to make a one-time exception and cancel your reservation for a fee. Please respond to this e-mail as soon as possible with your approval to cancel your reservation. It is very important that you contact us before your current check-in date, which is 04/30/2007. We are not able to refund or make changes after this time. Upon receipt of your approval via e-mail, we will issue a full refund minus a cancellation fee of $100. The refund will be posted to your credit card account within 10 business days. We will send a separate e-mail with instructions outlining how to submit a new request on our website with the correct information. If you follow the instructions and are successful in booking a new reservation, we will refund the cancel fee minus a flat change fee of $25.00. We thank you for the opportunity to assist you and hope this information is helpful to you.
  20. I was bidding for a 3* in the Orlando Disney Vincinity. I used 4 zones (Kissimmee, Orlando East, Sandlake and Winterpark) before my offer was accepted. But I ended up in Maitland/Altamonte Springs in a 3* 25 miles from the parks! How is this possible? Maitland/Altamonte Springs is not even on the map over the Disney Vincinity. I mailed PL and explained what happend. I have to wait and see what they answer. But I thought I should ask the pros also. I asked PL to credit my account so I could bid for the popper area again. Henrik.
  21. I will try and hit the Peabody for the last leg of my Florida trip. So I mailed Marriott and asked about the renovation. This is the answer I got. Henrik. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for contacting Marriott. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with information. The renovations are scheduled to end on January 31, 2007. More information regarding this hotel's facilities and services may be found at the webpage below: www.marriott.com/MCOSR You may wish to contact an associate at the hotel for further details. The contact information for this location is included below: Renaissance Orlando Resort at SeaWorld 6677 Sea Harbor Drive Orlando, Florida 32821 USA Phone: 1-407-351-5555 Fax: 1-407-351-9991
  22. LoneStar, thanx for the review! I have been thinking of trying my luck a few times on this hotel but never done it. There are so many mixed reviews on this hotel. Most of the TA ones are bad. But if you read the PL reviews you think it's another hotel you're reading about. Many complaints is about the PL "building" they have with the regular rooms. But I'm not so picky, a pool and a beer and I'm set! I'm also a SPG member (not gold) so maybe I have a chance to a suite if I pay some between. It looks like that you're a frequent traveler so I will take your word for this hotel. Thanx again! Henrik.
  23. Update for Florida list. 3* Sheraton World Resort is now called International Plaza Resort & Spa. For Orlando Univ/SW zone. Fort Lauderdale (PL Hollywood zone) no longer have any 3* zone. AmeriSuites (Fort Lauderdale Plantation zone) now shows 3*. Shows 2.5* in boards HW list. Still has the same amenities as board has. Henrik.
  24. Got lucky with this one! Started with Savingsbarn.com Your Offer Price: $51.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: $51.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $13.86 Total Charges*: $64.86 First bid for Bush Gardens $50 Added Tampa north for $51 Best Marriott rack rate was $109 Looks like a very nice hotel with only a few but great reviews. Hotel is 10 minutes from Busch Gardens, 20 minutes from downtown with free parking. But only a few restaurants nearby. I'm happy! Tampa North is a newer PL zone? Area is also called "New Tampa" localy. Henrik.
  25. Cheap bidds for WDW resort area. I have plenty of time so I take it easy. First bid $65 Added MCO for $71 Added orlando East for $76 Added Sandlake for $81 Started with savingsbarn.com Henrik.
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