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  1. Used the PRICELINE link. First try. The express deal for this hotel was 46.00
  2. First try was 42.00 in a 2.5 star zone- denied. Added Rancho Palos Verde( no 2.5 stars there) Upgraded to a 3
  3. Yes, exactly the same. In fact, we are parking at the Westin for 8.00 a night for 12 nights for our trip to FL. Regular parking there is about 25.00 a night too.
  4. Heres a trick. If you go to cheapairportparking.org, you can pre-pay for one night at the marriot for 13.00( self park) or 14.00(valet). There are a lot of cheaper options too, but you want to be right at your hotel.
  5. Free Parking Free Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower
  6. Tried to use the PRICELINE link while at the library, but the library blocked it. Got on the first bid.
  7. Well, I wont be staying here because Priceline cancelled my reservation. I called the hotel in the early afternoon to request 2 double beds. I was told that I'd have to pay an extra 10 a night because Priceline told the hotel that I should have a King( wtf?) I said " If I'm travelling wtih my dad, I have to share a bed with him?). The hotel person told me that I cant have 2 doubles at the rate I paid. For some reason, I thought they didnt know the rate I paid. Anyway, I said " fine, just give me the king and I'll write up my review on Tripadvisor". The clerk told Priceline I'd threatened him and voila, my room was cancelled. I could have rebid using my travel partners name, but I didnt want to stay there after that fiasco. I tried bidding on a 3 and a 3.5, going up to 75 and was unsuccesful. My aunt booked a really nice boutique hotel( 4 stars) for me, getting me her State rate of 110.00. This hotel is gorgeous and the area is a lot nicer than where the Best Western was. End of my Rant.
  8. Tried numerous times for a 3 or 3.5 in both airport and downtown and was unsucessful. Went as high as 55.00. I dropped down to a 2.5, was a bit weary since I didnt see a 2.5 on the hotel list. This isnt the greatest area, but I'm not going to be hanging out in the room. I did use the PRICELINE link.
  9. Yes, its a 2* . I copied and pasted from another person and forgot to change the rating.
  10. First bid 42, rejected. Given counter offer of 57( no thanks). Rebid adding Madison East. Accepted for 46. Will be in Waukeshaw for Thanksgiving and this is just a little side trip for 1 night. As usual, used the PRICELINE link.
  11. I'm back living in Cali. My partner needed a room for one night as she has a very early(6am) conference on the 19th. Traffic in LA is brutal. Got this on bid. I did use the PRICELINE link. This hotel is actually located in El Segundo.
  12. Failed on first bid of 42 for Central( downtown) zone. Added south and raised by 3$. I used the PRICELINE link.
  13. Driving to Milwaukee from Port Huron, MI. Needed a place to stay halfway. Started at 45 for 3* denied. Dropped to a 2*. I used the PRICELINE link.
  14. Offered 15, I accepted counter offer of 17.00. Used the PRICELINE link. Total for 1 week was 168 and change.
  15. First, I got an email offering me bonus cash( 10 a night) so I couldnt figure out how to activate it and use the PRICELINE link. So, sorry, this is the FIRST time in ages that I havent used the link. I feel bad about that!! So, I really wanted Ann Arbor and I went up to 35( 45 with bonus cash). I was rejected. I'm attending a culinary gathering thru egullet and I'd heard that there is some type of plumbing convention in town so I think rooms are hard to come by. Second choice was the airport and I was able to get the Crowne using my bonus cash. I actually only paid 30 a night. I did start at 25, was rejected so I added Taylor as the free rebid. Once again, sorry about not using the PRICELINE link.
  16. Tried 30 and 33$ given counter offers( $8 and $9). Waited the required 24hr period and bid 35. Accepted. Used PRICELINE link as usual.
  17. I stayed here 3 different times during a 2 week period in March. March 10th and 11th, March 14, 15th and 16th and March 22nd and 23rd. I paid 47$, 43$ and 40$. This hotel is considered to be in the "AIRPORT ZONE", but its closer to downtown. The parking is free which is nice and I never had a problem finding a spot. The Hotel is right next to a large Hospital. The area looks a bit shady( if you're not used to Long Beach), but since I used to live in Long Beach, I was familar with it and it didnt bother me. One night while I was using the computer in the lobby, a transient came in and started shouting obscenities. Three hotel staff removed him immedietely. On my first stay, I was given a room on the 2nd floor. The room was basic. King size bed, desk, chair,fridge, microwave, horrible view. The next two stays I was upgraded to a "renovated room" on the 4th floor. These rooms had fridges and microwaves too, along with flat screen TV's. The furniture was newer, but the beds were the same. The beds were very comfortable. If you're a priority club member, show your card for a free gift bag of samples and snack items. The staff was very friendly and accomodating. The pool was nice and the fitness center was adequate. My only complaint was the WIFI in the room was horrible. I had a very difficult time getting connected( some days it didnt work at all). Overall, a pleasant stay for the price paid.
  18. First bid 35.00, accepted for 2.5 Fairfield Inn. Used the PRICELINE link as usual.
  19. Hi, I'm confused on what hotels are in what zones for Ann Arbor. The area across from Briarwood mall is what zone? Thanks
  20. I just checked out after a 3 day stay( I moved on to Orange County). The hotel isnt as bad as I thought and the free parking is nice. It worked well for my needs. I decided to bid again and see if I could go lower than the 43 and 47 I was accepted at before. 40 worked well. I used the PRICELINE link.
  21. Used PRICELINE link. I've been trying for days @ 16.00, kept getting a counter offer of 22.00. Today I started at 18.00 and was succesful on the first try. Total w/ tax and fees. 180.80.
  22. I really wanted a midsize, but forget to check off that option. Oh well, its only for 3 days( end of my trip). I now have to get a car for the first week of the trip( then, I'm using a friends car and we're driving up to SF). I made a reservation( a year ago) for the full 2 weeks. It was with Thrifty and it was 471.31 so I'm saving a considerable amount. As always, used the PRICELINE link.
  23. Ive seen fairly cheap( 40$ wins) for the Crowne Plaza in(Orange County board, Garden Grove, anaheim section)) Garden Grove, CA. There is a shuttle to Disney too. Would be a lot cheaper than staying in Santa Monica. I've "won" in Long Beach for the same time period too. I paid 43 and 47 for a 3*. Randi
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