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  1. Much appreciated with your detailed response. Going to circle back with my family to see what they would prefer. More driving/less driving. the 3* at space needle doesn't sound too bad. Do you know how much parking is usually per night?
  2. Thanks! Yes this is a leisure trip. I never been to Seattle and will have a car to transit so I guess staying in downtown isn't a necessity. is there any other area that is recommended for a first time traveller with a vehicle?
  3. Hi there! Thank you for the reply. I can give up the free parking and breakfast. If I move to a 3* hotel, how much would I need to spend? Thanks again!
  4. -4*+ -Downtown Seattle (Shopping District, Space Needle, Pike Place) -Aug 8 to 10, 2019 -between 100-120 -free parking -free breakfast (would be nice) sorry if this is against the rules or wrong wrong place to put it