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  1. I ended up making a reservation through your link for a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal(4 star for one day stay) and I got Renaissance Hotel for $117 total / stay. I will need to make a few more reservation for more upcoming future trips to Seattle! Thank you!
  2. Thank you so much for your reply and time. Do you happen to know, from experience, the chances of end up getting the hotel with resort in Seattle downtown area? Or any idea on how many 4 star hotels in the convention zone have resorts in there? If it is fairly high/many hotels, I wouldn't risk it I think.
  3. Hello BetterBidding, I am about to do bidding on my trip to Seattle, 3/29-3/31/18 (2nights), and need your advice on bidding. I am looking for 4 star hotels with the max budget of $100/day for 3 Seattle Downtown areas and need your assistance on bidding strategy since I never done it before. I actually tried to test-bid with a very low bid and it seems the conventional center area charges you hotel fee in addition to other taxes. Is it location specific, the hotel fee? Any tip would be truly appreciated! Thank you in advance.
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