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  1. $42.86 total. Avis' rate on Orbitz was $41, with rates ranging from $38 with Enterprise to $48 (!) with Budget.
  2. You're most welcome! One tip about this property: Their van to the airport holds eight people, so when they ask about a wake-up call and what time you need to leave for the airport, consider it as the reservation that it is! I think the Plan B would be using the Courtyard shuttle across the street...
  3. Total was $48.44. The property was fine. Front desk was friendly and informative except when I asked about the Powerhouse Gym (for which they offer a free one-day pass), the front desk person that morning did not know what service they had (like towels!). So I got there (after checking out of the hotel), optimistically thinking they would have some sort of towel service, and they didn't. :) At least they had paper towels. I left a message for the manager, who returned my call and said she would let people know more detail on the Powerhouse Gym. Oh, and the gym is a bit of a hike (near the university).
  4. I started with $38 for 3*, then tried $32 for 2.5*, and succeeded with this. I wasn't going to bid 2* (wondering about the airport shuttle with a 2* property), but I dived in and hoped for the previously-mentioned Fairfield, which does offer an airport shuttle. Total is $39.81.
  5. The rate on the Hilton web site is $99. I guess I did okay. :) I didn't have much time to start with $30 and work my way up, but perhaps next time! Total is $45.76.
  6. Yay! The first ANC car posting! I got it on the first bid after seeing $27.xx/day for Hertz and $18.99 with Thrifty. The total was $68.78. :)
  7. A friend bid on this, but this is all the detail he gave me...
  8. Well, I'm not sure how conventional the $49 rate was... I think it was a fairly readily-available rate (no obscure code put into the Marriott site or anything). It was a perfectly comfortable room. I had a "courtyard" room instead of one facing the substantial road near it. I had called ahead to put in a most vehement request for nonsmoking (with mention of allergy to cigarette smoke); she put my Silver Marriott Rewards number in (I think to help make sure I got the nonsmoking room selection - I know I don't get credit with Marriott for Priceline stays). Since the Courtyards offer pretty much the same rooms (although this one did not have a fridge/minibar?), I don't think Silver status will get you anything at Courtyards on any rate... The only difficult factor was getting to the hotel the first time. Be sure to print a detailed map of the surrounding few blocks on Mapblast. When coming off 70 going south on Qu
  9. They were going to give me a Cavalier, and I begged them not to do that to me. I asked about a Toyota - ANY Toyota (low emissions and much more comfortable than a Cavalier!) - and she let me pay $12 more for an Altima. :) My Five Star status with Hertz may have helped a little bit. The Priceline total was $25.09; then the $12 upgrade fee was taxed (don't remember that total).
  10. Quite a bit indeed... Post-Break-Up Travel Shopping Therapy is what I call it. :) Well, we'll see what happens on these trips! And thank you for keeping up this board! I always recommend it when the topic of Priceline bidding comes up.
  11. Partly because of a past experience at this hotel involving someone walking into my room since the front desk had checked them into it as well (!), AND because I fell asleep on a friend's couch until 1:AM, I was happy to forego this stay and finish my night's rest in north Ft. Lauderdale, with little chance of anyone walking in at an inopportune moment... :)
  12. Total was $51.16. I called the concierge to ask about parking (and then asked for an alternate to $15/day!). She said there are other options nearby, so not to fear...
  13. This was done in two separate bids, and each one totaled $56.50.
  14. I'm afraid there wasn't much bidding strategy to this except that I saw their regular rates were around $49, and I low-balled it at $30 for the previous night (bidding separately), and pushed my luck even further for this night. $37.47 total. :)
  15. Total is $50.95. (Delta Purser: I'll keep the chain on the door. :) )
  16. DeltaPurser, I know your stay has passed, but for others... I had an interesting event there... The front desk apparently didn't block my room as unavailable after they gave keys to me, so, at an inopportune time :) , in comes an Indian couple with two kids. Hilton received a letter (a well-wrought one if I do say so myself).
  17. Grand total with taxes was $177.77. This is for a friend of mine who I can probably now consider inducted into the World of Priceline-Obtained Hotels. :)
  18. Oddly, there is no information regarding tickets on their site [ http://www.freddieawards.com ], but some FlyerTalkers (www.FlyerTalk.com) have already received the details. I believe FlyerTalkers can attend for no fee; not sure what the situation is for folks who aren't FlyerTalkers.
  19. Oh, I think we'll head out of town right around check-out time. I'm sure we will have bought quite a bit of food (esp. from Zabar's - excellent values on cheese!) and will need to get on the road with the filled cooler! So you're not attending the Freddie Awards?
  20. I, too, am going to the Freddie Awards in NYC! $45 was rejected for 3, 2.5, and 2*, but $50 worked. I was fine with this after reading the comments about this location and reading their web page [ http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/cw/1/en/hd/EWRJC ]. I'm looking forward to the full kitchen for stashing edibles to bring home! :) Total was $178.57.
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