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  1. Thanks for the help! It seems like I have plenty of choice for these dates, so I'm going to decide very carefully.

    $39 for the Luxor is a very tempting deal, thanks for letting me in on that. However, I've already stayed there on 2 occasions, and wouldn't mind paying a bit more for something different.

    Thereyouare >> I notice you mentioned the Monte Carlo for less than $50. Where did you access this rate?

  2. Can someone please explain to me the double the difference guarantee?

    Hotwire offered me the rate of $162 for both nights, but I found that Orbitz offered $100 for the first night and $111 for the second night.

    Hotwire took the average of both nights ($105.50) and refunded me double the difference, 4 * $56.50 = $226.

    That all works out fine for me but I was expecting a little more. Somewhere on this forum I read that Hotwire took the first (lowest) of a competing rate and refunded based on that rate, not on the average. Which is why in my case, I was expecting a refund of $162-$100=$62. That brings it to a total of 4 * $62 = $248. So why did Hotwire take the average instead?

  3. Thereuare:

    I ended up booking the Beverly Hilton via Priceline at $85 a night.

    I am 99% sure that the hotel offered at Hotwire is the Hilton Checkers now. Reading the latest customer favorite review shows this:

    "I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at this hotel. The room was very cozy and comfortable, was extremely clean and very "spa" like, very luxurious. I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the hotel for the price I received and only wished I had more time to partake of the hotel facilities, particularly the spa."

    Also, a previous review said something about the rooms having bathrobes, something Wilshire Grand does not offer.

    My 2 cents worth.

  4. thereuare,

    thanks so much for helping me with the hotel eliminations!

    I can pretty much strike out the Marriott Downtown because it has a full business centre.

    Which leaves the Wilshire Grand, and that hotel in my opinion, is NOT 4.5*.

    What makes it more frustrating for me is that Hotwire labels this hotel a 'customer favorite'.. I am considering taking the risk because I think the Hilton Checkers warrants it. We'll see .. I guess..

  5. Hotwire shows a 4.5* in Downtown LA for $77 and I was just about to snap it up (I thought it was the Hilton Checkers) when I realized the amenity icons do not match the ones found in Hotwire's 'vacation packages' - it is short of one 'spa' icon. Does anyone have any idea which other hotel in downtown LA warrants a 4.5* rating other than the Hilton Checkers?

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