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  1. Okay, so I went to the hotel in person, told them what I wanted and they said they would email me. I got the email and the rate is $179 +15% taxes. The dates are September 5th to October 15. I confirmed that if I book through them, then I can cancel early. Which is a big deal, because I can close on any date prior to Oct 15th. They said if I went to priceline or expedia, etc... I wouldnt have that option. I dont know if that is true. Anyhow, I can now reply to the email to try to negotiate. Any advice?

  2. Thanks for your reply!


    The 30 day period is an estimate still a moving target, but It will start around September 1st and end on or before October 17th. It's bounded by the start of school year and the closing date for my home purchase.


    The phone conversation will of course depend on how sure I am of the hotel id. If fairly certain, I will say "I see your hotel offered for xxx on priceline/hotwire, will you match the price?" Of course, I expect they won't match, but they may come down some what. When I last checked, their website lists prices around $159 a night. Priceline express says $100/night but I can't be sure of the location. I don't want to call them and say 100$ without some confidence in the location. I think $150/night is definitely possible since it's close to their website price. Perhaps they don't give much discount to priceline/hotwire.


    I think what I need is more of a percentage that priceline/hotwire receives from the hotel so that I can ask for a reasonable price. I may or may not succeed but I want to be as best informed as I can be, before the phone call.

  3. Anyone can help me figure out if there are any deals on Hyatt House in White Plains, NY? I tried to use this website here to identify the express deals but it couldn't match to this hotel. I'm planning to stay here up to 30 days and it has to be a hotel that is in Harrison, NY school district. For those two reasons, I have to be pretty sure it's this hotel. I'm planning to call the hotel directly as well, but I want to ask them to match priceline/hotwire express deal if there is one.

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