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  1. Used HOTWIRE link.


    Indoor pool(s)

    Fitness Center



    Business Center

    High-Speed Internet Access

    Accessible for the deaf

    Free Internet

    In-room accessibility

    Accessible bathroom

    Handicapped parking

    Roll-in shower

    Total price: $103.69.

    Current price on Hotels.com, other travel sites and the HIlton website is: $309.

    This is a major score as it's about 25-30 minutes closer to the two-day jazz festival in Saratoga than the affordable three star hotels I was looking at near Albany airport (and $30 cheaper than my Holiday Inn safety net reservation). Rooms near the Saratoga jazz festival are always hard to find ... and even harder to score at a good price.

  2. The number for this hotel fluctuated over the past few days from $95 - $100 per night.

    I snagged it today at $99 per night today.

    Total Cost: $348.56

    - Fitness Center

    - Restaurant(s)

    - Business Center

    - High-Speed Internet Access

    It's the Washington Hilton, which is currently listed on Travelocity at $179/night and $537 total.

    I'd originally booked the Marriott at $219/night $752.26 total, so I'm feeling pretty good :)

    Oh, and I used the HOTWIRE link.

  3. Total Price after Fees: $87.75

    Amenities: Airport Shuttle, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center

    This was a last minute phone call to Hotwire as I wasn't sure where what city I was staying in that nite. As a result, I did not use the HOTWIRE link (sorry, I do when I can).

    I think the price was a last minute price as I looked earlier in the day and there were no 3.5 stars in Burlington at that price point that I recall.

    Stay was nice, but you do have to pay $10 for parking, Would be nice if Hotwire warned us about parking fees. I might have taken the 3 star that was similarly priced instead.

    No matter, it served it's purpose and I got a discount voucher to a local ski resort that I used the next day!

  4. Okay, so we stayed three nights in the Hotel Felix and here are what I think are the pros and cons.

    1) Service was great (with the exception of the bartender - see below). Very friendly and accommodating and helpful. Gave us a 1:30 late checkout without a problem.

    2) Free business center, which was never in use when I went there.

    3) Free 24/7 fitness center, also seemingly always empty. Free weights in there, but I honestly can't recall if I saw a machine.

    4) Good quality shampoos, soaps, etc. (so I was told - I'm fine with Dial and Prell).

    5) Bed was very comfortable.

    6) Room was very clean - and kept that way.

    7) I know some people are sensitive to hotels mentioning priceline/hotwire (though I have no idea why - it's common for places to say it's prepaid and sometimes mention through what company). It was not mentioned when we checked in.

    8) Good location.

    9) On site spa services that aren't ridiculously expensive (not cheap mind you, but not ridiculous).

    10) As mentioned earlier, Yolk is a great place to get a breakfast, but not if you are on a diet -- the portions are HUGE!


    1) No pool. I really don't know how you can call something four-star w/o a pool and hot tub. But that's just me.

    2) The room was small. Really small. I mean, so small we had to go outside to change our mind. For one person it would have been okay - provided I didn't have any actual work I needed to do while I was there. But we were stepping over each other a lot when we tried to get ready. On the other hand, if you're looking to be close to the person you're staying with, this room doesn't hurt :)

    2b) No desk to speak of -- and no way you could use the item that was like a desk to do any work. No room for a desk.

    2c) No dresser, no drawers --- no room.

    2d) Closet is small (no door on closet).

    2e) Shower stall only, no bathtub. But a good size shower stall ... you could fit two.

    2f) Did I mention it was small?

    CAVEAT: When we checked in, because it was a 3-day stay, we were initially offered a handicap accessible room as it has more space. We went for a room with a view (well, no real view in that room, let me tell you...) and were told when our bags were brought up that this was one of the smaller rooms. Nonetheless, it really was just too small and based on other reviews I've seen, I am not alone in this complaint.

    3) Restaurant next door doesn't have any chocolate desserts!!!

    4) Bartender one night was, well, not really interested in serving. We order drinks. THey don't have port, but the restaurant next door has it. She says she'll get it. Cool. Thank you very much! She eventually does get it, but not before playing on her crackberry for several minutes. (Really???!!!) Then she finally gets the drink. We order another drink. She gets one glass. Then proceeds to play on her crackberry for a few minutes before pouring the second glass. She spent much of the night playing on her crackberry, when she wasn't acting like a teenager with her friends who were at the bar. Hey, no problem with you having a good time with friends and the bar -- it makes for a lively atmosphere, which is great -- but don't forget your JOB is to serve customers. She wasn't too into that. Compared to, say, the treatment we got at the Palmer House lounge (which is a fantastic place to get a drink) we were amazed.

    Sidenote: On another, we talked with a few people at the bar - different bartender who lacked a personality, but at least she wasn't rude - who had booked rooms thru Priceline. One person was stranded due to the storms and got $80 for one night. A couple got $75 for a couple nights. We didn't mention that we scored it for $70 for three nights as we didn't want to brag :) Just mentioned that we got it thu Priceline too.

    Final Verdict: We enjoyed our stay and it suited our needs. For $70 a night, it was a good deal in downtown Chicago. If we ended up there again, we'd be fine with it. That said, this IS NOT a four-star hotel. I expect space and a place to do work in a four star hotel. Many people complain about the size of the rooms in the Palmer House, and I can understand that, but at least you can do work on a desk there.

    Was I happy? Yes.

    Would I stay again? Sure.

    Is this a four-star? No. Should priceline survey me about my stay, I will make that point clear.

    So, if you win this ... expect a good location, a clean room, and overall good service with good products. Just don't expect much space - and don't be afraid to ask for a bigger room. You might get it.

  5. Stayed at Flamingo as the rate was too good and wasn't finding anything cheap enough on Hotwire :)

    FLamingo has gone downhill since I stayed there in 05. The non-GO rooms are really showing their wear and tear. I used to say it was the best bang for the buck mid strip, and you can't beat the location, but not so sold on it at the moment.

  6. I personally think the Flamingo is the best mid level bang for the buck mid-strip.

    Typically cheaper than Harrahs (ugh) and overall much better in my opinion. It's not necessarily at the level of Mirage, Paris, but usually much cheaper. More expensive than Imperial Palace, but MUCH better.

    Depending on when you are staying, the pool has slides open (call to find out). Check the Travelocity and Expedia rates on that.

    The casino does have gals dancing on a couple blackjack tables at nite, but you're not going to be taking the kids to the casino anyway.

    Offstrip, the Orleans used to be family friendly, complete with bowling alley. It was okay when I stayed there, but you needed the shuttle or a cab to do anything on the strip.

    My two cents.

  7. Helped a friend get this using HOTWIRE link. Check in 2/25 check out 3/1.

    Syracuse NY

    Liverpool ONondaga Lake Area

    Best Western Liverpool Grace Inn & Suites


    Complimentary Breakfast

    Fitness Center


    Business Center

    Laundry Facilities

    High-speed Internet Access

    Please note, Syracuse now has three zones.

    Central Syracuse

    Liverpool ONondaga Lake Area

    Syracuse Hancock Intl Airport SYR

    $54 per nite. Total after fees was about $240. List price on Travelocity was $94 per nite before fees.

  8. Good price. Good location ... BUT if highway noise bothers you then this is not the place to stay. It's right by the interstate and the structure is more than 60 years old. So, it's a 3 star in terms of basic amenities, but the road noise is just unacceptable for a 3 star, IMHO.

    But, it served its purpose and I got a good deal. I would have been torqued if I'd paid 3 figures for sure :)

  9. Was stranded in ATL on 11/22 so I called Hotwire and got the Hilton for $63 for one nite.

    Total after taxes: $77.36.


    Airport Shuttle

    Fitness Center



    Business Center

    High-speed Internet Access

    Sorry I didn't use the HOTWIRE link. I usually do use the Better Bidding links, but didn't have net access when I booked the hotel at the airport.

    BTW: This rate was $6 lower than the distress rate for the Sheraton offered by Delta.

    Hilton was nice, but it was a touch worn. Closer to 3.5 than 4 stars (certainly not at the level of the Westin ATL Airport - more along the line of the Hyatt Regency in Princeton NJ that is a 3.5 star). Still, a nice stay for the short time I was there and the staff was very, very friendly.

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