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  1. This is going to sound stupid, but I've used Priceline many times in the past but I am completely unable to find a link to bid for a room in Manhattan, New York for four nights September 12 - 16.    The links at Priceline, and the link here at Better Bidding, just bring me around to the regular Express Deals + Member Deals + Standard Pricing offers - I can't get to the bidding screens. 


    Is Priceline not allowing bidding in certain cities or times of year?  Or am I doing something wrong?


    Thanks in advance! 

  2. I'm usually pretty good at figuring these out, but this one is throwing me:

    Hotwire is offering a $189 Rate (down from $259) on a 3.5* Midtown Central NYC hotel for June 20 - 23. What's throwing me is that it says 100% of Hotwire Reviews are positive for this one.

    Amenities listed are a short list:

    Pet friendly

    Smoke Free Rooms

    Fitness Center

    High-Speed Internet Access

    It looks like it might be Novotel from the BetterBidding.com list but TripAdvisor shows only 78% of reviews give it a thumbs up.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  3. OK, I'm all set (finally). I used your link to access the Express Rates through PRICELINE. Bought the Wellington 2.5* in Central Park South for $167 a night. Price has been sliding on that one all week. Reviews are mixed online, but, heck ...

    FYI I tried accessing the same hotel at a better price through the PRICELINE bidding up to $162 without luck. Perhaps the Express Hotels are separate from the Name Your Price hotels?

  4. Hi, Aaron, thanks for asking....

    I actually can afford whatever the hotel costs (and it's a business trip, so it's tax-deductible), but it's the PRINCIPLE, you know? :) It shouldn't cost that much.

    As for alternatives: in order:

    1. I'm flying in and out of JFK, so something in Brooklyn along the A line might work (although those aren't cheap either);

    2. Long Island City (I've never stayed there, but I'm travelling light and I can handle the effort)

    3. Stay with my college-aged son in the apartment I'm paying for in Brooklyn (but which he shares with several others and doesn't want his Pop hanging around, y'know)?

    I really ENJOY the PRICELINE / HOTWIRE thing. I'm optimistic I'll score something ...

  5. I realize Fridays are not the same as Wednesdays or other weeknights, but I saw last night on HOTWIRE that there were 15 4* hotels offering Manhattan rooms for TONIGHT on Hotwire, and 12 of the 15 were below $250/night. (9 were between $100 and $200).

    I am hoping that I can wait till the last minute, next Monday or even next Tuesday morning, and catch someone offering a similar great price.

    My visit to New York last year featured a PRICELINE room at the Waldorf for 3 nights at $160 or so, which I believe I reported in this Priceline hotel thread. I wouldn't have believed that, either.

  6. FYI, I am trying to book two nights at a 4* Hotel in Midtown Manhattan for $165.00. I tried many re-bid combinations today without luck.

    I will try again in a few days.

    By the way, you posted this in February:

    "Posted 15 February 2013 - 05:04 PM

    When bidding 4* in NYC you have SIX re-bid zones. If you're not familiar with re-bidding please read Priceline Re-Bidding Explained and feel free to ask questions and/or confirm your re-bid zones with the board before proceeding."

    and today you posted:

    "When bidding 4* in NYC you have TWO re-bid zones. If you're not familiar with re-bidding please read Priceline Re-Bidding Explained and feel free to ask questions and/or confirm your re-bid zones with the board before proceeding."

    Has PRICELINE changed that much in four months?

  7. I finally completed booking my NYC trip (used the Better Bidding Link): the last two nights will be at the Flatotel.

    As the Better Bidding listings suggested, the hotel I would receive turned out to be the Flatotel. There were complaints on Tripadvisor about small rooms but, as BB suggested, the room I was sold is some sort of a handicapped-accessible room. Perhaps it will be a little larger?

    PS: I paid $173. I went back to HOTWIRE a moment later to get the Amenities list for this message post and the price showed $172 ? Is there a 'markup' charged when using the BB link ?

    Amenities listed:

    Fitness Center


    Business Center

    High-Speed Internet Access

    Accessible for the blind

    Accessible for the deaf

    Accessible path of travel

    In-room accessibility

    Accessible bathroom

    Roll-in shower

  8. I had already successfully bid for 9-28 to 10-01, and purchased the Waldorf-Astoria for $180 / night, but I have been trying to get an additional night somewhere in Mannhattan on 9-27.

    I bid $140 for 3 1/2 * in all the better midtown NYC zones. I received a negative Priceline reply but it said that I could immediately rebid if I raised my bid to $169. Instead I added Chelsea Zone and raised my bid to $150. I was awarded the 4* Waldorf-Astoria.

    I'm very happy with the Waldorf-Astoria. It seems they have an aggressive pricing policy, which I appreciate. I still need a room for the evenings of 10-1 and 10-2 so I'll keep trying. I had no luck up to $160 for those nights so far.

  9. I'm playing around with the exact same dates 9-27 to 10-03.

    Here's what the Waldorf Astoria website shows for nightly availability:

    Sep 20 Thu — Sep 21 Fri From $599 per room

    Sep 21 Fri — Sep 22 Sat From $351 * per room

    Sep 22 Sat — Sep 23 Sun From $399 per room

    Sep 23 Sun — Sep 24 Mon From $319 * per room

    Sep 24 Mon — Sep 25 Tue -- not available ---

    Sep 25 Tue — Sep 26 Wed -- not available ---

    Sep 26 Wed — Sep 27 Thu -- not available ---

    Sep 27 Thu — Sep 28 Fri From $619 per room

    Sep 28 Fri — Sep 29 Sat From $399 per room

    Sep 29 Sat — Sep 30 Sun From $419 per room

    Sep 30 Sun — Oct 01 Mon From $449 per room

    Oct 01 Mon — Oct 02 Tue From $519 per room

    Oct 02 Tue — Oct 03 Wed From $549 per room

    Oct 03 Wed — Oct 04 Thu From $659 per room

    Oct 04 Thu — Oct 05 Fri From $659 per room

    Anyway, I bid up to $180 for 5 nights 9-28 to 10-03 without luck (I removed the evening of 9/27 because the website shows a much higher price and I guess that's not part of the 'sale'. I started shortening the trip and I was able to buy 9-28 to 10-01 (3 nights) for $180 / night.

    Very cool! Thanks for the heads-up.

  10. On one of the stickied threads it describes midtown east as being kinda outta the way of the touristy stuff and quiet at night? Thoughts?

    Thanks for the help!

    Hi, Growlers. I booked the InterContinental-Barclay for my family through Hotwire at $129 / night, a tremendous price. I've stayed here before, and I can confirm it has earned its 4* rating.

    Yes, it is in MidTownEast (MBE) and a smidgeon out-of-the-way, but it is CLOSER to museums and shopping and culture and FURTHER from the noise and chaos of Times Square and midtown. It's also easier to catch a cab when you get away from the big crowds.

    My suggestion: book the Barclay through Hotwire and put the $200 or so you'll save nightly toward your meals, tips, travel and events. Everything else in New York remains very expensive, so you will appreciate having a few extra $$ in your pocket. You can easily visit the Waldorf (it's very close to the Barclay) for drinks or a meal if you wish.

  11. Hello, and thanks for responding so quickly!

    I was not given a code or anything, and I do not remember that person's name. I guess I fugured it probably wasn't really their real name anyway.

    I asked several questions at the time since I use Hotwire a great deal for hotel rooms (but this was the ffirst time for airfare). They were very considerate and helpful over the phone, and they told me that I would not be able to 'see' anything after the cancellation, but that the credit would be there for my use, and that I would have to simply call back. They asked me twice if I was SURE I wanted to cancel the plane tickets, and I confirmed again that I had a year from the date of purchase to rebook.

    thanks, Jay

  12. I'm hoping someone here can give me some guidance.

    We booked 3 United Airlines tickets through Hotwire (the regular system, not the bidding system) for travel at Christmas 2007. Our plans changed, and we cancelled those three tickets in November 2007. We were told very clearly at that time that the money spent on the tickets could be reused toward three new United flights at a later time (less some charges), provided we booked by one year from the original March 2007 date of booking.

    I went to book the three new tickets today (for travel this coming August 2008) and I was told that I was given bad information, or misunderstood the informationi in December: I had to FLY by March 2008 to use the ticket money, not just book the flight. I cannot book a flight in March and use the credit towards an August flight - I must book AND fly by the one-year anniversary of our original booking.

    I'm naturally very unhappy about the situation, especially since I was very clear in November before I made the cancellations. Can anyone tell me:

    1) Who is my gripe with - Hotwire or United? Who has my ticket money right now?

    2) Do I have any recourse to use the tickets for anything at all now if I am out of luck? I have nowhere to travel in the next 2 weeks.

    thank you!


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