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  1. i actually got a counteroffer at $30 for an additional $8, so started again adding a rebid at $33, then $35. thanks again for the great forum!
  2. bid 3* downtown from $30 using cinci east and ft. mitchell rebids. through savingsbarn. $99 through millennium site, and $46 on hotwire.
  3. bid MP at $53, counteroffered at increase of $15 rebid MP+Skokie at $56, same counteroffer again! rebid MP+Skokie+Midway at $60...accepted! used SavingsBarn link. hyatt.com rate was $219, and hotwire had it for $122. :) thanks BB!
  4. thereuare...thanks for finding this! it looks like a great deal, as Amerisuites lowest rate is $179. checking out the #320 bus schedule (found through the article stay NJ visit NY in a previous post) it also looks quite convenient. i figure i'll wait it out as i'm really only looking for a place to crash, and really like the flexibility of the 24h PATH. but i'll keep the Meadowlands area in mind for hotwire. but i'll be sure to remember to bid through the SB link...and the HOTWIRE link provided. thanks again for all your help :)
  5. i suspected it might be one of the chains out there, but priceline's JC zone is bounded by Marin Blvd, Exchange Place, and 16th St just north of the Holland Tunnel. i'm hoping it isn't meant to be misleading, though perhaps not worth the risk just in case. would it be worth waiting until a couple weeks out to bid 3*...as that timeframe seems to be the trend with lower bid wins in this area? what would you suggest i bid for a 1*, with rates at the Holland at $73 (just as a basis for a 1*)? thanks again for your help...and of course this great forum!
  6. i did notice that no 1*s had been reported...just taking a guess based on hotels in the area, assuming there would be a possibility of a 1* as it is an option on priceline. not advisable i'm guessing. anyway...i needed 1 room, for the night of 09/06 at a maximum of $85. rates for the date are 3* Hyatt Regency $269 (AAA) 3* Doubletree $239 2.5* Courtyard $249 2* Candlewood Suites N/A the Holland is my backup and the basis for my maximum+, but the above rates really made this seem unrealistic. i won't have a car, so wanted to be close to the PATH as i'm staying at the Hudson in Manhattan 09/05 and am leaving from Penn Station 09/07. i was unable to extend my stay as rates at the Hudson (and Manhattan) increased for the 6th...this day being a last minute addition. i've bid up to my maximum for JC a couple times over the past couple weeks. would Secaucus-Meadowlands be a good alternative? any advice would be great, as i am indeed a 'newbie'. incidentally my previous bid at 2.5* was via SavingsBarn.
  7. does anyone know what priceline Jersey City hotels could be 1*? based on priceline's zoning map, it seems the Holland Motor Lodge might be the only one. i bid 1* today at $45. (the Holland Motor Lodge's lowest rate is $73) any advice would be very much appreciated...thanks!
  8. bid 3* MTE at $110, adding MTW $115, free rebid UWS $120, then UM-CPS $120...accepted! the Hudson's internet rate was $229. was wary of UM as the Park Central had an online rate of $139 (which was my cancellable backup). i'm a Starck fan so am looking forward to it! thanks to this great forum. :)
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