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  1. Hi! I'm back for my semi-annual help. I usually book a 2 star in Plymouth Meeting for a Saturday in August and 2 out of 3 years got the Springhill Suites. I got at $42,00 both years. Last year I got the Residence Inn in Conshocken instead at same price. That was fine. This year I definitely need the Saturday night (8/18) but want to get Friday the 17th as well. Based on recent postings I should be able to get as low as $39 or $40. I've tried various permutations over the last week to no avail. Usually I bid $44.00 for the Friday and Sat Nite at 2.5 stars - get rejected and then bid $44.00 for 2 star. Also rejected. I sign out and sign in again and bid $42.00 for 2 star for Saturday only. It gets rejected. (I bid $42.00 cause if I want Friday as separate, the fee will be increased.) Can't alway be sure I can get extend your stay, or am I wrong. Anyway, I guess I;m willing to pay $45./night if I get both but I hate to overpay ;-) (Isn'tg that why were all here). Anyway, help will be appreciated. Last year I got my mid August room on Jukly 13th. Thanks! Steve
  2. Thanks! I checked out reviws on the Pod and it looks "interesting" and will be closer than Clarion (3032 blocks <g>). And I liked fact that you can cancel up to 2 days before. It's only for one night. One review mentioned hall noise but I requested a quiet room and we'll see what I get. And all rooms have PLASMA TVS!So I'm booked! Thanks for the quick link to it! Steve
  3. Further followup. I think I'd probably be even better in Upper Midtown/CP South after Midtown East and then Midtown West but I know there are no 2.5* in CP South (at least Priceline told me when I checked. Thanks! Steve
  4. I wanted to follow up on this one. Because of the Marathon in NYC I wan't able to get anywhere near the $125.00 on line price I got from a new HOJO in Brooklyn. Nearest price anywhere was $150.00. And when I tried to match the price on Priceline, (backing out the Priceline "service charge") I was rejected for that date. So we stated at the HOJOS which was perfectly satisfying. Brroklyn really needs some hotels! But, as always, I appreciate your help. Steve
  5. First off, I LOVE you guys (and ladies!). Now I again nedd some quick help. I need clean room for one night for this Friday 1/12. I have a cancellable room for one at the Clarion at Park and 29th at rate of $101. plus tax which will be $114. But I need to be in the area from 42nd to 59th Sts. I Checked Hotwire and found a Midtown South (same as Clarion 2.5Star for $85. which would be $109. total. Priceline fixed price in Midtown is $129 for 2* Quality Inn (No rooms available per Quality inn Site) and $158 for 3Star. I'd like to bid for at aleast a 2 star on Priceline so that my total is not more than - say $120 (including fees and taxes). That would mean a max bid would be $90. or $91.). My preference would be Midtown East, next would be Midtown West and then CP South as I got the Sheraton Manhattan last year for about $89. plus fees. And Of course a 2.5 star would be okay. I always bid though the system you suggest. Can you help! Steve
  6. I tried and even went to $91.00 for TWO Star in Bklyn and was rejected. I'll try again in a few days. Thanks for your guidance! Steve
  7. Thanks! Okat BEFORE I bid, I better reconfirm my plan: Select 3* Brooklyn... Bid $80, if rejected add re-bid zone... It was rejected at $80. I will add Long Island City which only has 2*s and increase to $90. Bid $90, if rejected add re-bid zone... I will add Elmhurst Corona which only has 2.5* max and bid $100. Bid $100, if rejected close browser and re-access priceline however you did previously. Okay, I then close browser and start again Select 2.5* Brooklyn... OKAY Bid $90, if rejected add re-bid zone... THIS time I'll ONLY add Long Island City which only has 2 * and bid $100 Bid $100, if rejected close browser and re-access priceline however you did previously. And lastly Close Browser and enter Bklyn 2* at $90. Am I on right track? Thanks! Steve
  8. Hi! We need a hotel in Brooklyn for one night November 4th. We'll settle for a 2 star if need be. But Bklyn has very few hotels and the cheapest I can find anywhere is $159. We'd really like to be under $100. before taxes. Think this is possible? I looked at other options which might be to stay in Jersey City, NJ which is about 12 miles away and might have good rates on a Saturday night. There I'd like to keep under $90. for a 3 star or $75.00 for a 2 star. It seems closer than trying to stay in Lower Manhattan for similar hotels. I'll really have one shot tomorrow (Saturday) and then not for a week as I'm going away. Any suggestion on Bklyn? If not should I post Jersey City question separately? Thanks! I always bid according to your request
  9. I was hoping to get the Springhill Suites in Plymouth Meeting (a 2 star) where I've stayed in the past for about $38.00 (plus the taxes and fees) and every day for a month I've bid $41.00 for a 2.5 star and lost and then dropped to a 2 star for the same price and lost. Three days ago when I bid for the 2.5 star it had a counter offer if I could "add $12.00" (making it $53.00) but I didn't want to. Today I decided to go up a buck to $42.00. At 2.5 stars it said - again, there was a counter offer of adding "$12.00". I passed and dropped to 2 star at the $42.00 bid. I got it and upgraded to a 2.5 star Residence Inn in Conshohocken which is about 5 miles further away from Plymouth Meeting from where I need to be. When checking the Residence Inn Site for that date lowest was $119. With taxes and svc chg room is $53.13. They offered me to extend my stay at same rate but I declined. I'll use the breakfast but not the other facilities as I only really needed a bed for the night. But I'm pleased. It's definitely a business hotel with lots of open rooms on weekends. Thanks for your guidance. I did bid as requested. Steve
  10. I bid for 2.5 star in Plymouth Meeting $41. and lost. I then bid $41. for a Two Star. The one I was hoping for was a two star. In past years I got for about $34.00 or $35. I won't bid higher than $43.00 for the 2 star because when I add the PL fee (and taxes) it's not practical. I can almost drive home for that. So I guess my question is: If I keep bidding $40.00 or $41.00 ever 24 hours will that hurt my chances as compared to doing that every 2-3 days. It's a weekend and the hotels (usually business ones) are generally empty. Best price from the hotels direct is about $99.00. It's for 8 weeks from now. Steve
  11. I have been unsuccessful in my Priceline bids for about 10 days. I need a room in mid-August but usually get it on PL in mid June. Got it every year for same price. I decided to up my bid to near my max for the hotels (there are only 3 in the area) but still no luck yet. My question: Does it HURT my chances if I bid EVERY day? In otherwords does PL see the interest and therefore doesn't offer as good a price as if I bid every 3 days or so? Thanks! Steve
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