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  1. UPDATE 4:49 PM (PST) Received an offer from Price.line after my winning bid: 24 HOUR EMAIL EXCLUSIVE SALE! Name Your Own Price® with coupon code and save an EXTRA 7% OFF HOTELS I called Price.line and used it for 7% additional discount ($10.92) off my $156 price = $145.08 IMPORTANT STUFF For those wanting to use 7% Name Your Own Price Coupon: TDW9GUK6 This coupon ends at 11:59PM EST 5/7/2014.
  2. Hi thereuare, WON BID $156 @ Renaissance Hotel [seattle downtown - Pike Place, Convention Center, Stadium] for 6/6 - 6/7/2014. METHOD Made a bid today (5/6/2014 Tuesday) with the following strategy: 1) Viewed Priceline Express and saw a deal for $187 4 star hotel in Seattle Pike Place 2) Made a bid on Priceline: Downtown Seattle Pike place, 4 star, $150 - Counteroffer of $167 - DECLINED 2) Added another zone w/ no 4 star hotel (i.e. KENT), $151 - REJECTED 3) Added another zone w/ no 4 star hotel (i.e. BOTHEL), $152 - REJECTED 4) Added another zone w/ no 4 star hotel (i.e. AIRPORT SEA), $153 - REJECTED 5) Added another zone w/ no 4 star hotel (i.e. LAKE UNION), $154 - REJECTED 6) Added another zone w/ no 4 star hotel (i.e. KIRKLAND), $156 - ACCEPTED SAVINGS COMPARISON I did go over my budget of $150 by $6 (4% increase over my max) Priceline said that I saved 31% on my deal. If I saved 31%, then the original price should be $226. My Accepted Bid: $156 Marriott Renaissance Price: $229 Priceline's Marriott Renaissance Price: $229 Priceline Express: $187 WHY I PURCHASED The Renaissance Hotel is .4 miles (Approx 7 minute walk from Google) from the Convention Center. Once again, I did go over my budget of $150 by $6 (4% increase over my max) but I preferred taking the marginal increase over a 45 min to 1 hr commute. QUESTION: 1) Was this a good bid based on the date 6/6 - 6/7/2014, 4 star rating, and Seattle downtown - Pike place location? 2) Do i need to confirm w/ the hotel to see if the reservation had gone through? Thanks again for betterbidding.com, I will definitely use it in the future and refer it to my friends! :)
  3. Thanks thereuare, The zone(s) that I am intending to bid: Downtown Seattle - Pike Place - Convention Center - Stadiums AND/OR Downtown Seattle - Seattle Center - Space Needle I just want to be close to the Convention Center. Stated above: 4* = 4 Stars Maximum bid Price: $150
  4. Hello, I've been a lurker on the forums for the past week and decided to join yesterday. I love what you guys are doing here and wanted to join/help out if possible. Since being a newbie on the forums, I wanted to ask for some help: Location: 4* near Washington State Convention Center [Will be attending an event there] Date: 6/6/14 - 6/7/14 Price Range: $100 - $150 Additional Information: The Washington State Convention Center will be used on that day. Priceline indicates average $/hotel is $282. I tried stating $60 for that particular night. I knew that I would get rejected but I wanted to see the entire process on Priceline [i did look at betterbidding before hand].
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