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  1. I think part of the reason so few posts about Moscow is the need for a visa and someone needs to invite you to Russia to get one (for most countries). Lots of people just have the hotel do that and not sure you want to pay for hotel then ask if they will sponsor your visa. My assumption would be that those who use Priceline already have visa (via work for example) and they most likely have a specific place they need to stay so they also avoid Priceline. Having been to Moscow I was glad I did not use Priceline. I would pick your hotel via traditional book methods because of the one large zone issue. You really want to pick what part of town your going to stay.
  2. I stayed at that hotel as a PRICELINE win a few years ago and other then small rooms (like the rest of 4*'s in London) I enjoyed it and would stay there again. Very close to the tube. They had free wifi in the lobby then too.
  3. What dates? $95 for one date may not be possible another date. Still a $190/night hotel for $113 is nothing to feel bad about!
  4. Going into bidding I figured $105 would win so I started bidding 90, rebid 95, rebid 100 hoping to get one. Was very casual about it because I was so far out. I did bid up to 100 and got a counter at 120 a week ago. After that I knew I was close so just bid 90 then 95. A few of the 90 ones I got a counter at 110 but rebid 95 was rejected. Today bid 90, got 110 counter, rebid 95 and it was accepted at Marriott London Kensington. Bid in Mayfair, Marble Arch, and Kens. I have stayed in this area before so happy with the result.
  5. I think you missed the re-bid zone and that is why it was duplicate. You already bid on Mayfair/Soho in bid #2, that is why it was duplicate.
  6. Just to confirm their website was offering $130/night for that date? And that is $ not
  7. Pretty far out but worried a falling dollar would not help me as it got closers. I bid up over several days to get to $72. I multiple times was told increasing by $17 would get a free rebid but never took up that offer. 5/25 $55 5* East 5/27 $57 5* East, West 5/28 $60 5* East offered rebid for $17 (to $77) increase 5/28 $63 5* East, West 5/30 $63 5* East offered rebid for $17 (to $80) increase 5/30 $66 5* East,West 5/31 $65 5* East 5/31 $69 5* East,West 5/31 $70 5* East,West,SE 6/1 $70 5* East 6/1 $72 5* East,West accepted
  8. Started bidding at $85 and went up $5 a day until it was accepted at $100, no free rebids in this city. Hotel website price was $306, other sties where $250-265. In addition most hotels did not have availability for this weekend so was worried Priceline would not work but it did.
  9. We wanted to stay in SOHO so spent some time bidding on this zone. Started at $80 and worked my way up. Got lots of counter offers for $154 but finally got this zone at $145. This is father west then I wanted but thats part of the game. Reject bids up to $140.
  10. Used free rebid (London Bridge) and used SOHO as a rebid. Tried for a few days to get less but just gave and went to $105. Got counters of $114 and $118 a couple of times.
  11. First time using Hotwire, gald I found this site. Amenities: Boutique Hotel, Fitness Center, Restaurant(s), Business Center
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