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  1. well if the 4* looks like it is the sheraton it has an outdoor pool, but it's the closest you can get to 16th str the 4.5 star is a match for the Teatro, which I reccomend, great hotel. They have a hotel SUV that drove us to the stadium for a game and picked us up. No pool, but nice tubs in the rooms. the 3.5 star Boutique which is there but you don't have listed looks like the Magnolia, free breakfast and internet, but no pool your 3.5 is a match for Crowne Plaza, but the pool is outdoor and I know it's already drained for the winter. But they are the closet to the Diamond Caberet, which judging by your name might be a plus. :) the last one for the tech center, I do not think you want to stay in the Tech center, it's pretty far from downtown. You are not going to get free parking it you are close to 16th street. However if you avoid the hotel parking lots you could save yourself some money Also the Magnolia and Sheraton have great deals on Travelzoo, I would check those out first.
  2. Also, make sure you booked a refundable rate before you do anything! AAA usually is, but you never know these days.
  3. So I've been thinking a lot about my Europe trip this may but I can't seem to decide. We had some friends move to Zurich so that where we will be flying into. I like to do multi destination flights so I can see more. 10-14 days in May... but I'm kind of stuck after that. Maybe heading up towards Prague or down to the south of France or maybe Spain. We've already done Italy, Paris, and Amsterdam. I'm open to any suggestions where you know I could get a good deal. Thx.
  4. For $7 each way you can take the RTD express bus. Super shuttle drivers scare me
  5. I wouldn't suggest the Teatro for 3 people, the rooms are not very big. I'm not even sure if they have roll away beds. I would check and see which hotels offer roll aways.
  6. This is my new favorite Denver hotel, I'm just looking for another excuse to stay there. We went to a wine bar on Larimer call Cru which was also fantastic. The hotel is very close to the Denver Performing Arts Center maybe I will go to a performance for my birthday.
  7. I already stayed and it was very nice, sorry it took so long for me to put these up July was pretty busy.
  8. When I checked in I asked for an upgrade and was given an incredible corner room for $30 more :) Amenities Boutique HotelFitness CenterRestaurant(s)Business Center High-speed Internet Access Hotel rate per night - Hotwire hot Rate: $89.00 used HOTWIRE link
  9. Fantastic hotel, great deal. Stayed for a Rockies game, they drove us to the stadium in the complimentary SUV Amenities Boutique HotelFitness CenterRestaurant(s)Business CenterHigh-speed Internet Access Hotel rate per night - Hotwire hot Rate: $89.00 NoOfNights:1 NoOfRooms:2 SubTotal:$178.00 TaxesAndFees:$33.76 TotalPrice:$211.76 used HOTWIRE Link
  10. Great hotel very nice and very new. I just want to warn about the zoning in this area. The zone runs north to south on a narrown strip south of downtown. This hotel is at the very sothern strip of the zone. If you are planning on staying one night at the airport then heading into town the next day this hotel will be a bit of an inconvience. Not a big deal for me, but it might be for others. It's alwasy a good idea to pay close attention to zone boudaries on hotwire.
  11. The Sheraton Denver is 4* on HOTWIRE too. :) Someone just got it on PRICELINE. The Trip advisor matches too.
  12. :) the Sheraton is 4* now? I guess that renovation was really serious. Too bad I liked getting they Hyatt. I don't know what your dates but the parking garage has been closed for awhile. There are a lot of public lots close to your hotel. Expect to pay $10-15 day and remember parking in meters is free sundays. I wandered through the lobby the other day and it is really nice. Parking Garage Closure From July 13 to December 13, 2009, the parking garage will be closed. Valet Parking will be available at $18 for 0-4 hours, $22 for 4-8 hours and $26 for 8-24 hours or overnight. Here's the downtown parking map http://www.experiencedowntowndenver.com/sp...splash_map.html
  13. So if I was trapped on an island with limited bandwith and could only have access to one user content site it would be this one. The second site would be Trip Advisor. I'm trying to make a habbit out of when I post reviews on trip advisor, for hotels I've bid on, to include a link to betterbidding so people can see my bid price instead of posting it on Trip Advisor. I hope it will help increase your traffic, I know it saves me time answering questions from other users that read my reviews. Keep up the great work! Your biggest fan. :)
  14. I find on weekdays it hotels have a lot more avaliable double bed rooms than single with all the business travelers. I reccomend the Hyatt Convention Center. Great hotel and they always upgrade me. This is my strategy if I want two beds. I bid last minute. Why u ask? If I bid early on the hotel I get tends to fill up because it's the cheapest, not lots of rooms to choose from when u check in. Hotels that drop their prices last minute tend to be the ones with the most free rooms, so you get more selection when u check in. Just a trend I've noticed. Hope it helps.
  15. Here's the airport one looks like a new one for the board, I couldn't find any reviews on the hotel, must be new or renamed. Suite Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities High-speed Internet Access Golf Nearby
  16. Reporting on behalf of the husband, he is new to the Hotwires, I will make sure he uses the HOTWIRE link in the future No hotels showed downtown for Saturday night so he had to break up the stay. Got another Hotwire hotel by airport. Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access
  17. This hotel is undergoing a MAJOR renovation. I dont' know how far along they are but it's been going on for about 6 months or so. This is most likely the reason for the upgrade. I walk by it almost everyday, well every weekday. The restaurant is closed and I don't know about the pool. Make sure to visit Colorado Cookie Co, one of my favorite places. It's below starbucks right across 16th street. The hotel has a separate exit to 16th street. I've been curious about the renovation maybe I'll wander in. PS I'm sure yellowdog was just trying to be informative for the sake of other people reading the post.
  18. I meant a two and a half star sneaking into a 3 star something like that. When I searched for hotels matching the specifications you had for HOTWIRE I only found that one hotel, TownePlace Suites. But I only searched 3* hotels so there could be a hotel that Hotel.com classifies as 2.5* but Hotwire classifies it as 3*, since the rating systems are different, that also matches. If you bid 3.5 you're really safe there are only two hotels you can get Marriott or Sheraton. I would bid PRICELINE 3.5* and see if you can get something within your budget. There currently is no 3.5* hotel on HOTWIRE for your dates & area. Some people might not agree with me on this but I think it is true for Denver west area, HOTWIRE is more expensive than PRICELINE, but you have a better idea of which hotel you are going to get so sometimes it's worth the extra money. Since there is such a limited supply of hotels in Denver west that risk is not really there and I think it's better to bid PRICELINE and get the cheaper rate. I tend to use HOTWIRE when I am aiming for a certain hotel and willing to pay extra to get it. Again I just bid dates right before yours and Marriott was $200/night on their website and I got it for $55. At least on Priceline you have a change of getting the Marriott which is quite a bit closer to Red Rocks than the Hotwire Lakewood North zone. Good luck! :)
  19. I would do PRICELINE. I just won the Marriott West for early-mid July for $51 a night they had a list rate of $199, great deal and it's closer to Red Rocks than the Simms/Union area. If you are too nervous to bid you can save money by staying in a B&B in Morrison or Golden. I would bid ASAP if you're going for the Phish concert. I just watched the for 1996 pretty funny. I couldn't find any other hotels that matched, there are a pretty limited number of hotels in Denver West, the only risk I see would be some two star sneaking up.
  20. Used PRICELINE link bid $45 rejected add zone bid $50 rejected add zone bid $55 accepted Not the highest rated hotel but it's right next to the light rail which is really nice coming from the airport. Thanks!
  21. 3.5* (Denver West) Marriott Denver West YESSSSS!!! :) I reduced my stay by one night accepted on first bid of $51, try to extend but it got rejected Will I be able to try again later? Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $51.00 Subtotal: $204.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $36.18 Total Charges*: $240.18 I used PRICELINE link. I mess up the header sorry so excited my finger slipped. :)
  22. I check the Marriot West and it looks like they are sold out that Thursday the last day of my request. Maybe I will take that day off and try to extend it. I'd be okay if I didn't have that night. Maybe I am bidding to early.
  23. 7/4/09 to 7/10/09 Started at 45 added zone rejected 50 rejected 55 rejected used PRICELINE Link my dates actually changed since last night I'm going to try again using 7/5/09-7/10/09 i might add the 3* but I don't want to get to far east.
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