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  1. I was having trouble ID ing this hotel for November 22-24, so decided to book one night to see what it was (then buy the second night if I was happy with it).

    Icons were Internet & Restaurant, for $115 for November 22nd.

    I was disappointed that it was the Sheraton, as they are having a great deal right now (for $179 you get a room AND a $100 Macy's card). Bleh. Oh well, live and learn. Hope the new icons help someone out.


  2. Prices at Costo (not sure if you need to be a member or not) are a little cheaper but it appears they will charge shipping, so compare prices to purchasing directly from GoCard, which currently has a 10% off sale going on.

    Yes, if you buy from the Costco website, the shipping seems a little much for such a small item, but you may be able to pick these up at your local Costco (and save on shipping). I hadn't heard of GoCard until just recently, if I didn't need the Disney tickets it sounds like a great program (and a wonderful price too).

    Thanks for the GoCard link, that's great!

  3. Thereuare, please feel free to remove this if this is not the place to post, but this was so good a deal (and took so long to find) I had to share:

    The Southern California Citypass is being offered at some locations of Costco (not in California from what I know, but try Washington & Oregon locations) and through the Costco.com site at a GREAT deal, the lowest I've found.

    Here's the deal:

    $165 for Kids, $205 for Adults gets you admission to the following six attractions:

    3-day Disneyland

  4. Bidding on behalf of my Sister, 3rd try was the charm, along with a higher Max.

    Started at $55 (Disneyland) failed

    added Anaheim Hills $60 failed

    added Laguna/Mission $65 failed

    added Seal Beach/Huntington $70 accepted.

    Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort

    1915 South Manchester Avenue

    Your Offer Price: $70.00

    Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 5

    Subtotal: $350.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $53.41

    Total Charges: $403.41

    The tripadvisor reviews are great, a newer property so she's pleased. This hotel does have an advance purchase rate of $72, so it is no great savings over that rate. However, she probably wouldn't have even found that, as the 3rd party sites always show refundable rooms which are close to the rack rate.

    Everyone is happy. I'll try to get her to write a review when she gets back and get some digital photos for your 'real photos' page.


  5. A quick browse of the wins on a 4* USE have been in the price range of $70 to $110. I think $75 might be too low, especially if it's going to be a busy time. Do you have a backup reservation (at a price you can stomach)? Then you could have the luxury of bidding closer to the date without worry. Otherwise, I'd consider a less convenient area, a lower star level, or upping my price for a 4* in USE/USW. In any event, I'd certainly check HOTWIRE to see what the availability/prices are in different neighbourhoods. It's usually a good indicator of what might be available on Priceline (or if you find something that you like for the price, go with Hotwire).

    Best of luck.

  6. I'll get her to find the backup reservation. She's looking at other discount hotel sites, but there's usually penalties to cancel. She wants something cheap, under $60, so I'm pretty sure she'd have to drop to a 2* property with a regular reservation. The thought of a vacation with the kids in a 2* personally terrifies me, as I've been shocked by some of the hotels that pass for a 4* these days. :)

  7. I haven't used these myself, but I've read on some Hawaii travel forums about certificates you can purchase for the Hyatt's in Hawaii (and worldwide). Do a search on "Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Elite Certificate". I believe it makes it about $249 a night which IS a very good rate compared to the cheapest room during that time of $391. That is, if there's no blackout dates etc. -- you'll have to do some thorough research before spending that much on certificates...

  8. P.S. As for locations in SF, anything around Union Square would be really convenient for walking, shopping and dining as well as good transportation options. It's quite flat in that neighbourhood too, if you'll be pushing a stroller (which I did last time I was there).

    I've stayed in other neighbourhoods, but I think you'll find any zone that includes Union Square will be optimum for a first-time visit with kids.

    SF is fantastic -- enjoy.

  9. I think it was San Francisco that someone told me that the occupancy in the rooms has a max based on fire regulations. Please check that out, as there might not even be hotels that allow 4 per room. If the only concern is the beds (not enough room for the 2 year old), I'd bring or buy a $5 air mattress and use a couple of extra blankets from your beds. Many of the hotels charge upwards of $30 or more to bring up a cot.

    But theruare is absolutely right, most of the rooms are small -- if you need 2 beds you will most likely have to book a specific hotel to accommodate (Priceline/Hotwire would be too risky unless you go for a 2nd room). Although, for the price of 2 rooms, you may be able to get a suite somewhere (depending on your budget).


  10. This is a Priceline win for Budget. I tried for a one day rental on Sept 21st at the same location for Full Size, Convertible, Premium & SUV for $30 and it was a failed bid. Trying the same cars, again for a one-day rental (but days later) on the 26th, I was able to get the Full Size.

    May have gotten a better deal closer to the date, but I'm happy with the savings:

    Your Offer Price: $30.00

    Total Rental Days: 1

    Subtotal: $30.00

    Taxes & Fees: $11.84

    Total Charges: $41.84

    Lowest Published Price: $67.80

    Total Savings:* $25.96

  11. I hope the rates do get better, but my sister knows the risks but wants to secure her hotel at a great price. I encouraged her to find a back-up reservation so she wouldn't feel so much pressure to get a 'win' on priceline.

    Today I tried up to $60 for her, and still no-dice. If they did get sick and had to cancel they would be out $300 (if they get the hotel at a good rate). But right now, they don't have a priceline booking or any booking for that matter!


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