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  1. Bidding for one room for 2/26/11-2/28/11 (this weekend), 3*. First bid, Worcester $55, rejected. Added Auburn (no 3*) and rebid $60, rejected.
  2. I've been trying to bid for 2 rooms for 11/24-11/27 without success so I thought I'd try shortening the time frame to just Thanksgiving day (11/25) - 11/27. I got the 3* Hilton Garden Inn for $50 for each room. $50.00 Number of Rooms: 2 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $200.00 Taxes and Fees: $34.16 Total Charges*: $234.16 This is fine, because I'll just add on the additional night at Priceline's regular rate of $83. (I hope it was ok to post this as a new topic? Maybe I should have added this tomy Failed Bid post? Feel free to edit!)
  3. Rebid $45 this morning. Rejected. I'll keep trying. No other zones to add.
  4. Bid $41.00 each for 2 rooms for Waltham/Newton, 3*, for Thanksgiving (11/24-11/27). Rejected. I'll keep trying and I'll keep you posted. I used your PRICELINE link to bid. Thank you.
  5. I noticed that the list of Hotwire hotels for Worcester MA still shows the Crowne Plaza as a possible 3*, but that hotel is now closed. (It has been crossed off the Priceline list.) Thanks.
  6. Well, now the rate is $82, but the amenities listed are: Complementary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool Business Center Laundry Hi Speed Internet in rooms Kitchenette Sure sounds like the Residence Inn to me.
  7. At this point Hotwire is showing a hidden hotel that is 3* and fits the description of the Residence Inn for a non-refundable $79. I have continued trying to bid to no avail. I'll give it a little more time, but I bet that $79 is the Residence Inn... (BTW my dates are 9/24-9/26.) As always, thanks!
  8. Thank you for the HOTWIRE suggestion. I will use that if I can't win a bid soon. (I am so cheap! lol) Meanwhile, my parents want to come with us, so now I want two rooms. I think this is not an issue of price, but availability. I really only want to stay at the Residence Inn, although I would be ok with Courtyard too. I'm glad the Crowne Plaza closed - that was a 3* and it was a dump. Today (8/17) I bid: 2 rooms Worcester 3* $55 rejected Worcester + Auburn 3* $65 rejected BTW I always use your PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links to bid.
  9. On 8/14 I rebid $65 on a 3 star in Worcester and it was rejected. I added in Auburn (no 3 star available) and rebid $70 and was rejected. Oh well. (I have a refundable reservation at the Residence Inn for $139.)
  10. PLEASE NOTE THIS THREAD WAS FROM 2009. I was recently asked to post an update. We ended up staying at the Waltham Doubletree using an AAA rate. Rate Type: AAA RATE Rate per night: 94.05 USD Total for Stay per Room: Rate 282.15 USD Taxes 27.37 USD Total 309.52 USD Total for Stay: 309.52 USD It's a decent hotel and spacious for families traveling together.
  11. Bid $50 hoping to get Residence Inn, which I have gotten several times in the past. Bid rejected. I'll try again for $60 in 24 hours.
  12. I have $94, which is the AAA rate. Not cheap - but I've stayed there several times and it is a nice place. We're traveling with 2 older kids - so we either need two regular hotel rooms or the suite will work fine. I've seen the 3* hotels going in Waltham for $36, but not for more than 2 nights...and not at Thanksgiving - I'm not sure how that effects things.
  13. On 10/11 I bid $35 for 2 rooms 3* in Newton-Waltham MA for Thanksgiving (11/25 - 11/28) and was denied. On 10/17 I re-bid $36 (the general going rate) and was denied. So far I have a cancelable (?) reservation at the Waltham Doubletree for a reasonable rate; I might just stick with that for now as we will only need one room there.
  14. Bid $42 each for two nights, 9/25 and 9/26/09 and bid was accepted at Residence Inn. I chose $42 because that is what it has gone for recently. I was very happy to get the Residence Inn as it is a Wonderful hotel -- full breakfast and lovely HUGE rooms. This is parent weekend at Worcester Polytechnic Institute so what a great deal! I used the PRICELINE link at the top of this page.
  15. Bid $43 on 2 1/2* and got the wonderful Worcester Residence Inn. I'm happy -- I always worry on a Worcester bid that I'll be "upgraded" to the 3* Crown Plaza, which is a decidedly inferior property to the usual 2 1/2* choices (Courtyard or Residence Inn). (It happened to me once.) AAA price on the Residence Inn Web site was $189/night!!! 8/24/08-8/26/08 Offer price: $43 Number of rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $86.00 Taxes and service fees: $18.34 Total charges: $104.34 I used the Better Bidding link to PRICELINE to place my bid. Thank you!!!
  16. Tiny detail -- I typed in "Brookpart" above, but it should be "Brookpark - Brooklyn." Thanks.
  17. Bid $45 for 2 1/2* Newark Ohio. Rejected. Added Hebron (no 2 1/2*) and rebid for $50. Won bid. $50 each for three nights. I'm happy. $150.00 $25.00 taxes and service fees $175.00 Total Thank you.
  18. I'll start out by saying that I intentionally bid CHEAP on these rooms because we were not determined to spend the night in the area (we decided to drive through instead). However, none of these bids is out of the range seen as winning bids in the past. 1) Bid 2 1/2* $45 Cleveland East Mayfield -- rejected 2) Added Brookpart (no 2 1/2*) and rebid for $50 -- rejected 3) New bid 2 1/2* $45 Mentor/Painesville -- rejected 4) Added Brookpark and rebid for $49 -- rejected
  19. Bids: May 6, 2008 I bid $60 for 2 1/2*, bid failed. No other zones to add. Waited 24 hours to rebid. May 7, 2008 I bid $65 for 2 1/2*, bid failed. May 9, 2008 I bid $70 for 2 1/2*. Came back saying I could bid $22 higher and get a room. Rather than pay $92 for an unknown hotel we opted for the Hampton on 1080 Hospitality Lane because friends were staying there. That cost $107 auto club rate. (Not including taxes.) (I should note that I saw two other winning bids in Fredericksburg from last fall for $65)
  20. I see Fredericksburg, VA as an option on Priceline, but I don't see its hotels listed anywhere on this forum. Does that mean that few bids are won there? Or do you think Fredericksburg is being covered in some other territory (eg. Northern Virginia)? Thanks!!!! :)
  21. Just a suggestion, but if you ever have to bid on Worcester again, try the 2 1/2* for $50. You might get the Residence Inn, which is a far superior hotel to Crowne Plaza (CP needs renovation badly). Plus you get a free breakfast at Residence Inn, and sometimes even dinner too! Parking is free too (it's not free at CP). PRICELINE might bump you up to the Crowne Plaza anyway, but it's worth a shot. Hope you don't mind the suggestion. :)
  22. Bid $50 for one night, 4/29 - 4/30. Got the Residence Inn, which I am very happy about as it is the nicest hotel in Worcester, bar none!
  23. Every once in awhile this very fine hotel appears on a winning Priceline Bid under 2 1/2*, Worcester. These rooms are huge and include a full kitchen. They have king beds that are super comfy with lovely bathrooms. Full breakfast is included, and some nights they even have free dinner (hamburgers, stuff like that). Parking is free. There are three types of rooms that I've been in - one has the bedroom living area sort of combined (although much larger than most hotel rooms). Another is a two bedroom with doors. The two bedroom has a king, a queen and 2 bathrooms. The last one has a door between the bedroom and the living room. Both have pull out sofas. If you bid on Priceline they may insist that you are in the room without the door between the bedroom and the living room (called a studio). Hotel was new in about 2007. This hotel is conveniently located for the hospitals in Worcester. It is a little farther from most of the colleges, but still convenient enough. Beware that even if you choose 2 1/2* trying to get this hotel, you might get bumped up to the 3* Crowne Plaza, which is not nearly as nice as this place. Happy bidding!
  24. We stayed at this hotel for two nights 10/6/07 and 10/7/07 on a Priceline bid of $75. It's a very standard Marriott. Rooms appear to have been somewhat recently re-done. Everything was clean. Bed was comfy. We had a king bed and the room had a pull out sofa too. Loud air conditioner - which I actually like in a hotel, keeps the noise from other places drowned out. Our room had a little balcony if you needed some air; it even had 2 chairs and a small table on it. I called ahead of time to request a two-bed room and she told me no because I was Priceline. When I checked in I asked again and she told me she didn't have any. Parking is free. No free breakfast though. This hotel is very close to Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
  25. First bid $65, 2 1/2* -- rejected Added Auburn zone (only has 1* and 2*) and rebid $75 Got the Courtyard by Marriott on Grove St. 2 nights stay $150.00 Taxes $27.10 Total $177.10 (A savings of $84 over AAA rate for same nights) A couple of things - this is parent weekend at a nearby college, so I knew it wasn't going to be cheap. In fact, I had a reservation at the same Courtyard for $116 (AAA - $130 with taxes), which I just canceled. I got the heads up from a friend of mine who had just won the same bid. I'm nervous bidding in Worcester, because I don't want to be bumped up to the 3* Crowne Plaza, because it's not very nice. -------------------------------- I am SO SORRY that I keep forgetting to bid through Savings Barn!!! Can you explain how that works? Do I just open the browser at Savings Barn and click on Priceline, or do I have to somehow go through here? What do I have to do to make BetterBidding benefit from that? Thanks.
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