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  1. I purchased the 2.5* Best Value at $54 for the two nights I was sure of (10/20-10/22). TownePlace Suites 1400 Zarthan Avenue South Saint Louis Park, Minnesota 55416 Amenities as listed in first post. Best rate on TownePlace website is $109.99
  2. I'm looking for a hotel in the Minneapolis West zone in October. I'm not sure yet whether I'll need 2 nights (10/20-10/22) or 3 nights (10/20-10/23) but I'm doing preliminary research now. For 10/20-10/22 I find a 2.5* "Best Value" at $54 with these amenities: Fitness, Pool, Laundry, Kitchenette For 10/20-10/23 I find a 2.5* at $55 with the same four amenities but the hotel isn't tagged "Best Value" when I add the third night. Are these two different hotels? If Hotwire tags a hotel "Best Value" does it show up as a "Best Value" for all dates? Or can a hotel be a "Best Value" on some dates but not others?
  3. I used the SavingsBarn link and got the Candlewood Suites in Richfield for $44. Best price on the hotel's website is $89.99. Amenities: Fitness, Laundry, Highspeed, Kitchenette.
  4. Now I understand. Feel free to delete the duplicate comments here. I'll post them in Review forum next time.
  5. I posted a followup comment but I don't see it now. Maybe it got deleted? I wrote that I don't want to stay at this hotel again. I planned to use Add a Night for a second night but changed my mind when I saw the place. The exterior looked good. No problem with the room. The young lady who checked me in was sweet. My issue was with some of the shady looking people staying at the hotel. At different times I crossed paths with three hotel guests who seemed "not right" and one of them was muttering to himself and looked angry. There were good people staying too but overall a very mixed bag clientele. A uniformed security guard was on duty in the daytime. At night I think there were two security guards. The front door to the hotel locks at 7pm and you need a room key to get in after that. Hotel still uses plastic cards with punched holes for keys. Hotel is in a busy traffic area off 880, mostly big box stores, Home Depot, Michael's, Best Buy. I used points to stay at Berkeley Doubletree the next night and that's much better atmosphere and on the bay.
  6. I wouldn't try to stay here again. I was planning on using Add a Night for my second night but changed my mind and went someplace else. The hotel is in an area of big box stores just off 880. There's a lot of traffic. It's a good location if you want to shop Home Depot, Best Buy, etc. Otherwise the Doubletree in Berkeley where I stayed last time has a better location and atmosphere. There was a uniformed security guard on duty in daytime. I think there were two security guards at night. The place felt kind of shady. They lock the front door at 7pm and you need your key to get in after that. I crossed paths with three different hotel guests who didn't seem quite right in the head. Some good people there too, but a very mixed bag. The room was okay and the lady who checked me in was nice. But overall I didn't feel too comfortable and I paid more money to stay someplace else the next day.
  7. I won this for Sept 16 for one night. First I bid $45 for 2* for two nights and got a counteroffer to raise by $13. There weren't any free rebids so I bid for just one night and raised to $54 which was accepted. The regular rate was $98 and I used your savingsbarn link. When I checked out they gave me a receipt that showed the price was $52. Extended Stay Oakland-Emeryville 3650 Mandela Parkway Oakland, CA 94608 Even though this hotel's address is Oakland it's in the Berkeley-Emeryville zone. I didn't bid in Oakland.
  8. Portland Airport Inn 7101 NE 82nd Avenue First bid through Savingsbarn was accepted.
  9. Through the savingsbarn link I bid $40 for a 2.5* in Stockton. Got a counteroffer to raise by $12. I added another zone that only went to 2*, bid $42, and won the Courtyard. I liked this hotel much better than the Radisson I won as a 3* the last time I was in Stockton.
  10. I bid $50 for a 2.5* in Modesto and $40 for a 2*. With the 2* bid I got a counteroffer for $51. The next day I bid $55 for a 2.5* and $44 for a 2* and the 2* bid was accepted at the Red Lion. I used the savingsbarn link.
  11. After failing in Pasadena on Priceline ($50 for a 2.5* and $40 for a 2*) I purchased this on Hotwire. I don't think this hotel is in your list. Shuttle, Breakfast, Pool, Highspeed, Laundry With taxes and fees it's $68.29 total. If I'd reserved this through Best Western the total including tax would have been $77.61. I only saved $9.32 by using Hotwire then. The location is good for me though and the free breakfast will help. I used the savingsbarn link.
  12. This is for two nights, June 24 and June 25. June 25 got cut off in the subject line.
  13. My first bid of $45 for a 2.5* in the Warner Center-Woodland Hills zone was upgraded to the 3* Hilton. I won the same Hilton via Priceline last weekend for $55 after a prior bid of $50 had been rejected. This time I tried to save a little more by bidding lower for the 2.5* but I ended up at the 3* anyhow. I used the savingsbarn.com link.
  14. This is for a Friday and Saturday night. $45 and $50 for 3* and 2.5* in Warner Center/Woodland Hills failed. I waited 24 hours and $55 worked. I see now that someone else won the same hotel for $52 a few days ago. :) Oh well, $55 is a good deal too. p.s. This is for the Hilton. I forgot to write that in the subject line.
  15. Is this Holiday Inn in the Coastal zone or the Point Loma zone? Headline says Coastal zone. If this is the Holiday Inn on Sports Arena Drive that area looks like it's part of the Point Loma zone.
  16. I got charge of $46.20 from Howard Johnsons on the Visa that I gave for incidentals. The hotel says it was a mistake and they'll credit it back.
  17. This was the only option that Hotwire offered in Davis. Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Business, Laundry. The hotel was $75 on the hojo.com website or $67.50 with AAA discount. Not a great savings but I'll take it. I've never stayed at a Howard Johnsons hotel before and it's nicer than I expected.
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