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  1. This hotel is more like a clean 3*. The room was simple, correct and the TV had two or three English channels. I had no meals here nor breakfast as there were plenty of places a block away. The free shuttle was on time. It only took a couple minutes to the airport. Staff were very attentive. I would not mind staying here again as it is good value for money compared to all the other prices I saw in the area.
  2. Accepted on first bid which always makes you wonder if we could have started lower. Website has a 99E weekend special. Our price converted, including taxes, to 67E, so nice savings. This hotel does have a free shuttle. We used your PRICELINE link here, of course. Searching online I see someone actually got this hotel for $67 when bidding for a 3* at CDG so well worth starting a lot lower if you have the time.
  3. Disappointed in no airport zone for Hamburg at NYOP Priceline, and the Hotwire offerings were as elusive, I opted for a direct cancelable purchase through your Accor support link here for my one night. It has a free shuttle, and looks very nice.
  4. After starting bidding tonight too low, and failing at bidding up to $40 for first a 3*, then a 2.5* and running out of free bids too quickly (day before bidding) to raise after the $55 counteroffer I got at $40.. I bought this 2.5* hotel on Hotwire. Amenities were: Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) High-Speed Internet Access Total $118.00 including fees. The LQ website showed a senior rate for 2 rooms at about $123 without taxes ( which it never showed the total when looking). So probably only saved $15-$18 on TWO rooms. Not very exciting. I do have a question I couldn't find the answer to. Chicago has many zones. Is there anyway I can pull all three zones ( suburbs, north, south ), together and use ALL the areas as options, thus improving my amount of free re-bids.. or can one only look at "suburbs" and bid on those and no others at the same time? Fortunately, I also RE-CHECKED the star level for each area in the suburbs before my free rebids and Bloomingdale/Romeoville and Elmhurst had BOTH had a 3* hotel added to their listing making them no longer free re-bid areas for a 3* option elsewhere. For safety sake, I always start my free rebid with a fresh new bid, and the NON * area I am going to add to my bid.. just to make sure nothing has changed since the last bidding period. Do you think it possible a free re- bid area could disappear during a day of bidding? I found this fairly frightening. I used your HOTWIRE link here as well as the PRICELINE link when bidding and also the support page when searching for publicized rates. Thank you again for this website.
  5. I'm glad to see YOU couldn't figure it out either! The resort fee has me stumped. Sounds good, though. I will use links here as always for whatever I do. Thanks for the response.
  6. 3* August 6 $50 2 adults amenities are Breakfast, fitness, pool, business center,laundry, H.S internet, golf
  7. I bought the Hojo San Bruno for $68 including tax at your support link for Hotels.com with a 10% off coupon ( Mayflowers10). But in this case it is not cancelable so I only bought the night before our fight home.
  8. After no success at low bids for SFO, I decided to go for the recommended Howard Johnson San Bruno that has free parking, free breakfast and I used a 10% off coupon from Hotels.com through your support link here. So it has turned out more reasonable this time than most other options I was looking at.
  9. I am looking at 2 adults, 2 nights, aug 4-6 Berkeley/Emeryville 2* $73 Amenities: comp. break., pool, bus. center, h.s.internet, laundry Trip advisor rating is 2.5 Hotwire rating is 90%! Which one to trust? Any idea which hotel this is also? Thanks
  10. Very risky IMO. There could be a capacity problem and there are very strict fire laws here. Be careful. You probably will be better off in an apartment. I would under no circumstances book anything non-refundable unless they had accepted the 5 person group in the booking. Sorry to go against the grain here, but this could be a very expensive adventure. Try this: check into some American chains in Europe to see if they allow 5 and then perhaps you can identify those hotels on Hotwire like suggested here, or book them through a support link.
  11. I needed one night in Madrid June 10th, so not liking the Hotwire offerings I decided to use a 10% off coupon I received from Hotels.com. I purchased the AC Avenida de Am
  12. Booking at Hotels.com through the support page link here, you can later apply a coupon Mayflowers10 and get an additional 10% off.
  13. Don't fret. I think it's a very nice hotel. And a great price! I have stayed for work several times. The lobby is a dated layout, but the rooms are well appointed. It is in a great neighborhood. The lovely Lazaro Gadiano Museum is nearby as well as a decent restaurant called "El S
  14. Sign up at their frequent stay program if you aren't already a member just to give yourself a little extra advantage when asking for requests. You may be luckier that way. At least it's worth a try.
  15. You may want to take a look at Hotwire since the amenities are shown before purchase.
  16. I guess I should have asked for more. Who knows. I probably did have more rights.
  17. I will probably buy the San Bruno Hojo through your support link here via Wyndham hotels. It has free parking and breakfast and still comes out cheaper than the Holiday Inn Express on Hotwire, especially when you add the $6.95 parking fee at HI Express.
  18. Am probably going to buy the Howard Johnson San Bruno, ( gets VERY good reviews) through the support link here for Wyndham Hotels. I have a discount code, which makes it come out to only $67, includes breakfast and FREE parking. I have been looking at many of the 3* and above on Hotwire, and parking now is $6.95 at least in most cases. More if you go higher in stars. So one must keep that in mind. I have tried to purchase this hotel on Wyndham here, but for some reason it does not show it available but if I go to the Hojo site, it is there. I will be booking the 17th and then the 28th one night, two adults. Both will be cancelable so if I don't like it on the 17th I will cancel my other reservation and post here. Thanks for the observations.
  19. SFO Burlingame, SFO San Bruno, or SF South. Have to collect family at airport in middle of our California trip.
  20. Just wondering. Looking at Hotwire prices, can I expect only a 10-15% less bid acceptance than a Hotwire price?
  21. Started bidding at $42. Was counter-offered with $57 suggestion. Ignored. Started new bid and added Richmond free rebid zone at $44. There was a nice Hotwire hotel with breakfast for $51, but decided to bid and not be tempted with those buffet breakfast for a change. Cheapest on website was $99. Two rooms. Very happy with this.
  22. Have bid and won the Sheraton for the 18th at Pleasanton for $44, 2 rooms., one night
  23. Searching through your HOTWIRE link i have found Please help ID 3* SFO North/Oyster point $66 3* $66 2 adults August 17-18 one night amenities listed are Shuttle, fitness, bus.c., laundry, h.s. internet The satisfaction rate is 90% which makes me think it could be the HI Express over the HI Airport. What do you think? Thanks for checking.
  24. Absolutely, however, the Melia gave our room away the first night.. sent us to A Thistle Hotel at Marble Arch in a car that took an hour to come get us.. then paid for a taxi back in the morning. ( I found this sadly comical after all I went through to get "the perfect hotel situation!!) They DID upgrade us to Club lounge services.( free breakfast everyday.. free cocktails and tapas in the evening, a bottle of champagne and chocolates waiting in the room when we FINALLY were able to check in). But I was quite annoyed. There was a huge football game, with VIP's from one of the teams staying at that hotel .. so.. guess the last 5 couples to arrive got the walking papers. And this was after I sent two emails and called twice the previous days to remind them of our very late arrival.
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