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  1. It is always a good idea to secure a cancelable reservation in the area you would like to be or somewhere at the price you want to pay. you can compare many of the sites through the support links.. and SOMETIMES dhr.com has an unusually low rat,. and sometimes others do. It just depends. It is never the only site I look at. HOTWIRE can be as good or better than PRICELINE sometimes, too, so keep an eye on everything you have time and patience for! Good luck! Be sure to check the star ratings of hotels you are going to use for free bids all the time! Once a 3.5* or 3* hotel was added from one day to the next, to an area I was using in free rebids for 4*. So do check that every session.
  2. Yes, I saw that, too.. and will take it into consideration. Is that a cancelable rate? The Westin is starting to look pretty darn luxurious right now.. but being at Logan might be better. Although my husband wants to go into town for dinner anyway, so.. price will rule my final decision. Thank you so much for checking in for me. Really appreciate it, as I might not have known about that deal. makes you wonder at what price they will accept Priceline at 4* Logan , if at any? Would definitely like to meet up for a drink.. but it would have to be a late drink, and actually, a light dinner would be better.
  3. Have gone up to $120 for a 4*. Cancelled the Westin reservation since they wouldn't price guarantee ( just like you said). It seems when THEY looked for the price, it was "on request". Anyway, still have the dhr.com total $162. Not worth going any higher bidding changing from such a lovely hotel over a win where i would only save $10-$12. Closer to the end of the month when I have to cancel the dhr.if I am not going to use it I will try again to see if prices have fallen, but at this point I imagine I will end up in luxury at the Westin and take in a couple hours in town on this quick overnight flight connection.
  4. This is not the exact area you want, but a fabulous hotel deal to take a look at. Go to the DHR.com. You can get the Westin Waterfront at $127.
  5. They already immediately rejected it sayin git was an "on request" rate. I sent them a copy of the reservation i made after THEIRS so as not to lose the rate n case they would not honor it.. It was instant confirmation. Actually, the rejection reply came back so fast it seemed like an auto-reply rejection letter! We'll see. I'm still bidding though. Logan, if it comes close, will be much more convenient I think.
  6. I just booked the cancelable Westin Waterfront ( I THINK/hope through your support link here, ) and sent them a best rate guarantee claim with dhr.com info. I then booked the cancelable dhr.com through your link to be sure I had it in the bag at $137.. hopefully less, if the claim comes through. I have until July 30th to cancel dhr, and August 2nd at Westin if something much better comes up at Logan.. but this is a pretty good alternative and worth the splurge, I think.Thanks for all suggestions.. will keep posted if any change!
  7. Have bid up to $90 for 3.5* $75 for 3* The Westin is back at dhr.com for $137 so I am looking into the price guarantee and how that will possibly work out. If the airlines will keep our luggage overnight for our connection flight 9 hrs later.. might not even have to take a taxi both ways to the Waterfront. It certainly would be a step above anything else I seem to be able to get for even more money.
  8. Started at 4* up to $60 in downtown area. Dropped down to 3.5* starting at $50 up to $60 ( max my friend wanted to spend without thinking of staying at airport area) Then dropped to 3* hoping to get accepted at $50 at the Millennium Maxwell House like someone had posted. Got a counteroffer at $50 to pay $65. Ignored. Added free bid zone Bid $52, got same counter offer to pay $15 more. Then added free bid zone bid $55 and was accepted. The acceptance page, however, was not the typical one. Neither did it say in the URL "accepted" as it usually does. Price on webpage was $136/night. Obviously very happy with this as they have free parking and a shuttle to take the guests to the middle of downtown. We used your PRICELINE link here, of course.
  9. Two nights booked today.. Used your link here. Knew from your info that it was Capitol Hilton. Very happy. Amenities were: Fitness, Restaurant, Business Center, HS Internet, SPA
  10. And the Hyatt is fully booked suddenly as is the Comfort suites Logan.. This is turning into a nightmare. In retrospect, the Westin was probably an error.. $137 instead of $237. Only myself to blame for not dealing with it at the time. Well.. back to the drawing board. There must be something HUGE going on.. is all I can say. That baseball game you mentioned in another post must be pulling people in a few days early. I will take a look at the Hotwire offers again.
  11. No.. I have just checked and the dhr.com Boston hotel lists has shrunk t only a few hotels. So the sweet Westin deal is out of the picture.
  12. If amenities ( free breakfast or kitchenette, pool ) are important to you, you may like the Hotwire choices for most/part of your stay.
  13. $100 still not doing it... do you think this is a question of time? Any idea how high one would have to go seeing the high ($189 Hyatt) and even higher ($219 Hilton) rates? Seriously considering dropping * level although getting the Four Points will not make me too happy. There must be an event because even the Comfort Inn is high as well as Hampton Inn.
  14. Oh ! Great! Good to know. They occasionally have an unusually lower price I have found.. but not always.
  15. I could also go for the Westin Waterfront and get 10% off dhr's lowest rate which is $137 vs. $289.
  16. Hyatt Harborside at dhr.com. Let's hope some 4* Logan inventory comes up soon.
  17. At www.dhr.com the Westin Waterfront Hotel in Boston has a price of $137, which with taxes comes out cheaper than the most recent winning bid on NYOP. It is much higher on Westin's own website.
  18. Have gone up to $95. Seems like at most whenever I win this bid it will be a savings of maybe $20, considering I can get a 20% discount off lowest price I have found on another website with their price guarantee ( IF they authorize it, of course).. so.. just not panning out like I had hoped this time.
  19. Besides the buffet breakfast they offer a light dinner every monday through thursday night.. so not a bad deal at all and free wifi.
  20. Started at $45 3* for 2 nights Ft. Wayne SW, the 11th and 12th. No luck. Had only one chance to get a 3* hotel in this area ( same day bid and no free bid zones) so I changed dates to one night ( hoping to be able to add a night with link later) and jumped to $55 after deliberating if I should do $50, decided that rejection wasn't worth the risk for $5..and was accepted. Website is $129 + tax. Hotwire was not useful in this case as the family needed to be near this SW junction. I used your PRICELINE link here but the page that came up was a little different, as was the confirmation/acceptance page.
  21. hmm. with the taxi add on I imagine we will probably pay for something at Logan in the end if we don't get lucky closer to the date. I see I can go quite high on priceline and still save SOMEthing! We have a very early fight.. 6.30am
  22. Have now done several days of bidding starting at $80 and going up to $90 with no luck at 4* at Logan. So many of the other star ratings have hotels WAY out.. it seems it might be better to add Waterfront and pay for the taxi both directions ( we will have golf clubs and bag...) I saw an interesting rate for the Westin Waterfront for $135 plus tax.. Will keep trying. I use your PRICELINE links here.
  23. Just wondering. Since the only Marriott I see on their website at CDG now is this one ( 4*), the 3* Courtyard no longer exists? Or has the Courtyard been converted into a 4* Marriott?
  24. The hotel was very acceptable but I think 4* is pushing it a bit. It's more like a very nice 3*. I left a short report on hotel reviews.
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