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  1. we booked the howard johnson san bruno west near sfo for $68 including taxes through the support link here for our last night in California. The hotel is fine, Has free parking, free breakfast and no surprises. The room was clean and we can recommend this place. Not sure how near it is to public transport. If you can afford it i wold stay downtown, but this is definitely a decent place. I also had a discount coupon applied,i think, to get 10% off. If you DO stay in SFO area, calculate the BART fees everyday to make true comparisons. They aren't cheap.
  2. Wow. We LOVED this hotel . Then new decor is very upscale and design oriented. The color combinations happen to be my favorite.. acqua, beige, sea green..We liked it so much we extended our stay here and would hope to get this hotel next time bidding the area. This area is very well communicated and has many services within blocks. The breakfast was hot. You could prepare your own waffles. Free wifi and staff that any hotel would be proud of. The king rooms seem a bit larger or have a different sized main window. But our second room ( we had to move just next door when we extended our stay) , with two beds, was also very comfortable. The living room area, wet bar, fridge and microwave make this a great place for longer than normal stay.
  3. We spent one night here before a flight. I booked directly with a discount coupon through the support link here since many of the SFO hotels charge for parking and I did not want any additional fees surprises. It provided free breakfast, free parking and free airport shuttle. $68 including taxes. The hotel was very easy to find. We were able to fill up on reasonably priced gas within a block. It was very late when we arrived but I did not see many eateries in the area from where we approached. Perhaps there are some in the other direction. Check-in was easy. Our room was off the lobby but we heard no noise during the night. The room had iron and board, coffee and tea. It was comfortable and fairly spacious. The breakfast area was upstairs on second floor with several room doors surrounding this central area. I would avoid a room that gives onto breakfast area as it is a little strange to open your door and find a bunch of tables with people eating when you leave your room. We were offered juice, orange and apple, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, instant oatmeal, cereal, muffins, toast and bagels, cream cheese and jams. There were a few pieces of fruit, mostly bananas, but a family grabbed most of it as they left. We met a foreign family who using this location to go into and tour SF but I do not advise that. This chain hotel turned out to be good value for what we paid, in my opinion, with no extra fee surprises.
  4. We won three nights at this motel style accommodation, and were abel to extend one night at the end. It has several two floor wings, all accessed from the outside, with parking in front. A Denny's shares the property. If you show your card you receive a 10% discount on your meal. The two bedded rooms seem to be in one particular section. If you need to be near another room, find out the set up before you go so you can arrange that. The room had an iron and board, coffee and tea and small fridge. Free local calls. Free wifi and a hotel lobby computer. They have guest laundry and vending machines near the pool area. The staff was pleasant and quickly rectified or refilled anything that was lacking. This hotel seems to fill up each night as travelers come off 405 looking for a place to stay.However, you do not realize you are so close to the road as there are trees blocking that view even from the street. This hotel is very well located. It is around the corner from 405, and a couple blocks from 101 so access to Universal studios and the Getty Center is simple. Ventura Blvd. has lots of ethnic restaurants, and the Galleria food mall and shopping down Sepulveda has some nice places, too. We picked up take out food one night from an Iranian place on Ventura call mana..something, on the right a couple blocks down. It was super tasty. We did not use the pool or jacuzzi, but it was a welcome respite for families. Our room was very quiet. We were on the ground floor and could not hear people walking upstairs. I would have no qualms receiving this 2.5* hotel again. This is not a good location for going to any beach . The traffic is miserable going down to the coast.
  5. I had a very nice stay and even extended one night through your link and my reservation as we were not abel to do everything we wanted in that time frame. I was VERY happy they accepted the extend a night at same price. They seemed to sell out every night . Family members were abel to get a $99 rate for a king room and $104 for two bedded room ( which are not in same area of hotel) I will write a quick report when I get unpacked. Had a great vacation overall in California this summer, much so thanks to your website!
  6. I just realized this is a 2.5* hotel according to my reservation page. sorry. hope you can change the title and hotel list.
  7. There's a lot to be said about getting all your reservations ahead of time. I am finding last minute bidding and unappealing Hotwire offers much more challenging than weeks earlier. Yesterday made Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks 3*bid up to $55 yesterday with counteroffer of $71, adding N. Hollywood as free rebid, then adding Burbank as an option, then dropping to 2.5*, getting same counteroffer of $71 when I reached a $55 bid. I started again today at $60 for 3* in Van Nuys. Counteroffered at $74. Added N. Hollywood at $65. Got same $74 counteroffer. Then I bid 2.5* Van Nuys at $60 and got a $71 counteroffer. I ignored it and did a totally new bid for N. Hollywood alone at 2.5* at $60 which was rejected. Added my preferred zone of Van nuys to N. Hollywood, bid $65 and was upgraded to a 3*. Best Western Carriage Inn Wonder why the hotel didn't accept it before. same zones. Same bid. happy to be done with this! Best rate on internet at hotel website was total $325 with tax. We paid $230. I used your PRICELINE link, of course.
  8. Same day bidding. After not getting a hotel in Pleasanton up tp $62 near our reservation tomorrow, tried Livermoe at $46. Was counteroffered $56. Closed, did new rebid with free zone at $49. Counteroffered again at $56. gave it one last try at $51 and was accepted. Used your PRICELINE link here
  9. Decided to extend a night this time here at Springhill Suites and change the trip activities a bit for tomorrow. I am sorry that I did this from my email response from priceline. This hotel computer keeps cutting off, and is very slowso I didn't use the PRICELINE link here to find my reservation. Will do so next time.
  10. Bidding today for tomorrow 8/16 and exhausted all 2.5 and 3* possibilities up to $60.
  11. We stayed here one night and were given a highway facing room without realizing it until we were changed for the evening. There was constant trasffic buzz and engine noise from I-80 all night long.Do ask for a room that would be quieter. This is our only complaint about this place. I am sure had we addressed this problem it would have been resolved, but we were tired and did not feel like changing rooms.
  12. Just checked in.. and this place is gorgeous! The suites are very very upscale in design and amenities. Huge property so I think 2.5* here in Roseville/rocklin you will have a good chance at this place. Wish we had been here last night!
  13. Tonight I tried to "extend a night" at my$43 Hilton Garden Inn as we decided to stay put one more day here, but unfortunately it did not accept it at the same rate, offering me a rate of $63, which I declined. So I started the 3* bidding again up to $49 with free rebids, to no avail. Then I dropped to 2.5*, bid $39, and was counteroffered $46, which I accepted as I forgot I had one free rebid at 2.5*, but it doesn't matter!. I had hoped not to have to change hotels, but this is better than spending $63, plus at Springhill I believe they include breakfast. I used the PRICELINE link here.
  14. Bid $41 Roseville, received $6 counteroffer increase. Ignored. Rebid with new bid at $43 adding Parkway as free bid zone. Would have loved the Hyatt Place, but this will do although no free breakfast. Cheapest price on Hilton website is $113, senior price. I used the PRICELINE link here . Thank you.
  15. I didn't need fancy. I trust your opinion. Have seen you compare places and felt I had the same aspirations! Free parking (at $20/night or more at higher star hotels in cities) was very welcome. If I don't like it you won't be held responsible. And I am sure it will suffice for our one night stand.
  16. Aug. 23-26. 2 adults amenities breakfast, pool, Internet $68 4.5 trip advisor Thank you
  17. Remember when you bid 3*, the 4* s are already included in that bid.
  18. My "budget" obviously was totally unrealistic for these dates this time of year in Boston. Of all the big cities I have bid on.. Boston and this year London in February have been the worst in the past 5 years. I especially want to thank ALL posters when they post winning bids. Especially how they came to that bid. It really helps put things in perspective, helping others not waste time or overbid unnecessarily.
  19. thanks.. sometimes there are municipal lots nearby that have special deals. Otherwise I will do as suggested.
  20. Bid up to $130 and then bought the only 4* opaque hotel at Logan for $140 at LMT. I knew it was the Hilton from the decoding process explained on a thread here. The Hyatt Harborside has not been offered at LMT for my dates for a couple days.Your lastminutetravel link was not working. Sorry I couldn't finalize any of this saga through your links in the end. Actually this is a very good solution as the Hilton is connected to the terminals so I think with our short layover I have been more than lucky in the end. I cancelled my dhr.com res. at the Westin Waterfront today. Hopefully next time won't be so tedious. Boston sure is expensive in the summer! Wow!
  21. Just copied Colfax's bid. Didn't bother trying lower, didn't want to deal with waiting 24 hrs. in case it was rejected... but was accepted on my first bid. If you have more time then bid accordingly as previously Colfax got this hotel for $36 frequently. Best rate on website was $81.99 pus tax. So saved about 50%. Colfax likes this place, so I am good with it and bid here for that reason! I used the PRICELINE link here, of course.
  22. Won this on my first bid. Was not expecting this to go so fast or would have started lower. $20 parking fees. I wonder if anyone knows if this neighborhood is good/safe, and if perhaps there is on street parking nearby? Cheapest deal on their website is $119 with 2 breakfasts and coliseum passes. I used your PRICELINE link here. I will write a review as several people have stayed here but no one has sent one in yet.
  23. Bidding 4*, I assume. Good luck. This is so disappointing it is so high this month. Going so high you may be interested in the www.lastminutetravel.com has 4* Logan hotels for $140 plus tax= $164.00 see if the support/travel link is up and running here now. I've got the same problem.Good luck.
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