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  1. Used PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals and BB.com PRICELINE link. Amenities shown: free parking, free internet, swimming pool. A good deal and good location - lowest published rate on RedLion.com is $152 (loyalty rate)
  2. Attending event in PDX and needed a room for 1 night. Used BB PRICELINE link. $188.99 tax-inclusive. Prepaid rates on hotel website starting at $193. Amenities shown on Express Deals page: Free Internet, Business Center, Fitness Center, Non Smoking, Pets Allowed, Restaurant Hotel looks like a new property, modern and hip.
  3. I love Wildberry! Looks like the amenities that were showing before booking were: Fitness Center, Pets Allowed, Business Center.
  4. Used BB.com PRICELINE link. I was originally shooting for a 3.5* in the Loop (ideally the former Club Quarters) as my business meetings are in that area, but need to have a place to sleep for 1 night, so booked this via PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals. $163.97 inclusive of taxes/fees. Amenities: Pet Friendly, Spa, Non-Smoking, Gym, Accessible, Business Center. Best rate via PL's non-opaque method is $271.20. Fairmont.com lowest available rates start at $289. Thanks as always for the great info!
  5. I was going to go full-boat and stay at the Courtyard King Kamehameha, but then my travel buddy had a work thing come up. Can't justify the cost for just me. Booked this today for my trip next week - $446.85 is the total tax-inclusive. Used BB PRICELINE link. Amenities shown were Outdoor Pool, Nonsmoking, ADA Accessible.
  6. Used the BB.com PRICELINE link. Doing a mileage run & quick dose of sunshine trip. Lowest rate on hotel website is $197/night and a local friend reports good things about this place. As always, am grateful for the lists & tips on this board! Amenities: Pet Friendly, Outdoor Pool, Non-Smoking, Restaurant, Handicap Accessible
  7. Heading to Portland for 1 night for a business function with a colleague. Tried a variety of permutations/combinations using betterbidding.com PRICELINE link; ended at $135/night - $166.23 including taxes & fees. Appears I slightly overbid - Crowne Plaza website is showing rates from $131. Nonetheless, deals in downtown PDX are harder to come by so this is fine. Will report back on this hotel after my stay.
  8. Used BB.com PRICELINE link -- last minute weekend trip. Started I think at $65 and started going up in $1-5 increments, adding free rebids (and not so free - there is now a 4* in NE/Lloyd that I'd actually like to try) until a $95 bid was accepted. I've never stayed here so look forward to posting a follow up about my experiences. Close to one of my childhood favorite restaurants Old Spaghetti Factory (and their corporate HQ!). $230.62 for the 2 nights, tax inclusive.
  9. Definitely pleased! Expe.dia and even Price.line's conventional booking method show rates of $220+/night. NYOP got me a great rate for a quick weekend getaway.
  10. Used BB.com [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link, started at $75/night, added free rebids, success at $130/night. Total $313.76 including taxes and fees.
  11. Have been working on NYOP 4* with little success in Hollywood/West Hollywood. Picked this up for $129/night, 3 nights, on Express Deals. Used BB.com [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link. $473.58 tax-inclusive. Reviews of the hotel & rooms seem middling at best, but the price is just what I was wanting to spend, and the location is very good. Listed amenities: Free Internet (in Room), Pool, Non-Smoking, Gym, Restaurant, Handicap Accessible, Business Center
  12. Free Internet (in Public Area), Non-Smoking, Gym, Restaurant, Business Center
  13. Used BB.com link. $152.69 tax-inclusive. AAA rate on the Sheraton website is $297. 2 blocks and a 6-minute walk from the wedding I'm attending, so this is perfect!
  14. Excited to go to Vancouver for a pleasure trip with friends. Used bb.com PRICELINE link. Started at $60, added free rebid zones, success at $68. $166.94 including taxes and fees.
  15. Used Betterbidding.com PRICELINE link. Quickly secured this, $53.44 with taxes and fees. Should be a decent overnight stay for before my conference, and the price is right.
  16. Used betterbidding.com PRICELINE link. Have been trying various permutations and combinations, various star levels, various increase amounts. Success at $121, and this is the hotel where my conference is being held! Beat the conference group rate by $28/night! A great result for what appears to be a busy time in the city.
  17. Used BetterBidding.com PRICELINE link. Started with 5* and 4.5* bids in DT/White House, dropped to 4*, added DuPont/Woodley, Georgetown/Foggy Bottom, and then Convention Center/Capitol Hill. Success at $105. $127.49 with taxes and fees. Priceline tells me I saved 73% - checked marriott.com, $399/night is website rate for basic room, $359.10/night with AAA discount. This is perfect, perfect, and perfect because I'll be staying at the J.W. Marriott for a conference through Saturday night, and won't have far to go after I check out...and the price is right. As always, thanks BB.com for the helpful info.
  18. Have been trying a variety of bids over the past couple of weeks. Used BetterBidding.com link. Started at $45, added rebid zones and increased price. Success at $89/night, total $315.93 for 3 nights inclusive of taxes and fees. Very happy with this as it's very close to my conference hotel, and it certainly beats the negotiated rate at the conference hotel of $145/night. Woot!
  19. Used BB.com PRICELINE link. Have been trying a variety of permutations & combinations for about a week with no luck, 4* and 3.5*. Started this bid with Downtown, added Convention Center/Lloyd Center, then North Vancouver, then NW Portland, then South Waterfront. Success at $49. Total $63.43 including taxes/fees. Lowest standard rate for these dates on marriott.com is $149/night, so I am more than pleased.
  20. Bidding a bit early for a leisure trip. Used BB.com PRICELINE link plus rebids, and increased bid by $3-5 each time. Marriott.com shows $129/night so I think this is fine.
  21. Happy to provide that info. The amenities listed are: Boutique Hotel, Fitness Center, Restaurant(s), Business Center, High-Speed Internet Access, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom. I was hoping (a bit) for the pool at the Handlery Square, but I'll definitely take the daily wine reception at the Serrano.
  22. Have been running Priceline bids for about a week now - rates are nuts, and there doesn't seem to be inventory. I need to not take up 1/2 my workday so booked this on Hotwire, total $478.20. Rates on Serrano website are showing $259/night as lowest rate. Boom, done, now back to work. :) Used BB.com HOTWIRE link and as always found the hotel lists here helpful.
  23. Have been trying for a few days for a last-minute holiday weekend trip. Used BB.com PRICELINE link. Started at $85, increased by $5 increments, bumped up to $125 for last successful bid on last free rebid zone. Total $298.44 including taxes/fees. Definitely beats $189/night best-available rate on hotel website! Thanks, BB.com.
  24. Just checked hotel website, lowest available general rate for those dates is $272.33/night. Expedia.com and Hotels.com show no availability for those dates. A steal of a deal!
  25. Used BB.com PRICELINE link, started with 4* MP/Loop/Grant Park, added all free rebid zones. Added NMA/River North zone and got this. VERY happy with this since I'm bidding this far in advance and given the apparent scarcity of rooms for these dates in Chicago.
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