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  1. Finally I got the right dates :) First bid was 41$, got counter offer to raise my bid to 53. Declined the offer and bid 45$ - accepted Total after taxes and fees for one night: 58,38 $ Best rate on the hotel website ist 224$, so this is quite a big saving! Started bidding with Savingsbarn.com
  2. Priceline didn't accept the cancelation and I didn't get back any money. Well... at least it was only a 40 $ bid.
  3. I tried for the right dates but haven't been successful yet. I wrote to Priceline anyways and told them what happened. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks Michael
  4. I was really happy with this one. 40 $ was the first bid on priceline - and it was accepted. Radisson Miami Downtown Your Offer: $40.00 Subtotal: $40.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $12.64 Total Charges*: $52.64 Then I realised that I mixed up the dates :) Instead of 09/16 - 09/17 I wanted to stay the same dates in october :) Well... at least it was only for one night and a low bid. Now I'm going to try again and will start even lower...
  5. Thanks for the Hotwire information, but I decided to stick with Priceline - using Savingsbarn.com And I was finally successful. Got the Marriott Rive Gauch at the St. Germain/Latin Quarter zone for 90$ per night. Thanks everybody for your help!
  6. i'd like to try without the la defense zone first. being close to the city centre would be more important then getting a slightly lower price. so besides la defense and the airport zone, i'm willing to accept all the zones in the city centre. thanks!
  7. Hi everybody, I'm looking for one room in a 4* hotel in Paris up to 120 $ from Sept. 7 - 9. I don't really care about the area, if it's not an airport zone. Also La Defense seems to be a little far away from the city centre. The Marriott Rive Gauche seems to come up quite often for a nice price around 90$. Should this area be my first try? Any bidding help is really appreciated! Thanks Michael
  8. After a few trys I finally got a result: Marriott Singapore Your Offer Price: $99.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $297.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $59.51 Total Charges: $356.51 Startetd with 90 $ (using savingsbarn) as I didn't even get a counteroffer before. Raised my bids to 95, 97 and finally 99. Well... wasn't really as low as I was hoping for, but it's still okay.
  9. Yep, I'd like to try for the city hall marina zone and then orchard. :) If it's not going to work, I could still lower my star level to 4 and bid a bit less. Thanks!
  10. I'd prefer the city hall/marina bay zone. But I'd also take a 5* hotel at the orchard road zone, if I can't get one at marina bay. The Swissotel is one of my favorites so far. I could get that one for a littler more than 100$ incl. breakfast and taxes. That's why I want to try to get some lower prices. Thanks
  11. Hey everyone, I am going to Singapore from 05/12 to 05/15. I'd like to stay in a 5* hotel and don't want to spend more than 85/90 US$ as I can get a 4* incl. breakfast and taxes for 100 $. I think there are just 2 priceline zones with 5* hotels, and both are fine for me. Any bidding advice is really appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Started with first bid for 50$ and a 3* in Downtown Providence and immediately got the Marriott Downtown. Probably overbid, but the hotel was full, so I guess it`s still an okay price!
  13. Haven`t been successful on my bids for NY and Boston, but tried again for other destinations while on the road. Here`s one of them (see also Providence, RI): Bid 60 $ for 4* on Greenwich-Stamford, was rejected but got offer to raise bid by 17$ Didn`t agree and bid again for 67 $ by adding Norwalk-Westport as a rebid-zone. Got the Hyatt Regency Old Greenwich. Was pretty happy with the rate. Nice hotel!
  14. Tried up to 120 $ several times for copley, downtown and logan via savingsbarn - no luck! So I keep my backup hotel, the HI Select which I got via EasyClickTravel Travel. It`s 127 $ a night. Compared to the rates at their website (around 280), I think it`s a great deal. Thanks for all the help!
  15. I didn`t have any luck with bidding (using savingsbarn!) on New York so I finally decided booking the Cosmopolitan Hotel through hotelconxions.com. Got it for 693,53 incl. taxes and fees for 4 nights. The hotel gets pretty good reviews, so I`m satisfied. Still trying in Boston and hope that I will be successful there. Thanks for all the help! This site is great!
  16. Tried several times via Savingsbarn up to 110 $ - no success. :) Gonny keep trying as I still have lots of time! I also have the Holiday Inn Select as a backup anyway. Thanks
  17. I know that there are lots of hotels in Europe, that have 2 doubles in the room. But most of them just have one king or maybe one queen. You can check with the hotel website, but you still don`t know which hotel you will get when you use priceline! It`s quite risky, so booking 2 rooms for 3 or more people is always better!
  18. Thanks for the link! The dropwdoen menu still doesn`t show me the HI Select. Btut now I can use the link... great!
  19. I can`t find the Holiday Inn Select Government Center in Boston in this dropdown menu! There are several HI, but not the Select one. Is there anything I do wrong? Maybe I book the BW Terrace Inn as a backup then. They offer it for 134,99 at their website. But I guess (hope) I might find it a liitle cheaper in the web. But I will also try your bidding suggestions! About the rebidding: I know the two re-bidding-zones for the 4*: South Boston and Somerville, as they don`t have any 4* hotels. But I`m not sure what to do when bidding for 3*. Are there any areas that don`t have 3* hotels? I can`t find any. Thanks for the help!!!
  20. I thought that it would be quite hard to get an ixexpensive 4* for that date. Thanks for the idea with the Holiday Inn. I didn`t find it yet on easyclicktravel. Only the Marriott Quincy which is also kinda far... Anyway... I`d like to try for the 3 star on priceline. If you suggest a bidding strategy, I'd really appreciate it. The areas would be anyone close to a T-station... so Downtown, Copley and Cambridge. Highest bid is 120. By the way... we get the car the day we leave, so we don`t have it while we are in Boston. Thanks!!!
  21. As I`m kinda stuck with my New York bid (going to book a backup), I`ll try for my next city: Boston! Will arrive there on 10/19 and stay for 3 nights. Would love to stay in the Downtown/Copley Square Area but also consider Cambridge. What would be a reasonable bid for a 3* or even better a 4*? Is it going to be as hard as in NY? May i Get one under 120 $? Thought about the Sheraton Newton ( I guess) on Hotwire (around 70 - 80 $), but would rather stay closer to downtown. I also thought about the airport area, as our flight arrives in Boston and we will go on from there by rental car. But I guess it`s not a good location to get to tourist things easy, right... or maybe someone can proof me wrong! Saw some nice results for the Hyatt Financial. But will this work for my dates? Thanks a lot for every help!!!!!
  22. I was going to book the Crowne Plaza Secaucus. They have quite a good rate. Even if I prefer staying in Jersey City or Manhattan. But thats just a backup till I find something better! (Hopefully!!!) I also get more and more convinced about the Candelwood Suite. It`s on Hotwire around 100 $ I think. Is there a chance to get a better price on priceline? Thanks!
  23. Well, that`s what I thought. I tried Jersey City on Priceline up to 110 $, but got rejected. What would be a reasonable bid? I also thought about splitting the bid, even if this is my last option. The rates of the hyatt are: 10/29: 199 $ 10/30: 249 $ 10/31: 319 $ 11/01: 319 $ Would I have a better chance splitting it in 2 bids with 2 days each? About the Candelwood Suites: Well I kinda don`t like em but still wood take em if I can`t get a better hotel. I know the reviews are good, but I thinkI would prefer the courtyard then. Or maybe I just wait till the beginning of October... I just don`t know :) Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it! Oh, by the way: I always use savingsbarn for my bids!
  24. I think I give it up. Raised my bid up to 155 $, but I git rejected again. going to try for Jersey City now. (Hyatt or Doubletree, might even consider the courtyard). What do you think... what`s a reasonable bid for a 3 star there? should i start a new thread at the nj section?
  25. Tried all your suggestions and got rejected everytime - as you expected. As I still have lots of time, I will keep trying and let you know if I ever have success :) I`m also thinking about adding MTS. Should I just go like this then: 110 MTS 115 rebid 1 120 rebid 2 and that right after bidding for MTE and MTW? Or would you have an even better strategy? Really appreciate your help, as I`m a first time priceline user.
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