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  1. Used your PRICELINE links and bid for one night getaway for the night of my husband's holiday party - which is at the Loews, but they want $159/night for rooms. First bid $60 - rejected Added rebid zone - City Line - and upped my bid to $65 - success with the Hyatt Regency at Penn's Landing! I've stayed here a few times before, it's a really nice property. Even with a $6 cab ride in each direction, I'm still saving! All good. Thanks. Suzanne
  2. Used your PRICELINE links here on the site to begin the bidding process for the one night... Saw there was a 4* in Center City East for $119/night on HOTWIRE (which looked to be the Westin) and wanted to see if I could do a little bit better. Started the bidding at $85 4* Downtown Philadelphia...rejected Added City Line as a rebid zone, increased bid to $90...rejected Added Unversity City as a rebid, increased bid to $95...SUCCESS! Rooms are going for $169/night on the Loews website, so a decent savings. I've never stayed there, so will definitely write a review. We have a gala at the Hyatt at Penn's Landing that night, so just a $6 cab ride away, so still worth the savings (Hyatt's preferred rate was $179/night for gala-goers.) I know, I'm cheap! As always, thanks for the site, great stuff here! Suzanne
  3. Booked this via your link on Hotwire for a one-night stay on (/27/08. Don't believe it's been reported as yet. Here are the amenities: Boutique Hotel Complimentary Breakfast Pool Business Center Spa Services. Got it for $249/night - came to $290.38 with taxes. Read some reviews on TripAdvisor and they look very positive, so I'm hoping we'll be happy. Thanks for all your help with this, am glad I finally nailed down a stay in the city at a semi-decent price. Suzanne
  4. OK, I tried to bid a few times on PRICELINE (via the link on this site) and went up to $220 and was completely unsucessful. The $249 deal at the Millenium Broadway went away, so I booked a hotel via HOTWIRE (also through the link on this site) and will post that win separately. Thanks for the advice. Suzanne
  5. Still trying to work this out on my own. Used your PRICELINE link, as usual, to bid. $175 failed for 4* in Soho/Downtown. I see the Millennium Broadway on travelzoo for $249, so I guess that's my safety. Any idea of how I should continue to proceed would be much appreciated.
  6. Bump. Any advice? I would like to get started on this. Many thanks. Suzanne
  7. Just coming into NYC for 1 night - Sat, 9/27 - for a wedding in Soho. Would prefer not to drive back to Philly that night, but have to be out early the next am, so don't want to spend a fortune for a room if at all possible. I'll stay anywhere in Manhattan, just so that I can cab it to and from the wedding. Prefer a 4*, but will drop down to a 3* if need be. Where to start the bidding? I already blindly tried $160 on PRICELINE, no dice - how much higher will I have to go? There is a 4* on HOTWIRE for $275/night in Midtown East, should I just book that or it is perhaps possible to get something lower via PRICELINE? Thanks in advance, Suzanne
  8. Used your PRICELINE link here on the site. 1st bid of $60, accepted. Have never stayed here before. Was a little concerned because the hotel came up as sold out on the Marriott website so I called and requested 2 double beds for my reservation and they said no problem. Marriott then sent me a confirmation with the 2 doubles noted so hopefully all is fine. I couldn't find a rate for how much this would go for this Saturday night, but I'm confident it's more than $60! Suzanne
  9. Bid the first time for a 4* in downtown Philly for $65, an admitted longshot, but rates are low for this night in Philly. Rejected and decided to add 3* and dropped my price to $60 - got the Hilton Garden Inn. $60 is a huge bargain for this central location and the lowest available rate otherwise is on hilton.com for $144, so quite a savings. I've stayed there about 5 times prior. It's a good, solid 3* hotel and has an indoor pool for the kiddies. Will call them in the morning to see if they can give us a room with 2 double beds, hopefully all will work out. Breakfast in the am at the Reading Terminal Market, which is right next door. Now that's good eatin' in Philly! Thanks, as always for your great site. Just remembered - begun my purchase with your links to PRICELINE. Suzanne
  10. That is a great deal. The hotel is nice, I have stayed there before. Also, one of the best and oldest bars in Philly is not even 2 blocks away - McGillin's Ale House, on Drury Street. It's a side street, but ask the hotel concierge to point you in the right direction. Good sandwiches and cold beer - old school Philly! Have fun, Suzanne
  11. Used the PRICELINE link on this site to begin bidding. Admittedly, I was trying to target the Marriott West in Conshohocken since we have a dinner right down the street from the hotel and it didn't work. Not the end of the world, although the reviews for the Doubletree aren't the best. 1st bid of $58 was rejected and they gave me the one-time deal for an additional $17 to guarantee a 3* hotel in the area and instead I added Horsham/Fort Washington (no reported 3*'s) and upped my bid to $62 and it was accepted for the Doubletree. I don't believe this hotel has been reported yet for this area, so you will want to add to your pinned list. Will write a review after this weekend and hoping it will be fine. Suzanne
  12. Price paid - $94/night Dates - one night 11/23-11/24 Amenities shown: Fitness Pool Restaurant Business Hope this helps, thought I put the first two things in the title, guess I forgot! Suzanne
  13. Booked through the HOTWIRE link here at Better Bidding! Have booked this hotel quite a few times, so I knew what I was getting - my kids love the indoor pool and Mom will love the hot tub to soothe her aching feet after a day of Black Friday shopping! My husband will not love the credit card bills, however (we can't all be happy!!!) Suzanne
  14. Went through the SavingsBarn PRICELINE link. First bid was $84. Rejected. They gave me the one-time offer to increase my bid by $22, so I didn't feel like fooling around because we definitely need a hotel for that weekend, so I increased to $106. Accepted at the Westin Providence for $106/night, which is still a savings from the advertised price of $169/night on the Westin website. Was hoping to get the Westin, so that worked out great. We have never been to Providence, so looking forward to the little getaway! Suzanne
  15. Jones might work - that is a very good idea! I just can't stomach D&B for the food (am a bit of an admitted snob that way!) but the games for the kids would be fun. I actually thought about trying dim sum with the kids one day at the Imperial Inn in Chinatown - was going to try and call it an adventure and if it doesn't work out, we can always walk to Moriarity's for burgers! I haven't decided what to do with the rest of the time we are downtown - maybe the Academy of Natural Science is a good idea, I'll have to check out the info online. I know my older daughter was there last year, but wasn't thrilled. She loves the Franklin Institute, however. I may check out Fireman's Hall with them as well down in Old City - my son loves anything to do with that kind of thing. A lot will depend on the weather - hopefully we'll get some of those 70+ temps back! Suzanne
  16. You will NEVER find me at the dreaded Warehouse! Villa di Roma in South Philly for one night's dinner - any suggestions for family-friendly for the 2nd night? Kids are 8 and 5 and well-behaved (usually!) Sadly, no Brasserie Perrier on this getaway! Suzanne
  17. It was a great savings - lowest price I saw for the Hilton Garden for those dates was their net direct rate of $143, so I'll take $56 any day! Also, I called the Hilton Garden this morning, they said it would be no problem to reserve a room with two double beds. Love these Priceline deals! Suzanne
  18. Ended up going through Priceline (and SavingsBarn.) Tried for the 2.5 star Marriott Courtyard, if you recall on a previous post - was rejected at $50, upped the bid to $56 and got upgraded to a 3* property - the Hilton Garden Inn. I've stayed here 2x before, decent property - at least they have an indoor pool and hot tub since we are bringing the kids this time around. Need to call the property today, hopefully they can accomodate with two double beds in the room. We are taking the kids into Philly to see the King Tut exhibit at the Franklin Institute. Thanks again for all your help and if I do use Hotwire in the future, I will remember that you have your own link now, didn't realize that prior. Suzanne
  19. Was trying to target the Marriott Courtyard in Downtown Philadelphia - I bid $50 (on Expedia, they currently have rooms with two double beds for $159/night.) Bid was rejected (went through the SavingsBarn link to PRICELINE, by the way.) Guess I have to wait the 24 hours for the rebid. I got this hotel about a month or so ago while it was running at the $159 rate for $48 (but that was the day of.) The danger with this is that I could potentially get upgraded to a 3* hotel and there's a couple of those I'd rather not get (like the Holiday Inn Independence and Club Quarters.) I may just go through Hotwire, they are showing the Sheraton Society Hill for $81/night, which is fairly reasonable. Also, our kids will be with us, so I'd like to have an indoor pool. If I do book via Hotwire, I'll go through the SavingsBarn link again and post back as to how I made out. Suzanne
  20. Booked via SavingsBarn link the day of (2/3) for a one-night stay. First bid accepted - $48 - comes to $62.12 w/tax. Have never stayed at this property before, but took a chance and targeted the 2.5* category in downtown Philly based on the information on this site. We really wanted the location - going out to eat about 2 blocks away. Worked out great, hope the hotel is nice. Thanks for all the info on your site - will post a review when we return. Suzanne
  21. Just booked this via SavngsBarn as a last minute getaway to watch the Eagles hopefully triumph over the Saints tonight - didn't want to drive after all that beer! Got the Crowne Plaza on a 2nd attempt - first try was a 4* in CC Philly that was rejected at a $62 bid, lowered the bid to $60 and went down a star rating and just prayed that we didn't get the Holiday Inn Independence Park (also a 3* on Priceline and got burned there a few months back.) Hotel was listed at $150/night on the ichotelsgroup website, so a great savings - my bill will come to $75.95 with tax. Thanks for your great site! Suzanne
  22. Not sure where to post this, but I'm a Local Expert for Philadelphia on the Tripadvisor. Wanted to let you know that one of the posters there just won the Loews hotel in Philadelphia on Hotwire, but the SPA icon is no longer listed in the amentities on Hotwire. She had thought she was getting the Westin, but it ended up being the Loews. Just a FYI. Suzanne
  23. Booked via SavingsBarn link. First bid of $65 accepted (comes to $81 and change with taxes, etc) - for one night at the Hyatt Regency Penns Landing on Friday 12/22 - we have my husband's Christmas party at the Loews, but they wanted $169 and I knew I could do better! A cab ride from there is only about $5-6! Hotwire had it for $89/night and Expedia for $159, so anyway you look at it, a great savings. I've stayed there before, at least 2x, it's a really nice hotel and probably one of the best bargain deals in Philly. As always, thanks for your great site! Suzanne
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