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  1. Mr21 ... I am bidding these same dates, same location ... were there any lower bids etc before you scored this?

    Thanks for the info!!!

    The title to this topic has been changed and is incorrect - it's located in the City of Palm Springs (not Rancho Mirage - Indian Wells - Palm Desert) and is a 3* property. It was previously the Wyndham before Marriott bought the property in 2009. This is a different property from the Renaissance Esmeralda in Indian Wells.
  2. This is definitely the best deal going if you're going to the Superbowl ... rates for nice hotels are $300+++

    I had almost booked this when the price was $155 a night. A week later ... the price had dropped to $116.

    I also tried bidding on Priceline first with no luck at all.

    Got this for a friend going for the big game.


    Fitness Center



    Business Center

    High-speed Internet Access

    Golf Nearby

    Spa Services

    Hotel rate per night - Hotwire hot Rate: $116.00

    Nights: 5

    Rooms: 1

    Subtotal: $580.00

    Tax recovery charges and fees: $70.91

    Total price: $650.91

    Total charges to your credit card $650.91

  3. Amazing hotel built on it's own Island ... Loews Coronado.

    The lowest this hotel goes for on Priceline is $99 a night and is typically $159 or more on all other websites... On 1800hotels.com they have prices as low as $42 a night for Thanksgiving week Nov 23-28.

    I booked a friend of mine Oct 9-14 for $67 a night and had already tried bidding higher on priceline ... by comparison ... I had only received a counter-offer at $110. Best rates elsewhere for those dates was $179.

    Hope this helps someone and they honor the reservations.

    PS ... I have also found this website to consistently beat Priceline and Hotwire for the 5* Trump in Vegas. They will have it for $75 and I have not been able to beat it by bidding.

    PPS .... I checked it for another friend's trip .... Key West ... Feb 8th ... they have the Doubletree for $143 and I had already tried bidding higher on Priceline with no luck.

  4. Very positive experience....

    I did their timeshare deal a few thanksgivings ago .... just like the original poster, it was a tough weekend to book and yet they were able to give us 3 free nights @ Hooters.

    Alan Thicke was their spokeperson ..... we had no problem getting our $99 deposit refunded and they stuck to their word on all the freebies .... $50 gas card, slot credits, buffet and show etc.

    Only pitfall ... the "90 minute presentation" actually took more than 3 hours if you include getting shuttled from your hotel, walking tour, presentation and after you finally say no they hit you with "this is just a quick survey" where they slash their prices and start the sale pitch all over again.

    But 3 hours for 3 free nights on a long weekend in Vegas = :)

  5. We found a super flight deal a few months ago .... $29 each way from PHX to SJC ... this will be the first of our 6 nights.

    I tried for over a month up to $100 for the Marina Dunes Resort ... I have always wanted to stay here. Finally, worked my way up from $50 for a 2.5* expecting the Casa Munras and was happily surprised to win this .... last failed bid was $80.

    (Last time I stayed in a Hilton Garden Inn was back in the PL-UK bonus money days :) ... got the HGI in Oakbrook, Il for about $13.00 a night)

    Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $83.00

    Subtotal: $83.00

    Taxes & Service Fees: $17.07

    Total Charges*: $100.07

  6. thru the barn for a friend... have been bidding for more than month .... with no luck of rates dropping, finally raised bids .... got a counter at $170 to raise by $27 ... last failed bid was at $178.

    zendigo just won 8/23/07-8/25/07 for $170 ... looks like 08/25/07 - Saturday is costly!!!

    Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $180.00

    Subtotal: $540.00

    Taxes & Service Fees: $102.98

    Total Charges*: $642.98

  7. Just did the same search and it is now coming up at $119. I am doing some searching for a relative for similar dates ... also curious what this is?

    I did a dummy Hotwire vacation search and it looks like this hotel is called Adara ... exact same ammenities ... http://www.adarahotel.com/

    Standard guest room through their website is only $129 Canadian <<< better to book direct ... They are also showing a summer special on their main page ... book 2 nights recieve 10% off.

  8. From our trip last month ... forgot to post this one.

    We had originally reserved the Fiesta Henderson's half-price promo for Saturday night for $50 ... than, Southpoint's 2-for-1 special for Sunday and Monday for $33.50 a night.

    At the last moment ... Golden Nugget dropped their rates on Hotwire so I tried Priceline and got it.

    Family was happy that we didn't have to switch hotels ... and we got to experience the remarkable shark-tank swimming pool.

    Last failed bid was $56.

    Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $57.00

    Subtotal: $513.00

    Taxes & Service Fees: $65.85

    Total Charges*: $578.85

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