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  1. I just wanted to thank you all for your help and follow up with an update to my situation. I tried Price.line a couple more times (using the links through this site of course) of times to try and get the car. I eventually offered tried $22 a day, figuring I'd at least lock Budget and still was denied. At that point I gave up trying Priceline. Thanks again for all the help!
  2. Romelle: I checked the past history and I didn't see anything that covered those dates exactly. Thereuare: I believe its considered mid-size. So, I guess I am trying to see what would be a good rate to bid for either mid-size or full-size, and the respective price difference between the two for my time period. Thanks again!
  3. Sorry for the late reply... As for rental company, any of the big names ( the main 5 that priceline uses) is fine with me. I've had problems with Budget in Vegas a couple of times before so I'd prefer not using Budget, but its not the end of the world if I did get them. I wouldn't mind getting intermediate, I just don't want a 2 door option. Do you have an idea of what the historical price is for both options (intermediate vs. Full size). Then I can make an informed decision. If is not too big of a price difference, I'd probably try full size, else go intermediate. Any way to insure, I don't get a 2 door option, e.g. talking with the agent when I get there.. could convince them to give me a 4 door car as long as it was in class? Thanks again for all your help!
  4. I will be in Las Vegas from 12-3-2014 to 12-10-2014. I usually go the second week of November and know how to bid to get both the company (Hertz) and size (Economy) I want. The last time around I bid on a Economy car and got Hertz but due to issues with the economy cars at the rental center, I was upgraded to a different size car. Long but intersting story made short: As I was leaving the car rental center, I rolled the window down to give the ticket to the attendant and the window wouldn't go back up. Took back that car and the second car they gave me the transmission was wack. The gears were sliding all over the place. Fortunatly, the attendant at the lot was able to convince management to give me an upgrade for my troubles. Back to the point: The upgrade was a Nissan Altima. We really enjoyed the size of that vehicle and would like to try and get both the company and model this time around. 1) What type of car is the Nissan Altima for Hertz? Is it intermediate, mid size, full size? It looks like Hertz doesn't have Mid Size, so I am thinking its Intermediate or Full Size. I've tried searching the web and couldn't find any information on this. Edit: I found out on another travel website, that it's considered Full Size. I could provide that site upon request. 2) What should I bid for this size? For economy, I usually start at like $10 a day, and the last few times I was able to get it for $12-$13... I figured, I'd start at $12 and try and get the bigger size for like $15 a day. How are rental cars for the first week of December? I do know that December is a slow time for Vegas, because I got a killer deal on a condo that week and the owner told me that December is a slow time for Vegas. Edit: new question... 3) Now I am wondering if I really need a Full Size, or would a Intermediate work for me. According to this other site, intermediate cars consist of Dart, Elantra, Civic, Sentra, Versa, Corolla, etc. which are all decent size cars, but that other site suggests that you could get a 2-door car, which I wouldn't prefer. Any thoughts or experience with renting this class from Vegas? What are typical bids for Intermediates for this time period? As always, when I do go to bid, I will use the links provided by the site. Thank you in advance for any advice!
  5. First off, I used the Betterbidding PRICELINE link provided to both try and successfully book. I fully support keeping this site running and free! I even broke down and registered just so I could share my results. I've been trying for the past couple of days. I couldn't for the life of me get an Economy car in Vegas. I tried $11, $12 and $13 all for Economy to be rejected... which makes me think LAS doesn't do Economy. Anyone have any feedback on that? Ok... on to the good stuff... Your Offer Price: $14.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 7 days(6 days and 23 1/2 hours) Subtotal: $98.00 Taxes and Fees: $83.85 Total Charges: $181.85 Lowest Published Price: $297.56 Total Savings:* $115.71 (You saved 39%) I did Priceline for LAS about two years ago (about the same time of year), before I found out about this site and got an compact for the same rate, $14 a day, from the same company, Hertz, but the taxes/fees were about $63.48 instead of $83.85... I did read the terms that said something about Priceline charging what it thinks taxes will be and pockets the difference. (hence the "fees" statement). I also screwed up, because I had bonus bucks for Compact that I didn't use. I was trying Economy tonight and used $13 , only to be rejected. It gave the option to retry at a higher class. I thought what the heck, I'll try $14 for compact and got accepted. I should of went out and retried through the bonus bucks screen.. would of saved like $12 over all, which would of put me at 57% savings, so oh well :) Hope this all helps someone else... don't forget to use your bonus bucks if you have 'em.
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