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  1. I went up to $26 today and my offer was rejected again and once again, I was advised to bid $54. Unfortunately, (well, unfortunately if you have your heart set on using Priceline), I can get a rental car straight from the brand companies ($33) for less than Priceline is offering. The taxes and fees on Priceline are higher as well. I was able to get my hotel at what I believe to be a great price, but the rental car didn't work out this time.

    Thank you for the help.

    A $26 bid for a midsize = $206.75 total on Priceline.

    You can get a midsize direct from Alamo for $214.98 by using contract ID IG on the alamo.com site (ABQ is part of this week's "last minute specials")


  2. Ive already bid on a mini-van up to $60/day.

    Im looking at renting from 07/28-08/01 from SNA/ORANGE COUNTY. The best price I was able to come up with so far has been around $550 total.

    I have looked at Hotwire as well, and they are right around the same if not more.

    Thank you for your suggestion though.

    If you use the Delta code K817625, you can get a fullsize SUV for $520 from Avis. Maybe use this as a backup reservation while you continue bidding.


  3. Was bidding for a friend - used your PRICELINE link.

    Tried Woodbridge zone up to $63 rejected.

    Friend was ok with Newark Airport area... I didn't think the Gateway Hilton would come up as regular rate is very high (more on this below).

    I bid this yesterday so 2 days prior to check-in. As this was a last minute, I raised each bid by $8.

    Previous bid of $38 was rejected.

    Total is $55/nt with taxes/fees = $275.55

    The rate on hilton.com is $249/nt + tax = $283/nt. Unbelievable - Priceline rate for 5 nights is less than 1 night booking direct!


  4. Hotwire has the following hotel listed for Grand Bahama Island.

    Dates: 7/27-8/3

    Price: $264/nt

    Star rating: 3*

    Amenities: Resort, Beachfront, Food and Beverages Included, A La Carte Dining, Watersports/Activities included, Evening Entertainment Included, Daily Activities Included, Complimentary Breakfast, Children's Activity Program, Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Laundry Facilities, Tennis Nearby, All-Inclusive

    This seems to be a match for the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach. I believe this is the only true all-inclusive on the island (the Sheraton/Westin offer all-inclusive rates but I don't think this is either of them. FYI the Sheraton/Westin are being renamed to Our Lucaya Resort on 7/1).

    The Hotwire Vacation Packages product seems to list the same amenities EXCEPT FOR All-Inclusive. Not sure why they left it off.

    If this is a match, do you think it may be worthwhile to try a "double the difference" guarantee claim? CheapCaribbean.com has the Viva Wyndham listed for $218.50/nt so after "double the difference" my price would be $173/nt. Anyone have any experience with filing such a claim?



  5. I am looking for a Compact/mid size for Memphis 6/8-6/16

    It seems like everyday the prices are going up. Looking for a code or bidding that is less than 230/week.

    Sorry I missed your post previously. The Alamo last minute specials (that end today) code is IG. If you use that code, and the $25 off coupon from alamo.com (coupon code AD6974JDM) your total for 8 days for a compact is $199.

    If you miss my reply this morning, check alamo.com to see if they extended the last minute special for another week.

    Good luck,


  6. I had $50 bonus cash from the Twitter promo so decided to use it over 4th of July weekend. Tried bidding Cape Cod up to around $100 but rejected. So decided to go with Providence to save some $. We're planning to do short day trips to Block Island/Cape Cod/Newport from here.

    Previous bid of $38 ($21+bonus cash) rejected. Bid of $42 (technically $25+$16.67 bonus = $41.67) was accepted at the NYLO Hotel. It's not on your list but the reviews on TripAdvisor and Priceline are good. Seems to be a converted mill/warehouse - and NYLO is an "urban green boutique" chain with "loft style" rooms.

    So my total with taxes was $100 after bonus cash so $33.33 per night. Expedia has the hotel for $69+tax =$77/nt for these dates.

    Clicked on your PRICELINE link first, then copied and pasted link to bonus cash page - hope that worked for you.



  7. The Advantage web site (now taken over by Hertz as part of its Simply Wheelz brand) says it's $15/day for under 25. So with taxes your 4 day rental will be about $200.

    Hertz is running a promotion for no underage fees on their web site. For your dates, their rate is also about $200.

    As for the insurance, check with your credit card company to see if they would cover you. If not, you can purchase at the counter.


  8. Another option is to pick up in town and return at the airport.

    For example Budget.com wants $368 for a pickup/return at the airport of a minivan for your dates.

    The same minivan is $360 when picked up at the Stratosphere and returned to the airport.


  9. Yes, it's early :)


    1) I had $5/nt bonus cash expiring on 4/30 so wanted to bid for this as we go to the Big E every year.

    2) Due to the Big E, this hotel was sold out last year when we were bidding (and last year our bid was $58) as you can see in this priceline winning bid.

    So a bid of $38 + $5 bonus cash got me the Crowne Plaza. Total with taxes for 2 nights = $94.73. Went through your link as always.

    Best rate on hotel web site was $84.49 per night ($94.63 with taxes). So got exactly 50% off.


  10. If you use the one free day coupon for Alamo from VacationOutlet.com, you can get a 7 day PBI->TPA (5/20-5/27) for $273.39 total w/taxes. This would be for a compact car.

    Or using the same coupon, 5 day PBI -> PBI (5/20-5/25) is $179.12 total w/taxes for a compact. And then you can get the 2 day PBI->TPA (5/25-5/27) for $48 total, so you'd have a total of $227.12


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